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Chapter 274: Duty (3)

Yun Feng frowned. “Where did that person take the former members?”

Yun Sheng’s face darkened, as if he didn’t want to talk about it, but Yun Feng understood everything even if he was not telling her. “It’s because of the Fire Society, right? After the Constellation Society was divided, the Fire Society was founded. The Fire Society has been thriving thanks to that traitor.”

“How shameless!” remarked Mu Xiaojin, whose big eyes were ablaze with fury. Yun Sheng touched her head, and she blushed. He said, “That’s fine. It’s all the past.”

Yun Feng raised her brows. The past. “Big brother, who’s the current leader of the Constellation Society right now?”

Yun Sheng’s face turned red. He stuttered for quite a long time. Yun Feng was rather stunned. “Big brother, is it you?”

Mu Xiaojin couldn’t help but look at Yun Sheng curiously, and his face became even redder. “Well… The Constellation Society nearly fell apart. The founder of the society was my friend and I didn’t want it to be destroyed. So…”

Yun Feng chuckled when she heard that. “Big brother, since you’re its leader, we cannot let it go just like this! I don’t really care about the grudges in the past, but I cannot turn a blind eye to those people who provoke you again and again, big brother!”

“Feng, are you going to…” Yun Sheng glanced at Yun Feng. Seeing how worried he was, Yun Feng chuckled. “Big brother, don’t worry. I’m no longer a kid. I won’t do anything unacceptable. We’ll strike them openly and legally. The ranking contests of societies will be a great chance for the Constellation Society to distinguish itself!”

“Hey, you sound rather confident!” Yun Feng heard the voice, and saw the boy who had provoked her big brother at the door of the building earlier. He looked snobbish and made her want to punch him in the face.

“What can I do for you?” Yun Sheng stood in front of Yun Feng, and looked at the person who came at him. The person laughed and looked at Yun Sheng in disdain. “You’re just in level 3. Do you think you deserve to talk to me equally?”

Yun Sheng’s face turned pale, and his body shivered. Yun Feng suddenly walked forward from behind her big brother’s back, and looked at the person with a vague smile. “You’re barking so loudly even though you’re only level 4? Did your master forget to leash you?”

“You…” The boy who talked earlier blushed and pointed his finger at Yun Feng, lost for words for a long time. It was true that he was weaker than Yun Feng. He was humiliated in the same way he humiliated Yun Sheng!

“Chu Kuangren, why do you always act like this? You embarrass me!” said a female. Chu Kuangren’s face turned red, and he made room for her. “I’m sorry, Your Highness.”

The crowd made a way for her, and Yun Feng saw the woman who reached the front from the rear. After three years, Kasa had become even more mature and more attractive. Although her face wasn’t as pretty as Yun Feng’s, she was much more appealing as a mature lady.

“Yun Feng, you’ve been here for a long time, yet I haven’t greeted you yet. You aren’t angry with me, are you?”

Yun Feng’s lips curled. “Of course not. We were never friends.”

What she said startled everybody. Kasa was the princess of the Karan Royal Family, yet Yun Feng spoke to her with such derision? Kasa looked quite awful, but she managed to regain control of herself. “Humph. Your tongue is a lot sharper. The Yun family is getting arrogant these days, isn’t it?”

Yun Sheng was rather anxious to hear that. Yun Feng, however, laughed aloud. “What’s wrong? Is the Karan Royal Family done waiting? Are you speaking on behalf of the Karan Royal Family?”

Kasa blushed. “I’m only speaking on behalf of myself, not the royal family. Don’t spout nonsense!”

Yun Feng’s eyes turned cold as she listened. “If you don’t represent it, think before you talk, or I may misunderstand you and you won’t have a chance to explain yourself.”

Kasa turned pale. She looked at Yun Feng, somewhat overwhelmed. Everybody else gasped hard. Good lord. That woman was so aggressive in front of a royal princess. How tough of her!

Yun Sheng pulled Yun Feng’s hands, hinting that she should stop. Yun Feng, however, held Yun Sheng’s big hands to soothe him. Sometimes, if a person conceded again and again to an opponent, the opponent would only become more shameless and demand more!

“Are you trying to get yourself killed? How dare you provoke Her Highness?” Chu Kuangren roared.

Seeing that, Yun Feng chuckled and said, “Kasa, this dog of yours turns out to be quite loyal.”

“What did you say? Yun Feng, don’t presume that I don’t dare to do anything to you because you’re a double-element mage!” Chu Kuangren screamed, as if he had been enraged. His face was red and his neck was swollen. “The Fire Society can easily destroy the Constellation Society!”

Kasa didn’t feel comfortable when she heard that, but she didn’t stop him. Yun Feng’s lack of respect made her, who always regarded herself as a princess in the Masang School of Magic, feel humiliated. Nobody in the Masang School of Magic had been so disrespectful to her before. Even that genius only turned a blind eye to her and never had conflict with her! Ever since she met Yun Feng, Kasa had felt that she was dwarfed by her, as if her title as a royal princess didn’t mean anything!

That made her angry, yet she was unable to vent her fury. Now that someone had stepped up for her, why would she stop him?

“You want to destroy the Constellation Society? Great! Do that already?” another voice joined. The students who watched the drama were surprised at the number of participants in the fuss. Were they angry that the show wasn’t spectacular enough?

Yun Feng turned around and saw Qu Lanyi walking closer in blue clothes. Her alluring face and her tall body were so enticing that all the students stared at her. Yun Feng, however, frowned, knowing that nothing good would happen now that the woman had arrived.

“W-Who the hell are you? You think you’re worthy enough to talk here?” Chu Kuangren’s face turned red when he saw Qu Lanyi. Then, he held back his inappropriate thoughts and roared. Kasa became sullen when she heard that.

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