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Chapter 154: Some Secrets (1)

“Nana, nana!” Meatball yelled in discontent, as if it was dissatisfied that it was being forgotten. When seeing this, Yun Feng felt like Meatball forgot about her after it saw the stone. “Uncle, it’s time for you to tell us about the stone.”

The middle-aged man was delighted when he heard Yun Feng calling him uncle voluntarily. As he saw Meatball tightly holding that stone, unwilling to let go, his dignified face looked slightly joyful. He reached his big hand out and the stone that Meatball was holding came off at once, flying towards the man’s palm!

“Nana!” Meatball became anxious. Its little body was about to rush forward immediately, but Yun Feng caught Meatball with her sharp eyes and agile hand, bringing it back. Meatball swung its little claws, while its huge eyes were teary like it was about to cry. It stared at that stone firmly and couldn’t wait to pounce on it right away.

The middle-aged man held the stone in his palms and rubbed it carefully. There seemed to be a trace of sorrow in his eyes. “Stone? This isn’t a stone.”

Yun Feng held Meatball’s constantly struggling body tightly as she waited for the middle-aged man to explain. The middle-aged man stood up with some vicissitudes of life on his dignified face.

“Kid, what’s your name?”

Yun Feng remained silent for a few seconds. “Yun Feng.”

“Yun Feng? Yun… You’re the descendant of that Yun family?” The middle-aged man’s eyes suddenly emitted light. He stared at Yun Feng and looked at her several times. Yun Feng nodded as she asked the ancestor in her mind, “Ancestor, do you know this uncle?”

The ancestor observed this middle-aged man carefully. “No, I don’t know him. Kid, this man isn’t simple.”

Not simple, certainly not simple. How would a man who was at least at the Commander Level and was even a Magic Beast, be simple?

The middle-aged man looked at Yun Feng a few times carefully, especially her fingers. “Kid, where’s your Ring of Contract?”

Yun Feng’s identity as a summoner couldn’t be hidden at all in front of this man, but she didn’t mind. “I don’t like to wear it, so I put it away.”

The middle-aged man was obviously startled when he heard that. After that, his wild laugh seemed to shake the entire cave and echoed around constantly. “Kid, you’re really alike, really alike…”

Alike? Who could she be like? Yun Feng frowned. “Uncle, you still haven’t told me what species you are.” The man saw through her completely, but she couldn’t see through this man at all. This feeling gave Yun Feng an illusion of being suppressed. The man widened his mouth and smiled. “Species? Haha, this is the first time I’ve heard someone ask me this.”

When the man spoke, a terrifying aura was gradually released around his body. The aura seemed to have a touch of ancient energy and fierceness that came from his blood!

Little Fire’s body had already tightened and its claws scratched the ground nervously, whining softly with anxiousness. Meatball also stopped struggling and looked at the man in front of it quietly. The man’s breath became heavier and a vague shape of a beast was formed behind him. A beast’s roar that seemed to come from somewhere far away sounded abruptly!

Yun Feng felt like the uncle in front of her became extremely tall. More and more gold surged in his eyes, eventually covering his entire eyeballs, and a pair of shiny golden eyes appeared before Yun Feng!

“Kid, he’s a… dragon! He’s even a Golden Dragon with the purest bloodline among the Dragons!” The ancestor’s voice sounded clearly in Yun Feng’s mind. Yun Feng immediately widened her eyes. A dragon, a Golden Dragon with the purest bloodline!

The middle-aged man looked at Yun Feng’s astonished expression with a smile. “Kid, do you know what my species is now? I want to transform to show you my original form, but this place is too small. It can’t even fit one-tenth of my body.”

The Dragons, one of the most powerful species in the entire world of Magic Beasts. They were mysterious and elegant. They didn’t care about matters in the ordinary world and had always guarded their territories, repelled by humans. Even though there were also conflicts among them, they were extremely united when they met a mutual enemy. If the other races offended any of the Dragons, they would be hunted down by all the other Dragons until they were killed!

“Uncle, why would someone with such an identity be here?” Yun Feng also knew the man’s strength after knowing his identity. He was a Golden Dragon with the purest bloodline, so he should be above the Commander Level!

“Haha, speaking of this, it’s all our own business,” the middle-aged man answered Yun Feng with one sentence and she didn’t ask any more questions either. If this man wasn’t willing to talk about it, she better not ask.

“Kid, my name is Ao Jin.”

Yun Feng smiled slightly. “Uncle Jin.”

Ao Jin laughed again. “Humans repel Dragons, but I have a very good impression of you. You’re young, but don’t panic when something happens. You can still be so calm and mature in front of me. Wonderful! Even young members among the Dragons aren’t as outstanding as you are.” What Ao Jin said was right.

Yun Feng only smiled very humbly and didn’t say anything.

Meatball in Yun Feng’s hands struggled again and tried to rush to the stone. She caught Meatball. “Uncle Jin, this stone should be something that belongs to the Dragons?”

Ao Jin nodded and couldn’t help squeezing the stone in his hand. “Little thing, this isn’t something you want.” Meatball’s struggling body suddenly stopped moving and it blinked its huge eyes several times, as if it couldn’t believe it.

Ao Jin smiled. “This stone is a treasure of the Dragons. I’ll just tell you about it. The blood of the ancestor of the Dragons is sealed in this indifferent stone, and the blood is the key to the treasure vault of the Dragons.”

Yun Feng raised her eyebrows gently and remained silent for a long time. The middle-aged man fiddled the stone in his hand. “Kid, are you interested? If you have the treasure vault of the Dragons, the Yun family will very likely be able to dominate the East Continent.”

Yun Feng curled her lips slightly as she looked at Ao Jin with clear eyes. “Uncle Jin, the Yun family must climb to the top with our own strength!”

Ao Jin nodded with golden glitters flashing in his eyes. “Kid, you’re really like that person…”

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