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Chapter 314: Duel: First Round (2)

“Boom…” A deafening explosion echoed throughout the Masang School of Magic. It was so loud that it could be heard even in the forest outside of the school. All of the students and teachers were woken up by the noise. The moment the Vice Principal heard the noise, he became gloomy and rushed out of his room. Someone had broken into the Masang School of Magic!

The middle-aged man in midair emerged unscathed. The fireball failed to hurt him, but it did successfully ignite his robe and blackened his face. He stared at Yun Feng furiously, and almost wanted to go back and kill her. However, he couldn’t afford to wait any longer.

“Swoosh…” The man quickly vanished from the sky of the Masang School of Magic in his ruined clothes.

The next second, the Vice Principal looked up at the direction where he left, and narrowed his eyes.

Yun Feng stood inside her room and looked out of the window. She had launched the fireball on purpose. She knew it couldn’t hurt him, but she would rather not let him get away just like that. She had caused some noise.

“What happened just now?”

“I don’t know. That was one deafening noise…”

All the students craned their heads out of the windows and looked out, only to see nothing. The Vice Principal shouted at the curious students from the ground, “It’s fine! Go back to bed.”

The students reluctantly retreated their heads. They were certain that something must’ve happened, and regretted that they weren’t there to see it. Mu Xiaojin heard the noise too. She didn’t know what it was about, but she was slightly uneasy. Yun Sheng, however, guessed what happened, and took the Sound Transmission Jade out of the room. The jade glittered, and Yun Sheng immediately said, “Feng, what happened?”

Yun Feng was in her room. Feeling the buzz of the Sound Transmission Jade in her bracelet, she took it out and heard her big brother’s voice. She said with a smile, “It’s fine. A huge rat just came and then escaped.”

Yun Sheng was still frowning worriedly. However, it was inappropriate for him to meet Yun Feng at this hour. So he had to let it go.

Standing in front of the building, the Vice Principal examined the remaining fire elements in the air, deep in thought. He stared at Yun Feng’s room for a long time, until Ted finally arrived. He seemed rather anxious as he didn’t properly wear his clothes.

“Vice Principal, about that noise…”

The Vice Principal chuckled and shook his head at Ted. “Everything is fine. Just go back to bed.”

Ted was stunned. Everything was fine? Including that deafening noise? “Vice Principal…”

The Vice Principal smiled again. “Our students are not easy to deal with at all…”

Ted was dazed again. What was that about? How were students involved in this? Did one of the Masang School of Magic’s students cause the noise? He suddenly raised his head and looked at Yun Feng’s dormitory. However, it was completely quiet, as if nothing happened. The conflict in the room had been blocked and couldn’t be perceived from the outside world.

“Okay, it’s time for us to go back to bed.” The Vice Principal chuckled. Ted nodded. Was it possible that the kid caused that noise? Very likely, very likely…

Unlike others, Kasa knew exactly what happened when she heard the deafening noise. She also knew how strong Randal was. The deafening noise must be a lesson he taught Yun Feng that she would never forget. Kasa smiled delightedly on her bed and fell asleep.

Randal, with a demeaning appearance, came to the dark forest at the edge of the Masang School of Magic. Looking at his robe which had been burnt by fire elements, and knowing that his face didn’t look any better, he was quite uncomfortable. As a strong expert, he had never fled in panic before. After all, it was rather embarrassing for Randal to teach Yun Feng a lesson when he was so much stronger than her.

Randal would rather not be identified, or he would’ve been humiliated. “Yun Feng, good for you. Yun Feng…” Randal mumbled angrily. Yun Feng had caused the deafening noise on purpose, so that he had to flee like a rat! He could’ve marched back, but he didn’t, for the sake of his face.

“Never mind. I should just report the matter to the Royal family. It’s time we removed this thorn,” Randal whispered, ready to return. However, the moment he turned around, he saw a person standing in midair. He was shocked and vigilant!

When did this person come? Why did he not feel a thing?

The person gradually approached without saying anything, yet Randal felt an unknown pressure that made it hard for him to breathe. He was suddenly terrified, and couldn’t help but step back.

“Who are you?!” Randal shouted loudly, but the stranger didn’t say anything and just opened their eyes. The golden light from those eyes made Randal’s heart palpitate!

“Ah!” Randal screamed and spurted a mouthful of blood. His face was pale, and he covered his wound with his hand, panicked. Who was this person that was much stronger than him?

“Tell the Karan Royal Family that they should be more obedient,” said the stranger coldly. Randal breathed heavily again, as if someone had grabbed him by his neck. He nodded in panic, until the stranger said, “Get lost.”

Randal immediately followed the instruction and disappeared, leaving blurry shadows behind him. As an absolute expert, he didn’t burst into fury at all even though the stranger told him to get lost. While urging himself to be faster, he uneasily thought that it was a gigantic mistake to come to this place!

At this moment, Randal was truly like a rat that was fleeing in panic. He ran away from the Masang School of Magic crazily. In a certain place in the dark forest, the brawny man and his brother both looked up at the sky with a mischievous smile.

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