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*The Instabird post that Suan couldn't find:

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

I went to RPha today and saw some hotties! Hehehehe
Their wet hair made them look hella sexy so I went closer towards them.
When I approached them, they smelled kinda sweet, too…
I went right up to them in hoped that I'd get their numbers,
But I gave up after seeing my face that was reflected on the hand mirror next to them… fuck

#RPhahottie #hotties #unworldlybeauty #isthisreal?
#theresacamerabehindthem #aretheyactors? #lookattheirheightdifference #plsgivemetheirnumbers

> whoa, are they fr?
> Their body ratio looks godly in the photos. Is the one with red hair just really tall? Their height difference makes my heart pound ;o;
> they're so cuteerfsadfask

> holy crap where is this
> look at their height difference aasasdfsaf
> I saw them too! They were in XX district and basically emanating handsome auras. Everyone around them were sneaking glances and taking pictures.
> I was one of the ones who were taking photos!

> omg I just zoomed into the photo and isn't that camera at the back rly expensive??
> Huh? That's JJC channel's broadcasting camera.
> I saw them irl and these photos aren't doing them justice.
> so when are they gonna be on tv?

> I dug up some info from their website and found that a reality show has been added to this month's broadcast schedule! It's JJC yall!!
> lmaooooo they actually found it
> ^^omg is ur personal life ok loool

> searching for party members to go and hunt down these stationary store hotties (1/9999999999)


*Today's Ordinary Citizen on the Street


> holy shit, I'm a guy and that made my heart skip a beat
> u rite. u fuckin rite. this is actually unrefutable
> Me too. They're definitely guys, but they look really pretty!
> And then there's me, born as a girl, looking like a potato…


> that tiny guy looks so much like a girl ;w;
> honestly lolll he's holding the other guy's arm, and look at their height differenceeeee they're so cute hhhhhhhh
> I'm #teamredhair hahhaha he looks so cuteee
> Me too lol, he's super tall but the way he says hyungggg is like a kid… look at that gap moe omgggg
> I just wanna know who they are :((((


> just look at how everyone's gaze follows the two cute dudes whenever they move
> ^legit
> I was one of the staring people lmaooo now that I look at it like this, everyone who's watching just look like octopi…
> whoa wait, you saw them irl?
> jealous…


> (This comment has been deleted.)
> What was the comment?
> that guy who was picking a fight looked like a fuckin squid
> ^the ugly ones are always the first to get angry lmaooo
> I checked his profile and I can tell you that he looked like a fuckin moss ball. What right did he have to go off evaluating their appearances and shit?


> What's the deal with the camera in the background?
> Isn't that a JJC camera? Or not…
> I don't know if I'm allowed to post links but…; <> Ooooh the one who's holding the camera is Choi Hoso! He was the program director for Yoso's reality show!
> So who are they????
> if theyre filming a reality show, arent they idols
> there's no way that those hotties aren't famous ;-;
> Are they idols who will be debuting soon?
> I hope to god they are safjkasddfl I could give them my whole bank account plsplsplsplsplsplsplspls!!


> I've come back to visit the holy land!
> 222222
> 3333333
> Me too ;o;
> our iri's were so cute back then too asjfklashghkh
> I love you Suannn♡♡ Sunhoooooo♡♡♡♡
> you guys are the bestasdlhjgkashf
[*The above comments crash with the current timeline. Deleting…]

*An omniscient program director's viewpoint that the members of iridescent don't know about:

This should be enough distance, right?

It had been an hour since I had begun to follow the three boys around the supermarket. I was alone with a big camera on my shoulder. Whenever they turned their bodies, I had to quickly hide myself or pretend not to know them.

Do all idols have that much stamina these days?

The members of iridescent captured by the camera looked like beagles set free in the supermarket. They were running around and stacking—rather, playing Tetris with—various items in their shopping cart.

"Hyunggg! I also want to eat this!"

"Hyung, I want to get this!"

"It looks like they're selling meat over there, Seo Yoon-hyung."

