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Chapter 3

Chapter Three: Deep Hatred

Lin Jiaxuan was in high spirits. He ran his hand over the rosewood armchair and admired the room full of antiques. His heart was also full of sweetness as he thought about the thousands of hectares of land and this magnificent garden belonging to him. Even though the money, maritime trade, shops and those four unbroken ships along with Lin Jiashen’s treasured sea maps were given to the Xie family and Wu family, his heart settled after remembering the dangers of seafaring. The only pity is his younger sister-in-law’s estate. If he could get that as well, then the best farmland in the Wu County would belong to his Lin family.

Oh Lin Jiashen.

So what if you are so capable? Aren’t the properties you staked your life to earn all mine now?

“You mean, if I let Lin Huiniang gain independence, she will give the estate to me?” said Lin Jiaxuan slowly as he coughed while facing Zhou Tao.

“Also brother-in-law’s ship. Leave it to the child as a keepsake.” Zhou Tao lowered his head. According to his wife, the mother-daughter pair are doomed. It was the perfect chance to return the estate and shop to his family. But the mother and daughter are still his own sister and niece. When brother-in-law was living, he had received much more than these farmlands. How could he cut off his niece’s only means of

of survival! Lin Jiaxuan will not give up until he obtains the estate. If this can trade for his niece’s independence, she should still be able to live if she utilizes the shop.

“Hehe,” laughed Lin Jiaxuan. “Then why don’t I also gift her a shipyard?”

“Father, why would you agree to her proposal?” asked Lin Guoqiang with confusion as they watched Zhou Tao depart.

“If Lin Huiniang gains independence, then she would no longer have any connection to our Lin family. This way, no one can gossip about our decisions. The broken ship will also cost thousands to fix. Even the Wu family doesn’t want it. Third son, are you saying you want to participating in maritime trade?”

“Of course not!”

course not!” Lin Guoqiang laughed. Participating in maritime trade. Even if he were like his second uncle, so what if he could obtain countless treasures? His second uncle still died a worthless death in the end. And right now, the Lin family has countless hectares of farmland and is the Wu County’s richest family. With bottomless wealth, who would take such risks?!

“Then, why did father give her the shipyard?”

“Didn’t you say before that the shipyard has been completely abandoned? Trading a worthless property for a good name is a bargain.”

Ling Qingyu couldn’t believe that; after finishing her independence paperworks and changing her name from Lin Huiniang to her original, Ling Qingyu; what she found upon returning home dreaming of home dreaming of a great future with her mother was actually her mother’s cold body.

“Those heartless knaves! Those bitches, Tang Lihe and Lin Zixue from the main house, had charged over to tell lady that since now you are independent, she might as well follow her dead husband. Lady argued with them, but then they hit her and insulted her until she died from anger!” cried Zheng-mama on the floor.

Ling Qingyu’s eyes were crimson. Mother had treated those two well before. They had already taken everything from her. Isn’t that enough? Is it not enough to kill her father and brother? Must they take away her last loved one from this world?

This is a debt of blood!

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