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Chapter 118: First Battle (3)

The five of them came on the stage, but it seemed that nobody cared about them. Everyone was still looking forward to seeing that mysterious team with enthusiasm in their eyes. They were looking forward to that name everyone knew, which swept the Mercenary Union in a very short time!

The five members of the Sandstorm Mercenary Group stood there with an embarrassed look. As they listened to the cheers for their opponents all around the venue, they found them more and more ear-piercing. After waiting for a while, the members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team still hadn’t come to the ring.

“The Red Maple Mercenary Team, get on the stage!” There was another shout and people were still cheering, but there was still no one from the Red Maple Mercenary Team on the stage.

Seeing this scene, the five members of the Sandstorm Mercenary Group burst into laughter. The tallest man among them yelled, “Why? Red Maple Mercenary Team, you’re afraid!”

The cheers of the crowd gradually faded. People were a bit surprised that they didn’t see the Red Maple Mercenary Team. Where were the members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team? Why weren’t they here for the battle? Were they really scared?

“Hahaha, don’t come if you’re scared, or you’ll make a fool of yourselves! Judge, you can directly announce that we’re the winner!” The man yelled extremely arrogantly. The members of the Sandstorm Mercenary Group also burst into laughter, while everyone else was a bit dumbfounded. What was going on with the Red Maple Mercenary Team? They had been so mysterious lately. Perhaps they were just planning to run away?

“Haha, Zheng Ran, is this the Red Maple Mercenary Team you spoke highly of? They don’t even have the courage to come to the battle?” Fitch looked at this funny scene as he laughed. There was deep ridicule in his tone.

Zheng Ran remained silent. How would the Red Maple Mercenary Team be afraid? With that kid here, who would they be afraid of? Why didn’t they come? Did something happen?

Murong Yuntian couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed after seeing this scene, while Kasa directly dropped a sarcastic remark, “Rubbish.”

Time passed slowly. The members of the Sandstorm Mercenary Group saw that the Red Maple Mercenary Team still hadn’t showed up, so they directly urged the judge. “Judge! The Red Maple Mercenary Team has apparently run away. They’re voluntarily withdrawing from the battle!”

The judge didn’t know what to do. After all, it still wasn’t time yet. Once the waiting time was over, they would be automatically considered as withdrawing from the battle. Everyone then waited for a while again. The few members of the Sandstorm Mercenary Group all looked like they were watching a drama, as if they would absolutely win this battle!

The judge checked the time with a trace of disappointment on his face. In fact, he supported the Red Maple Mercenary Team as well. He had never thought… He raised his arm high. “The Red Maple Mercenary Team…”

“I’m sorry. We’re late.” A beautiful female voice cut through the noises and came into everyone’s ears like clear water. People in the venue all looked over and saw a small figure walking in from an entrance of the square. Behind her were four other members.

Zheng Ran looked at Yun Feng who came in time and he slowly raised the corners of his mouth. Seeing that the five of them were all a bit messy, a touch of interest flashed through Zheng Ran’s eyes. Fitch turned from being disdainful just now to being astonished. He stared firmly at Yun Feng, who walked in the front. That was a kid, right…

Murong Yuntian’s pupils shrunk suddenly. His gaze was locked on Yun Feng’s beautiful face, and so was Kasa’s. As she looked at Yun Feng’s little face, her eyes were full of jealousy. Especially when she saw how focused Murong Yuntian was, she even gritted her teeth. “What? She’s just a kid…”

When the judge saw the members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team, he was immediately relieved. Luckily, they arrived within the allowed time frame, or they would truly be considered withdrawn from the battle. The five people of the Sandstorm Mercenary Group were completely dumbfounded. The man who shouted looked like he had eaten soil. He glanced over his five opponents and immediately wanted to back down.

Yun Feng and the other four all seemed a little messy. They must have done something this morning and then came here in a hurry. Zhao Mingqi cupped his hand in the other in front of the judge. “The five members of the Red Maple Mercenary Team have all arrived.”

The judge nodded as he raised his arm high and shouted loudly, “The battle between the Sandstorm Mercenary Group and the Red Maple Mercenary Team begins!”

“Oh…” “The Red Maple Mercenary Team…” The cheering sounds that were fading just now gushed out again. People’s enthusiasm was once again ignited completely, and they kept cheering and shouting.

Zhao Yan smiled at Yun Feng as he stepped forward. “My Lady, I’ll make a good start.”

Yun Feng nodded. Zhao Yan was at the peak of level 4 right now. He could already be considered a master in a two-star group. Zhao Yan jumped gently and hopped onto the ring, standing there with a relaxed look and looking forward with a smile.

“Fuck, kid, are you provoking us? I’m here!” A level-3 warrior of the Sandstorm Mercenary Group jumped up. His stomach was full of anger when he saw how calm Zhao Yan was. You’re obviously mocking us, publicly mocking us!

“Kid, watch!” The level-3 warrior shouted as his fighting energy burst out in an instant. He thought he could make Zhao Yan nervous, but Zhao Yan was still standing there with a smile. The level-3 warrior swept his foot and slashed at Zhao Yan with both his hands, creating the sound of wind. “Kid, go to hell!”

Zhao Yan closed his eyes slightly and shook his head gently. In the past, he would have to fight hard when he faced this level-3 warrior, but it was different now!

Zhao Yan also reached his hands out slowly. His fighting energy of the peak of level 4 gathered in his palms immediately, facing the hands of the level-3 warrior approaching him and hitting them fiercely!

Palm to palm, fighting energy to fighting energy! A warrior at the peak of level 4 against a level-3 warrior, the result could easily be imagined. The level-3 warrior only felt a powerful impact spreading from his palms. His entire arms seemed to be shaking and his body was lifted suddenly, being knocked dozens of meters backwards messily, falling on the ground. Zhao Yan stood right where he was and didn’t move at all.

“First round, the Red Maple Mercenary Team wins!” The judge said loudly as cheers burst out of the crowd again. Zheng Ran watched with relish with a smile on his face, while Fitch also nodded approvingly. Even though this kid who fought wasn’t very powerful, he was already one of the top ones among his peers at his current age.

Zhao Yan jumped down from the ring. Wang Ming burst into laughter and messed up Zhao Yan’s hair with his large hand. “Kid, well done!” Zhao Yan smiled shyly as he glanced at Yun Feng. Yun Feng gave him a smile of compliment. Zhao Yan immediately felt content.

Yun Feng was originally planning to lose the first two rounds, but since the strength of the Red Maple Mercenary Team had now increased to this level, there was no need for them to pretend. If they had to win, they should win without hiding. They would beat their opponents three times in a row and give them no chance to fight back at all!

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