"Place them in the cart. More importantly, what type of meat should we buy?"

I couldn't help but wonder if they were really shopping for groceries. Snacks such as chips and drinks made up the majority of their cart.

Lord, do I broadcast this or not?

"Hyunggg! The meat is yellow!"

"There's yellow meat?!"

"Hey! This isn't just yellow, it's weirdly discoloured!"

"But isn't meat usually red?"

"Hmm, probably. Then why does this one have a yellow tinge?"

"Hmmm, I wonder."

What do you mean you wonder? It's because it's about to go bad!
Don't buy it! If you're gonna buy meat, buy a different one!

Do I tell them? If I tell them, they'll realise that they're being followed by a reality camera and they won't act natural. While I was thinking about such things—

"Since it's the only yellow one, doesn't that mean it's special?"

"Yeah, it must be the more delicious one."

"Let's take this meat, then."

—they were already putting the meat onto the counter to pay.

Hahh… I'm beginning to resent that it's only the first day filming this reality show…
I thought they'd be similar to Yoso, but Yoso members were practically professional chefs compared to these kids. Honestly, shopping for groceries like that is really something.

"That would be 202,470 won. Do you have a point card with you or a registered phone number?"

"No, we don't."

"Would you like to make one today?"

"Nah, it's alright!"

"Here's your debit card."

How much money did we put in that card again? They shouldn't buy that meat… gah, what do I do?

Various worries overwhelmed me. Just as I thought that I wanted to give up, the cashier was taking the card off the hands of iridescent's leader. I watched them as she swiped the card into the machine.

"It says that the amount goes over the limit. Do you have a different card?"

"Huh? A limit?"

"What if this card has barely any money in it?"

"Hyunggg, what if we… don't get to eat meat?"

They were still being filmed as they talked to the cashier, standing blankly in shock, not knowing what to do.

"Hmm, what should we do? Is it okay if we quickly go swap out the meat?"

"Sure thing."

""Thank you.""

"We'll be back quick! Thank you."

Was the limit of that card 200,000 won?
(T/N: approximately $200)
I pictured the yellow meat and wanted to endlessly praise myself for setting a limit on that card.

"Shouldn't we let Suan-hyung and Rion know as well?!"

"Yeah, I guess we should call them."

"You call."


The three of them returned the meat to its original spot on the meat corner. They seemed to be calling the members who stayed back. The tallest but youngest member took out his phone and brought it up to his ear.

"Hyunggg, Suan-hyung isn't picking up."

"Do you want to try calling Rion, then?"

"I will. I'll try calling Oh Rion."

The tallest but youngest member stuffed his phone in his pocket as he pouted his lips and grumbled and whined to the oldest member. The other member was holding his phone up to his ear and making a call.

"Hey. What's Lee Suan up to?"

"Did he pick up?!"

"Is it Rion?"

Instead of answering those around him, he nodded in confirmation as he continued to talk into the phone.

Were they able to get through?

"Yeah. Oh, yeah? Then tell him that we're buying pork instead of beef because we went over the spending limit."

"What's going on? Is Suan-hyung sleeping?"

"Is he feeling unwell?"

"Yeah. See ya."

Even as he concentrated on his call, he gave them a silent reply by shaking his head. As soon as he hung up, he began to explain the situation.

"Lee Suan couldn't answer because he was taking a shower."

"Ah, that's why you hung up."

"That's a relief, then! Let's go back to the meat corner!"

"Sure, let's do that."


"Do you think there would be another yellow meat?"

"Hmm, I wonder?"

"Wasn't that only because it was beef?"

"Aw, do you think so? I hope there's more!"

"Do you reckon it would taste better?"

"What are you gonna do if there is one?"

"Buy it, of course! Since it's special, I'll give it to Suan-hyung!"

I began to feel sorry for the members who stayed back as I watched them obsess over the yellow meat even as they approached the meat corner.

Why does this supermarket sell meat that's about to go bad, anyway?


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