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Chapter 121: Killed in a Second (2)

“Sizzle…” The giant blue python opened its mouth wide and suddenly shot out a terrifying chill, straight towards the level-6 warrior. The level-6 warrior didn’t even have the chance to mobilize his fighting energy. He only saw an enormous blue mouth with sharp teeth coming right at him. “Argh!” Following a scream, the level-6 warrior was swallowed alive by the giant blue python.

“Bang!” The snake that was a few meters long immediately disappeared, like a magnificent firework. The level-6 warrior, who was being devoured, fell on the ground like a piece of ice, with a pale face as white as a sheet.

The judge was a bit dumbfounded as he looked at the scene in front of his eyes. Everyone was breathless after seeing this. The body of the level-6 warrior lay there stiffly and weirdly, and it still wasn’t moving after a long time.

One of the other members of the Sandstorm Mercenary Group walked to the edge of the ring and poked the body with his finger gently. Suddenly, his expression changed drastically and he retracted his hand, looking extremely pale.

“Crack! Crack!” A crisp sound came out of the stiff body of the level-6 warrior and his arms, thighs, waist and wrists seemed to be cut off by someone, separating and scattering on the ground piece by piece without any blood at all.

The red blood vessels and body tissues in each body part were extremely clear. There was a thin layer of ice crystals covering the pieces, shining with light blue luster.

“Ugh!” The few members of the Sandstorm Mercenary Group couldn’t stand it anymore. They immediately threw up. People watching were also a bit overwhelmed, but there were even more people, who were courageous and felt excited about this bloody scene!

“Third round, the Red Maple Mercenary Team wins!”

Cheers came like a tide, a raging wave that stirred up thousands of splashes of water on the shore! Everyone was in awe with the Red Maple Mercenary Team and had deep respect for them! Yun Feng showed an attitude with her attack, which killed the level-6 warrior in a second, an attitude that didn’t allow anyone to bully the Red Maple Mercenary Team again! The three Commanders of the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group in the four-star area looked completely sullen at this moment. They almost crushed their teeth as they sat there. Yun Feng’s attack gave the three of them a fierce slap!

Zheng Ran watched this scene with a smile and felt delighted. This kid wasn’t usually a big deal, but once she made a move, she was indeed astonishing. No one had died in the level assessment for hundreds of years. This kid set a precedent again.

Kasa looked at Yun Feng with excitement in her eyes. Although she was just eighteen years old this year, she had already become half an adult under the influence of the royal family. This little girl in front of her eyes was definitely under 12. A level-6 mage under 12… with such a growing speed…

Kasa clenched her fists gently. The Karan Royal Family must get this talent, at all cost!

The battle between the Sandstorm Mercenary Group and the Red Maple Mercenary Team ended with three wins for the Red Maple Mercenary Team. The master from the Evil Wolf Mercenary Group also couldn’t go back. A level-6 warrior, this was a loss for a four-star group as well.

After the Red Maple Mercenary Team fought, the competitions on the first day seemed to have lost all attractiveness. The competitions between other mercenary groups couldn’t arouse the enthusiasm that the crowd had during the Red Maple Mercenary Team’s battle anymore. The feeling of passion rising in their bones had completely vanished ever since Yun Feng got off the ring!

Fitch, Murong Yuntian and Kasa certainly got the same feeling. The impact of the battle of the Red Maple Mercenary Team was too strong. People were even stunned, especially when that mage made a move. Under such a shock, the name of the Red Maple Mercenary Team was imprinted deeply in everyone’s minds again and couldn’t be removed.

After the first day of competition, everyone was talking about one name, the Red Maple Mercenary Team! The mercenaries had even stronger anticipation for the second day. The three-star to five-star challenges would be held on the second day and the Red Maple would fight again!

What surprises would the Red Maple Mercenary Team bring them the second day? This was something all mercenaries looked forward to in their minds. The level assessment this time made one name popular, the Red Maple Mercenary Team.

Fitch and the others certainly stayed for one more day. Although Kasa wasn’t really willing to stay, she agreed reluctantly, thinking about the competitions the next day.

The sun on the horizon gradually set, but the Mercenary Union was still extremely lively. People were all talking about the battle of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, the mysterious and powerful magic, and that extremely talented genius mage. In the four-star area, one of the mercenary groups among the others was completely dispirited. Some mercenaries couldn’t help but lower their heads and laugh when they walked past.

The Evil Wolf Mercenary Group still hadn’t started competing, but they already had a feeling of being stepped on and tortured harshly. The three Commanders sat together with a long face. Thinking about the situation during today’s competition, they all felt that they made a mistake.

“If we lose tomorrow, we’ll be downgraded to the three-star level and we won’t even be qualified to challenge a five-star group!” Greedy Wolf said fiercely as he hit the back of the chair. His facial features were almost distorted and his scar became even more ferocious.

“Let’s do it! We can’t wait anymore!” The Commander yelled coldly. A ferocious look flashed through the faces of the three of them. It seemed that tonight was destined to be a sleepless night.

The Red Maple Mercenary Team won the first battle and their popularity in the Mercenary Union could be said to have reached another level. There wasn’t any other mercenary group that all one-star groups to five-star groups had heard about, even deeply remembered. However, the Red Maple Mercenary Team did that!

This night, the Red Maple Mercenary Team was stirred. Everyone was happy and their main hall was extraordinarily lively. All of their faces were red and they talked to each other loudly, but Yun Feng didn’t join them. In a room on the second floor, Yun Feng was sitting on the bed quietly with a touch of seriousness on her face.

“Kid, have you not heard anything from Little Fire yet?” The ancestor’s voice sounded in Yun Feng’s mind. Yun Feng frowned slightly and shook her head.

A contracted Magic Beast and its summoner had a kind of special connection. Such a connection could cross the barrier of distance. With just a thought, Yun Feng and Little Fire would be able to contact each other. Yun Feng still hadn’t heard any news from Little Fire until this moment, so she was a bit anxious.

“The Evil Wolf Mercenary Group will definitely make a move tonight. If they give it all this time, I’m afraid Little Fire won’t be able to resist them alone…” Yun Feng mumbled with an impulse to rush back. The elemental force around also became slightly fretful because of Yun Feng’s mood. The five kinds of elements gradually appeared, jumping up and down around Yun Feng’s body.

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