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Chapter 144: Set Off Again (3)

“What are you doing? Uncle Wang, why are you back?” Yun Feng looked at the few hundred mercenaries in the main hall, and Zhao Mingqi and Zhao Yan in the front. Wang Ming, who was supposed to be on the Shiny Plains, had also rushed back.

“My Lady, you’re leaving. How can I not come back?” Wang Ming said, while the look on everyone’s face became gloomy. Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel deeply frustrated when she saw that this group of energetic men all had a bit of sorrow on their faces at this moment.

“Why are you looking like you’re at a funeral? I’m just going out for training for a few years. It’s not like I’m never coming back!” Yun Feng said speechlessly. The others were a bit shocked after hearing what she said.

“Fuck! Zhao Yan, didn’t you say that my Lady isn’t coming back?”

“Yea, you made us so sad!”

Zhao Yan stood there with a flushed face and he was too embarrassed to look at Yun Feng. He was also stunned just then. Facing the blame from other mercenaries, Zhao Yan couldn’t help mumbling, “I thought so too, okay? My father said that. He said my Lady is leaving. How would I know that she’s coming back? Fuck, who hit me?”

The sorrow and depression in the minds of the few hundred people were swept away. They all became spirited again one after another. Wang Ming caressed the back of his neck and burst into vigorous laughter after a while. “Hahaha, I told you my Lady will be back. It made me worry for nothing!”

Zhao Mingqi stood there a bit embarrassedly. He guessed that Yun Feng wanted to leave and thought she would never come back after that, causing such a huge misunderstanding.

The silent main hall became extremely lively. The mercenaries were all delighted that Yun Feng would come back and the poor Zhao Yan was still being chased by the others as he yelled, “My Lady, help me!”

Yun Feng watched Zhao Yan being chased and beaten with a smile and she could feel how happy these people were. Thinking that there was such a large group of people waiting for her and missing her here, Yun Feng’s heart felt warm.

Yun Feng waved her hand gently and the mercenaries, who were shouting just then, immediately quieted down. Zhao Yan also got rid of the other people’s chase. Yun Feng smiled and looked at everyone in front of her as she said softly, “It feels so good to be missed by you.”

The eyes of all the mercenaries turned red after hearing that. They were all people who lived a dangerous life. Nobody understood their suffering, their tiredness, their difficulties, and they also rarely had warm moments like this. And yet, Yun Feng was different. She should be spoiled and protected by them at such a young age, but this little girl stood in front of them to shelter them from the storm and solve all the problems for them!

“My Lady, what you said makes me feel terrible…” Wang Ming said with a hoarse voice. Even though he knew that Yun Feng would return, he was still a bit sad thinking that he wouldn’t be able to see her for several years.

“My Lady, when are you coming back?” Zhao Yan couldn’t help asking. He gazed at Yun Feng firmly with his eyes, as if he wanted to engrave her in his mind.

“Three years. I’ll be back after three years.” Yun Feng said loudly. One of the mercenaries took the lead and shouted as all of the others shouted as well, “We’ll wait for you to come back, my Lady!”

Yun Feng burst into laughter. She laughed so hard that her eyes became a bit teary, so hard that some kind of crystal clear liquid seemed to have dropped. Zhao Mingqi held Yun Feng in his arms with a smile and caressed her little head gently with his big hand. Wang Ming also gazed at Yun Feng with affection in his eyes. At this moment, Yun Feng let go of all her responsibilities and burdens. She was just that little girl, the little Young Lady in their minds.

The next morning, Yun Feng saw a huge group of people in the main hall as soon as she came downstairs. She smiled slightly and speechlessly wondered why they had to make such a big fuss. “Uncle Zhao, you don’t have to walk me out. I can go by myself.” After several times, Yun Feng finally declined these people’s kindness. Wasn’t it a bit too high-profile if these few hundred people sent her all the way out?

Zhao Mingqi could only give up as he couldn’t change Yun Feng’s mind. He just kept telling Yun Feng to be safe. Yun Feng smiled and nodded as she listened to everything Zhao Mingqi said. When Zhao Mingqi finished talking, he glanced at Wang Ming, who then took out a waistband from the bag on his waist and gave it to Yun Feng.

“I can’t take it.” Yun Feng immediately gave him the waistband back after seeing that. It was a dimension storage. This waistband must be valuable. She couldn’t take it.

“My Lady, you have to take this! You’ll need a lot of things when you’re outside and storage will also be necessary! I spent a few thousand ores to get this! If you don’t take it, I’ll just throw it away!”

Yun Feng shook her head speechlessly. Uncle Zhao was really willing to spend a few thousand ores to get this… She could only take the waistband and put it around her body. This was the sincere kindness from the Red Maple Mercenary Team. If she didn’t accept it, they would be heartbroken.

Everything had already been prepared. It was time for Yun Feng to leave. These tough guys also couldn’t bear to part with Yun Feng at this time. “My Lady, come back faster.” Zhao Yan stepped forward and looked at Yun Feng deeply. Yun Feng nodded as she waved at these people at the gate. “Go back! Wait for me!”

Yun Feng turned around and left dashingly and smartly, bidding farewell to the door of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, bidding farewell to that flaming red maple. She didn’t look back. Until she walked out of the yellow line of the area of the Mercenary Union, she finally turned around slowly and gently took off the mercenary badge of the Red Maple Mercenary Team on her chest, putting it in her bracelet.

She would be back three years later. She hoped that the Red Maple Mercenary Team wouldn’t let her down as well… Looking at the straight road ahead of her, Yun Feng smiled and walked forward. Her journey was now about to begin again.

After stepping out of the northern gate of Ge Yuan, Yun Feng took Meatball out of the bracelet. Meatball was a bit thrilled when it came out. It knew that it really didn’t have to be locked up anymore and it yelled happily, “Nana! Nanana!”

Hearing Meatball’s joyful sounds, Yun Feng was also delighted. Could she be considered rich this time? She had already got three dimension storages, which were difficult to find in the world, including one bracelet, one ring and one waistband. She still hadn’t seen the things inside the storages Zheng Ran and Zhao Mingqi gave her up till now, but there was no rush.

With the same mind, Yun Feng soon reached Little Fire. Little Fire sounded very happy. “Master, what’s wrong?”

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