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Chapter 607
Chapter 607 - Satisfied

However, no matter how cold and unfeeling Royal Prince Yang was, he didn’t have the heart to scold his little lass with harsh words . He wouldn’t even put on an attitude in front of her . Lady Fang believed that some of Xiaocao’s actions and speech sometimes ‘took advantage’ of Royal Prince Yang, but Royal Prince Yang would merely look at her dotingly . He would dismiss her unruly actions with a laugh and spoil her even more .  

Lady Fang was a blessed little woman . Although her husband was nothing more than an uncultured martial artist in other people’s eyes, he treated her very well . They have been married for over 20 years, but the two of them had never gotten into an argument before . Even though her temper became a little more irritable over the years because she had yet to conceive a child, he had always endured her temper .

She thought that she was her fault for being infertile, so she restrained her jealousy and took in a few concubines for him . However, he drove all the concubines out and said, “I don’t want any other woman except you!” 

She searched far and wide for doctors and inquired about various medicines that would cure her of her infertility . She just wanted to conceive a child that looked like him . But he comforted her and said, “Don’t worry . Even if we’re destined to have no children, we will still grow old together . ” 

When he learned that he might be the reason why the two of them couldn’t conceive a child, he did not hide the fact from the world to protect his ego . Instead, he publicized that he was the reason that they were unable to conceive to help relieve the external pressure on her… 

He didn’t know how to whisper sweet nothings to her, but he would always hold her hand to accompany her silently and comfort her when she was down . Others believed that she made the wrong choice by marrying him, but she knew from personal experience that it was not true! She was truly happy compared to other women! As for other women, their mothers-in-law would deliberately make things difficult for them, they would be ignored by their husbands, and they had to fight against numerous other concubines every day! What more could she ask for when she had a husband who loved her? 

Lady Fang believed that Royal Prince Yang and Imperial Prince Jing were the same kind of people as her husband . They were considerate men that would spoil their wives no matter what . If one met a man like them, why wouldn’t one seize every opportunity to snatch him for oneself? 

Her daughter would be sixteen years old once the new year starts, so it was time for her to start considering her daughter’s marriage . As luck would have it, there was a man that treated her wholeheartedly, so there was nothing she had to nitpick about .  

Lady Fang looked at Royal Prince Yang like how a mother-in-law would look at her son-in-law . The more she looked at him, the more satisfied she became .  

Fang Haolin was playing with his favorite sister on the kang bed . When he heard the news that Royal Prince Yang was coming, he immediately had a ‘change of affections’ and abandoned his favorite sister . He headed straight for Zhu Junyang who had just walked in and addressed him sweetly, “Brother-in-law! Does Linlin look handsome?” 

“You little traitor!” Yu Xiaocao blushed bright red when she heard her younger brother address Zhu Junyang as ‘brother-in-law” . It was not a surprise that Zhu Junyang was loved by her younger brother . Every time he came to visit, he would bring a few toys from the west for the little guy . For example, he had gotten him a horse that could run after pulling its string, a mechanical music box, and an elaborate Russian nested doll . Thanks to these toys, Zhu Junyang successfully gained the little guy’s trust and lured him into addressing him as ‘brother-in-law’ . Xiaocao was angered to death by it! 

“Err . . . you look very handsome~” When Zhu Junyang saw how his little lass had messed with his future brother-in-law’s appearance, he hesitated before he gave him a compliment against his will . Fang Haolin’s clown-like appearance was extremely eye-catching . However, when he was faced with the little lad’s enthusiasm and sparkling bright eyes asking to be praised, it was impossible for him to say, ‘it’s ugly’ .  

“Brother-in-law, do I look as handsome as you?” The little lad looked at him expectantly . He was used to hearing her older sister mention that Zhu Junyang was a beautiful man, so he believed that Zhu Junyang was the beauty standard he needed to live up to . He believed that if he looked like his brother-in-law when he grew up, then he wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to find a wife who was willing to marry him! 

