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Chapter 1

Chapter One: Beginnings

The Taihu Lake shimmered with silvery light within waves of fog in the dead winter . With the freezing temperature, crystals shined in the fog that felt like rain as the wind blew .

When Ling Qingyu fell from the boat into the lake, the freezing water woke her as if from drunkenness . She tried to stretch her body but found herself already frozen . Her limbs were uncontrollable and began to cramp .

Her life flashed before her eyes as she suffocated and sank


The last thirty years flew by quickly before finally settling on her father’s memorial dinner . A beautiful girl laughed quietly in her husband’s arms while he had a surprised but relaxed expression .

She had just completed her divorce papers and obtained freedom . How could her life end this way?

Sinking in silence, Ling Qingyu’s heart suddenly felt unwilling to let go .

“Yu-er~, Yu-er~ . ”

“Mom! What happened to my mom!”

Ling Qingyu struggled, but her rigid body only sank faster .

“No! Mother!”

A call from afar sounded

sounded as if it were next to her .

With a flash, her body broke away from the icy lake . Ling Qingyu suddenly found herself in a white space . Sure enough, she had died . Was this heaven? Or was this hell?


Ling Qingyu blindly staggered toward that soft call and found a young girl crying on the floor .

“Is it you?” The young girl raised her head . A pair of teary, swollen eyes flashed fiercely on her plump face .

“It’s me,” answered Ling Qingyu

Ling Qingyu subconsciously . She immediately felt annoyed . What kind of conversation was this? But, why does this little girl’s face look so familiar? Her figure, her pie-like face, her firm butt and full chest . From the reel of memories that played when she sank; one resurfaced: a middle schooler fighting at a street stand .

This is me?!

But why is she wearing a traditional dress and why does she look so fragile?

“I was hurt by a traitor and died in Taihu Lake . ” The girl spoke as girl spoke as she stood up . “My father and brother were both murdered and I am powerless to take revenge . I beg of you as the same person as you to please take care of my mother and obtain my revenge . ”

She threw her body forward the moment she finished speaking .

Ling Qingyu collided with her and fell, but the floor suddenly disappeared . With a “bang,” Ling Qingyu felt as if she fell into a container . Then her ears started ringing with noise…

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