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Chapter 207: Meatball, Don’t Be Mad (4)

Yun Feng gave it a thought as two Rings of Contract flew out. Meatball was still yelling constantly, which gave Yun Feng a bit of a headache, and she immediately whispered, “Little Fire, Lan Yi, come out quickly.”

As soon as she spoke, a beam of red light and a beam of green light flew out of the Rings of Contract and a giant Fire Cloud Wolf showed up in front of Yun Feng. Ever since it reached the Commander Level with Yun Feng, Little Fire’s appearance seemed to have changed a little. The color of the fur on its body changed gradually. Some pure black marks surprisingly appeared on its originally dark red body, looking a bit strange but very beautiful at the same time.

Lan Yi still had that handsome, young face, but the blue pattern on one side of his face seemed even brighter and the color was even clearer.

“Master.” Both of them said softly. Little Fire glanced at Lan Yi and realized that Yun Feng contracted with another Magic Beast. “Are you a Wind Magic Beast? Welcome.”

Yun Feng was a bit shocked when she heard this, while Lan Yi replied seriously, “My pleasure.”

“You two, quickly translate this for me…” Yun Feng lifted Meatball up. Meatball was still making “na” sounds continuously, as if it was going to talk for a long time. Yun Feng put her hand on her forehead. This was truly frustrating. She had never thought that Meatball would be a chatterbox. Oh God…

“Master, I don’t understand what it’s talking about.” Lan Yi said speechlessly. Yun Feng was a bit startled. Little Fire could understand Meatball, but Lan Yi couldn’t?

“Speak slower!” Little Fire shouted deeply at Meatball with dissatisfaction. Meatball was also a bit enraged and it yelled a few times at Little Fire. Little Fire obviously understood what Meatball said, so it growled with discontent. “Why are you yelling at me? Master doesn’t understand what you’re saying at all. Why are you talking by yourself there?”

“Nananananananananananananana!” Meatball suddenly raised its little head and yelled without restraints. Luckily, Yun Feng had sealed off this space, or this loud noise would alarm many people.

“Little Fire, what is it saying?” Yun Feng whispered to Little Fire as Meatball shouted loudly. Little Fire couldn’t help but growl, “It’s speaking too quickly. Who knows what it’s talking about?”

Yun Feng had a headache. The only one who could understand Meatball here was Little Fire, but it also didn’t understand Meatball right now. Why was this little thing so difficult to please?

Lan Yi had been standing aside quietly as he sized Little Fire up with his blue eyes. After a long time, he finally said softly, “Brother Fire, you’ve already reached the Commander Level. Why are you still in the form of a Magic Beast? Why don’t you transform?”

After hearing this, all the voices stopped. Meatball, which was still shouting like crazy just then, immediately went silent and gazed at Little Fire with its grape-like eyes. Yun Feng also realized this all of a sudden. That was indeed the case. Logically, Little Fire should have already been able to transform after reaching level 7, but it was still in the form of a Magic Beast!

Little Fire froze right there for a second and found that everyone was gazing at him, which made him a bit uncomfortable. “It’s none of your business. I just don’t want to transform. What’s wrong with that?”

After shouting this out, those three pairs of eyes were still looking at Little Fire together. Little Fire wiggled its body and its dark red wolf tail swept a few times. “What are you looking at? I’m not transforming!”

Lan Yi looked at Little Fire closely for a while, then pondered deeply and finally said, “Brother Fire, you…”

“No! Can you shut up, fucking bird!” Little Fire shouted at Lan Yi. If this bird didn’t bring this up, who would notice if it was transformed or not? It was this bird, this fucking gob!

“Nana…” There was a mischievous smile in Meatball’s big eyes as it whispered. Little Fire seemed to be pissed. It immediately growled again, “I’m not disabled! I can transform!”

“Then, do it.” Yun Feng stared at Little Fire with her black eyes. To be honest, she really looked forward to seeing what Little Fire would look like after it transformed. Lan Yi was a handsome man after he transformed, so Little Fire shouldn’t be too bad as well.

“Master, I…” Little Fire looked at Yun Feng with a hint of frustration flashing through its pure black wolf eyes. Yun Feng suddenly burst into laughter and Meatball also showed a smile. These two cunning foxes both smiled, while Lan Yi stood aside silently and didn’t say a word.

“Little Fire, transform for a second. Let me see what you look like.” Yun Feng said softly as Little Fire swung its body speechlessly. “Master, I don’t think you should look at it. Do I not look good right now?”

Yun Feng shook her head. “It’s not that you don’t look good, but I’m really curious. Quickly, show me your transformation. There’s no one else here. What are you worried about?”

Little Fire glanced at Yun Feng, while Meatball made a soft voice again at this moment. Little Fire’s body shook and a glint of viciousness flashed through its wolf eyes. “Meatball, I’ll definitely eat you when I have the chance!”

Meatball wiggled its body. Its anger just then seemed to have passed. Little Fire was speechless. How could it possibly disobey Yun Feng’s order?

Little Fire closed its wolf eyes slowly as a dark red aura enveloped its entire body. Yun Feng only saw a dark red giant light cocoon. After a while, the cocoon cracked and the transformed Little Fire appeared in front of three pairs of eyes.

Yun Feng’s black eyes blinked, and blinked, and blinked again, for dozens of times. She was so shocked that she couldn’t even say a word. Lan Yi watched on the side for a while and finally made a conclusion. “Brother Fire… is indeed unusual…”

Meatball suddenly let out a laugh when it saw this and its little body kept shaking, as if it was laughing very happily. A beam of dark red light flashed through and Little Fire showed up in the form of a Magic Beast again. “Are you happy now?”

Yun Feng smiled and nodded. She had truly never thought that after Little Fire transformed, it would be… It was indeed a Mutated Magic Beast. It was truly extraordinary!

Seeing Meatball’s happy face, Yun Feng lifted it up and turned it around, facing herself. “Don’t be mad, okay? I promise I won’t give you to other people again next time.”

Meatball’s big eyes spinned a few times and it finally nodded. “Nana…” It whispered. Little Fire said speechlessly on the side, “This big eater said it needs to eat.”

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