Zhu Junyang had a helpless expression on his face when he looked at the little lass who was lying on the kang bed and kicking her legs in laughter . He forced himself to squeeze out an ugly smile and nodded his head with difficulty and said, “You look more handsome than me!” He had no choice since the little lad was his future brother-in-law . In order to be able to quickly marry his little lass, he needed to coax the people around her to like him .  

Fang Haolin’s face was as red as a monkey’s butt as he sat back on the kang bed happily . He took the jumping frog toy that his brother-in-law had given him and studied it with his full attention . Once he pulled the string on the frog, it would jump very high upwards . It was very interesting! 

“Auntie, what are you discussing with Xiaocao?” Zhu Junyang paid his respect to Lady Fang and sat down . He noticed that there was a satisfied expression on her face .  

Lady Fang smiled gently while she helped Xiaocao wring the ball of yarn as she knit gloves at flying speed . She said in a soft voice, “I’m discussing with Xiaocao about what we should buy Third Young Master Zhou as a congratulatory gift tomorrow!” 

“Third Young Master Zhou? Isn’t he the head of the Zhou Family? Is he getting married?” Zhu Junyang was very petty . He hadn’t forgotten that he had once harbored some feelings for his little lass . Fortunately, he was able to nip the problem at its bud, otherwise . . . humph!

“That’s right, he’s engaged to the daughter of a merchant family, the Huang Family! I heard that the young lady had been learning business acumen from her father and older brothers in the past few years . As a result, she has developed a keen insight . The Huang Family left her in charge of a few shops and the shops prospered under her hands . She is a very capable young woman!” Lady Fang told the two everything she knew .

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Yu Xiaocao nodded her head when she heard Lady Fang’s words and said, “That’s good! In the future, Third Young Master Zhou will have an additional helping hand! If he married a soft, weak, and fragile young woman, then she’ll be more than what he can deal with!” 

“It seems like you know that man with the surname Zhou, pretty well . You even know his likes and dislikes . ” Zhu Junyang had to admit that he was being petty again . His words were laced with jealousy .  

Yu Xiaocao looked up and glanced at him . She sounded very confident as she said, “I’m just saying this from my point of view . If I were him, then I would definitely find someone who could help me instead of a pretty white flower who only knows how to cry all day . Of course, there are some men that like those types of women . It’s uncertain whether he is one of them or not . ” 

“I don’t know what type of woman he likes, nor do I want to know . But I have to agree with your taste . I like someone who is efficient and capable!” Zhu Junyang quickly expressed his agreement when he saw that his little lass seemed to be a little unhappy .  

“I can’t control what type of woman you like . I don’t want to be able to control it either!” Yu Xiaocao lowered her head and continued to knit the gloves . The gloves were blue with white rhombus patterns; she was making it for Fang Haolin .  

Despite Lady Fang’s presence in the room, Zhu Junyang hurriedly coaxed her like he was coaxing a child, “Why are you leaving me all alone? I want you to control me! I’ll love it if you can control me for the rest of my life…” 

“Cough! Cough!” Lady Fang coughed twice loudly when she was ignored . It seemed like Zhu Junyang was much better at whispering sweet nothings than her husband . His sappy speech made goosebumps rise all over her arm .  

“Auntie, when the two of you head out tomorrow, will you need a guard?” Zhu Junyang had a serious expression on his face when he offered his services . Lady Fang didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry——how could he be so thick-skinned? 

“Our family do not lack guards!” Yu Xiaocao lazily rejected his offer .  

“I’m very familiar with the capital . I can help you with a lot of things!” Zhu Junyang continued to persist .  

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“My godmother was born and raised here . She’s twenty years more familiar with the capital than you!” It was a habit for Yu Xiaocao to go against him .  

“Cao’er!” Lady Fang rebuked and glared at her daughter . It seemed like her daughter treated Zhu Junyang too casually . However, when she turned to check on Zhu Junyang, she noticed that she seemed to be enjoying their banter . She couldn’t help but defend him and said, “Royal Prince Yang offered his services out of good intentions . You can’t repay his goodwill with rudeness! If Royal Prince Yang doesn’t have any matters to attend to tomorrow, then we will trouble you for your service . ”

“Auntie, you’re acting too polite with me . Addressing me as Royal Prince Yang is too formal, you can address me as Yang’er or Junyang . ” Zhu Junyang seized this opportunity to become closer to his future mother-in-law . His actions had successfully earned him an eye roll from the little lass .  

