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Chapter 151: Mysterious Man (2)

“The Fire Essence Origin Tree.” The ancestor finally made a conclusion after observing for a long time. “There’s only one Fire Essence Origin Tree every ten thousand years. Nobody knows the exact place where it grows. The fire element from the Fire Essence Origin Tree is the thickest and purest, and is a rare treasure for fire-element Magic Beasts and fire-element mages!”

Yun Feng looked at the Fire Essence Origin Tree. The fire element it released already made Yun Feng feel a bit terrified and she dared not get close to it easily. If a fire-element mage transferred the energy of the fire element into her body, how many benefits would it bring to her?

“Master, can I eat it?” Little Fire asked casually. Yun Feng looked to the side slightly and saw that some kind of transparent liquid was dripping out of Little Fire’s mouth. Was that… saliva?

“What do you think this tree is? You can eat it whenever you want?” Yun Feng squeezed Little Fire’s ear as Little Fire whined softly and repressed its excitement. Even though it knew its Master was right, it still couldn’t help drooling.

“Kid, this tree is a good thing, but you shouldn’t be greedy. It seems that the Fire Essence Origin Tree is already tens of thousands of years old. Its roots have already coiled and intertwined down into the ground. Look at the white mist outside. Its roots might have even spread all over the entire Great Crack!”

Yun Feng looked at the tree in front of her. She would be lying if she said she was unmoved. She certainly had to take away such a powerful tree if she could… The fire element released from this Fire Essence Origin Tree could even swallow fighting energy! It would be an ace in the hole even when she was dealing with a powerhouse!

However, it seemed that it was definitely impossible for her to take the whole tree away right now. It was her fate that she encountered something like this. If she was destined to not get so much, she shouldn’t push it too hard either.

Yun Feng soon adjusted her mindset. The ancestor was proud of Yun Feng for having such a mature mind. How would other people react when they were facing this rare Fire Essence Origin Tree that could only be found every thousands of years? It would be strange if they didn’t uproot it!

“But I can still get something more or less…” Yun Feng smiled. She wasn’t a Saint. How would she not do anything when she saw such a powerful thing? Wouldn’t she waste the opportunity God gave her if she didn’t take something?

“Haha, you kid, but this really seems to be prepared for you. Two elemental forces are needed to touch the Fire Essence Origin Tree.”

Yun Feng lifted the corners of her mouth after hearing that. She was a five-element mage. This was prepared for her!

Hearing the instructions of the ancestor, Yun Feng carefully mobilized her elemental forces. First, she enveloped her body with the water element. A light blue color appeared on the surface of Yun Feng’s body. Then, a sword formed by the earth element was held in Yun Feng’s hand. She moved her mind and a small bottle appeared in her hand. Everything was ready. Yun Feng abruptly stepped forward and came to the roots of the Fire Essence Origin Tree. An almost distorted heat instantly came at Yun Feng’s body!

“Sizzle!” The sound of steam sounded from around Yun Feng’s body. The extremely violent fire element made a powerful counterattack as Yun Feng got closer. If it weren’t for the water element protecting Yun Feng’s body, she would have instantly turned into a skeleton!

Feeling the fight between the steam and the water element, Yun Feng knew that she only had a little time. After all, the water element wasn’t all-powerful!

The earth-element sword in her hand quickly slashed the bark of the Fire Essence Origin Tree. The bark that looked hard was easily cut open like a piece of tofu and an unusually viscous liquid, which was as red as blood, oozed out of the place where the bark was cut!

“Kid, take that!” The ancestor’s words made Yun Feng act immediately and she put the small bottle in her hand against the bark right away. The viscous blood slowly flowed into the bottle from the slit on the bark. Yun Feng also felt the pure energy inside the thick red liquid in an instant.

“Boom!” A loud noise came. Yun Feng felt a tremor in the ground underneath her feet and the entire cave shook! The viscous liquid had already filled the bottle. Yun Feng didn’t try to be greedy. She quickly sealed the bottle and jumped away from the tree. The cave was still shaking continuously, as if a giant beast sleeping deep inside this place had woken up!

Little Fire roared with its mouth and its sharp claws penetrated deeply into the ground. Its smooth fur also stood on end like spikes as its eyes glittered with vicious light and glanced around in vigilance. The cave was still shaking and seemed to be shaking even more violently. The sound of air currents could be heard by Yun Feng.

She knew that the fluffy touch on her cheek came from Meatball. She lifted Meatball up at the back of its neck and took it in front of her. As expected, Meatball’s little claws were tightly holding the fist-sized stone!

“What do you need this for?” Yun Feng wanted to take that stone, but Meatball held it tight and didn’t let go. The cave shook. Yun Feng didn’t want to ask anything else. She just grabbed Meatball’s chubby body and hopped onto Little Fire’s back at once. Little Fire immediately understood what Yun Feng meant. Its elegant body abruptly jumped from the ground the next second, rushing towards the thick white mist at the entrance of the cave!

“You got my stuff and you want to run?” A furious shout echoed in the entire cave. Little Fire jumped into the air as its body flashed agilely and landed on the ground. Yun Feng, who was riding on Little Fire’s back, saw a terrifying air current shooting through the white mist!

“Master, sit tight!” As Little Fire spoke, its body jumped up, leaped and landed continuously, avoiding those terrifying air currents. Deep traces that were a few meters long were left on places where Little Fire dodged!

Yun Feng narrowed her eyes and looked around the cave on Little Fire’s back to see what was attacking them. Did her actions earlier cause any trouble?

Little Fire landed on the ground lightly as its body quickly turned around and was about to dash into the white mist in the cave. However, the sound of three explosions sounded in the air, blocking all of Little Fire’s ways out!

“Little Fire, get down.” Yun Feng shouted with a deep voice. Little Fire immediately crouched obediently and Yun Feng on its back faced those three terrifying air currents directly!

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