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Chapter 126: Fighting Against the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group (4)

“The Red Maple Mercenary Team!” The judge saw that the side of the Red Maple Mercenary Team was empty and he couldn’t help feeling scared in his mind. They wouldn’t come at last moment like they did yesterday, would they? His heart…

“We’re here!” A voice sounded as Zhao Mingqi walked out with a smile. Behind him was the lineup which the Red Maple Mercenary Team had yesterday. The judge couldn’t help taking a deep breath after seeing this. He glanced over the team slightly and found that Yun Feng wasn’t there.

“There are only four of you…” The judge kindly reminded them. Zhao Mingqi smiled and remained silent, while the five warriors of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group opposite them burst into laughter like there was no one else here. Zhao Yan behind Zhao Mingqi rolled his eyes when he saw the faces of the five members of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group. “They’re really a group of idiots.”

The audience around also booed. Where was the mage? Why wasn’t that amazing mage on the square? When the three Commanders of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group saw this scene, they all showed a ferocious smile. That mage indeed wasn’t here. It looked like their operation last night was successful. Hahaha, the Red Maple Mercenary Team, you’re going down this time!

The three Commanders couldn’t laugh for long. They just felt that a black shadow flashed in front of them. After looking carefully, the expressions of the three of them abruptly changed. Greedy Wolf immediately wanted to attack, but the Commanders stopped him.

“Are you delighted to see that I’m not here?” Yun Feng stood in front of the three Commanders. A mature smile appeared on her innocent face. Facing the three Commanders of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group, Yun Feng was like a powerhouse looking at everything from above. These three were just ants.

The Commanders of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group sat there, looking at Yun Feng in front of them, as blue veins appeared on their necks. How was that possible? She shouldn’t be here. Did she not care about her father’s life?

“C-Commander!” A mercenary of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group ran over, but when he saw the sight in front of him, he stuttered!

“What’s wrong?” The Commander of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group shouted and the mercenary quickly ran over. He glanced at Yun Feng and immediately looked away, whispering softly in the ears of the three Commanders, “D-Dead…”

The three Commanders of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group instantly seemed relieved after hearing that. One of them gave a smile with profound meaning. “Great, well done.”

The mercenary’s body then trembled when he heard that. He spoke again softly, “C-Commander, it’s our men. Our men are… are dead…”

What! The three of them widened their eyes furiously. The Evil Wolf Mercenary Group sent out their level-7 masters! They were dead? How was that possible? According to the investigation, Yun Jing was just a level-5 warrior. Their level-7 masters couldn’t kill a level-5 warrior, and were killed instead. Perhaps the Yun family had a card up their sleeve?

They were heartbroken about the loss of three level-7 warriors. The Evil Wolf Mercenary Group truly faced a double whammy this time. “I’ve underestimated you, Yun Feng.” A Commander of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group said evilly with viciousness appearing in his black eyes. Yun Feng laughed and gave the three of them a cunning smile.

“I’ll give you a chance.” Yun Feng said as her body flashed suddenly and dashed towards the ring like a beam of light, standing there steadily. Zhao Mingqi smiled gently, “My Lady, what do we do?”

Yun Feng glanced over the five dumbfounded warriors on the opposite side and said softly, “Beat them up as hard as you like. It’s time for the Red Maple Mercenary Team to settle the scores.”

The minds of the other four warriors shook after hearing this. When the audience saw Yun Feng show up, they even shouted with their lives. Under the fanatical gaze of hundreds of pairs of eyes, the judge raised both of his hands and yelled with a flushed face, “The battle between the Red Maple Mercenary Team and the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group begins!”

“Red Maple! Red Maple! Red Maple!” As the judge announced the start of the battle, everyone in the venue couldn’t sit anymore. They all got up from their seats and waved their hands. These extremely fearless mercenaries let go of everything and shouted with their utmost strength at this moment.

“My Lady, I’m going up.” Wang Ming smiled humbly at Yun Feng and a big smile appeared on his rough face. Zhao Yan burst into laughter. “Uncle Wang, make a good start!”

Wang Ming laughed. “Alright!” The others also gazed at Wang Ming with a smile. Wang Ming jumped and landed on the ring steadily. Yun Feng looked at Wang Ming’s broad body on the side. The Red Maple Mercenary Team originally planned to lose the first two fights, but judging by the current situation… The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up slightly. Even if they wanted to lose, it wouldn’t be easy.

“Red Maple, don’t you think you can be arrogant because you have a mage here! I’ll open your eyes today!” A level-6 warrior hopped on the ring. Wang Ming was still looking upright. The body of the warrior of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group who came up was indeed comparable to that of Wang Ming.

Wang Ming burst into laughter. “What tricks do you have? Show me!”

The level-6 warrior of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group laughed loudly. He knew that Wang Ming on the opposite side was as strong as he was. If the two of them fought only with their strength, nobody would be able to win, but no… Hm!

“Alright! I’ll show you!” The level-6 warrior laughed wildly as he suddenly took out a giant hammer. The surface of the black body of the hammer was glowing with a black luster and there were four Magic Beast Crystals on one side of the giant hammer!

“Huh… That’s… a weapon with four holes and four crystals!” People around the square all gasped. They were surprised by the weapon this warrior took out. A weapon with four holes and four crystals, how much did it cost to make it? The Evil Wolf Mercenary Group truly spent heavily this time!

Kai’s expression changed slightly when he saw this. Fitch and the others couldn’t help feeling nervous as well. This weapon with four holes and four crystals would be a very powerful boost when it was in the hands of a level-6 warrior. He would even be able to fight with a warrior at the peak of level 6! Wang Ming had just reached level 6 not long ago, so a gap between the strength of the two of them immediately appeared when the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group took out the weapon.

“Mr. Zheng Ran, do you think Wang Ming will win?” Kai turned his face slightly to the side and looked at Zheng Ran, who had been smiling calmly since the beginning. Zheng Ran chuckled. “You’ll see, your Highness.”

When Kai heard this, he almost rolled his eyes. He sat down again and couldn’t help mumbling in his mind, “Leaving me in suspense.”

“Hahaha! Even if you have a mage, so what? Even if she’s at level 6, so what? Do you see that? It’s a weapon with four holes and four crystals! Does the Red Maple Mercenary Team have any Magic Beast Crystals? Wang Ming, just surrender!” The level-6 warrior of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group shouted into the air, while the other four warriors also laughed loudly. As for the members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, they all gazed at the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group like they were looking at a bunch of fools.

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