“Then I’ll accept your service! Junyang, do you know which jade shop in the capital sells the highest quality jade?” The more Lady Fang examined him, the more she felt that Zhu Junyang was a perfect match for her daughter . He was handsome, rich, and talented . He also had a good temperament, as well as a promising future . It was hard to find another man like him .  

“I believe the shop called Wisdom Jade Pavilion has just received a shipment of jade from Xinjiang . However, it will take them two days to open and fully examine the shipment to determine whether there is anything of value . ” Zhu Junyang’s expression remained the same as he explained .  

“Wisdom Jade Pavilion? Doesn’t that shop belong to your family?” There were many prosperous shops that belonged to Royal Prince Yang and Wisdom Jade Pavilion was one of those shops . The quality of the jade there was superb and the carvings on the jades were extremely intricate . Each jade produced and sold by the shop could be considered to be a valuable piece of art . It was rumored that they spent a huge sum of money to hire a master jade carver . Every work produced by the master jade carver was worth a considerable value! 

“Auntie, you only asked me for a place that produced quality jade, but you didn’t ask me if the shop belonged to me . You should check out the jade there; I’ll give you discounts if you find something you like!” Zhu Junyang did not tell her that the jades would be free because he knew that if he offered it for free, then Lady Fang would never take a step in Wisdom Jade Pavilion in the future . She would do that to avoid suspicion, especially since he was going to become Xiaocao’s future husband .

Zhu Junyang paused for a moment before he continued, “If you can’t find anything you like in Wisdom Jade Pavilion, then you should check out Treasure Pavilion . Treasure Pavilion received a new batch of western goods in the previous year . Among those goods, there is a grandfather clock that is of good quality . It would chime every hour and when it chimes, a bird would pop out and start chirping…” 

“Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law! Linlin wants to go with you guys tomorrow to see the chiming grandfather clock!” Fang Haolin was still playing with the frog, but he didn’t forget to make sure that they didn’t forget his existence by chiming in their conversation .  

“Okay! Okay! Brother-in-law will deliver one to your house!” Zhu Junyang stroked the little lad’s braids as he said softly .  

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“How much do you hate Third Young Master Zhou ah?” Yu Xiaocao asked indifferently as she stifled her laughter .  

Zhu Junyang raised his eyebrows and asked in a puzzled manner, “Why would you say that?” 

“It should be a happy day for the couple since they’re getting married, yet you’re giving them a clock instead!” Yu Xiaocao could no longer hold back her laughter as she burst out laughing .  

‘Giving them a clock? Giving them a clock . . . paying his respects to the dead?!’ Zhu Junyang pondered over it and immediately understood what the little lass meant . Hmm . . . the meaning behind the gift was not auspicious!! 

“Linlin, if you like the chiming grandfather clock, then you should ask your sister to buy it for you! She doesn’t lack money!!” Zhu Junyang quickly said . He didn’t care whether or not they would give the grandfather clock to Third Young Master Zhou as a wedding gift . He didn’t want to offend his mother-in-law and brother-in-law .  

“Yeah! My sister is very good at making money! My sister can make more money in a month than our family in a year!!” Fang Haolin nodded his head earnestly as he recalled the words that his parents had lamented in the past .  

“You little brat!!” Yu Xiaocao raised her hand and gently tapped the little lad’s forehead .  

Fang Haolin’s covered his forehead with his chubby little hand and moved to Zhu Junyang’s side . He wanted some sympathy as he pitifully said, “Brother-in-law, my sister beat me up! You need to get revenge for me…” 

“It seems like you’re getting more and more daring!!” Yu Xiaocao glared at her heartless brother . She decided to cancel his afternoon snack!!

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