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Chapter 97 – Hong Kong Businessman (Part 2)

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“Hang the banner higher. Why is that colored flag crooked? There is a leaf at that corner. Hurry and go sweep it! The big boss from Hong Kong is arriving soon. He is a foreign guest, and every one must welcome him properly. This does not only concern our company’s image and also the City government and even our Provincial Government. You all must take note of this! Factory…… no, it should be General Manager, what do you think of this arrangement?”

Li Mingde looked around and nodded: “It’s fine. What about the arrangements at the canteen?”

“It’s settled. We have prepared a lot of wild games, and it will be something that this big boss from Hong Kong have never eaten!”

“Good. If we succeed, you will get some credit!”

Honk, honk ~~~

A black sedan car appeared at the entrance of the factory. The appearance of this car was majestic. There was a small flying goddess standing upright at the front of the vehicle. Many felt that this car was luxurious but had not seen the logo before. It was not Mercedes Benz or BMW.

The sedan car stopped, and the driver alighted to open the rear passenger door.

A man wearing a black coat, bowler hat, a white scarf and polished leather shoes alighted from the car.

“Which one is Li Mingde, Manager Li?”

Li Mingde hurriedly steps forward and used both his hands to shook Fu Guangzheng’s hand: “I am Li Mingde from Bing City Machinery Corporation Ltd. We are here to welcome Mr. Fu to invest in our factory.”

“It's visiting. I have not decided to invest yet.” Fu Guangzheng said. His Cantonese Mandarin was making Li Mingde uncomfortable, but Li Mingde had no choice.

That car was a second-hand Rolls Royce which Feng Yu had kept for himself. Feng Yu had lent Fu Guangzheng his Rolls Royce, but the driver was Fu Guangzheng’s man. The driver was from the South but knew Mandarin. He also doubles as Fu Guangzheng’s translator.

Feng Yu had told Fu Guangzheng that for this investment, he needs to position himself highly. He must not show any eagerness. The more he showed that he was not anxious about investing in the company, the better the conditions he would get.

As for his dressing, it was still okay if he was in the South. But this was the Northeast, and it was November. The temperature was lower than -10 degrees Celsius. The moment he stepped out of the car, he shuddered. He should have worn a few more pieces of clothing inside. He secretly swore that he will not come to Bing City in the winter. It’s too cold!

“It’s the same. After your visit, you will still be investing in our company. Mr. Fu, this way. I will bring you around our factory. We have the most advanced machinery from the Soviet Union, the most advanced technologies, and experts to guide us. We are the best in the country.” Li Mingde enthusiastically said.    

Fu Guangzheng strolled with his head held high. He looks like he was just casually looking around but in fact, he was observing the factory carefully.

This was different from what he imagined. The factory was huge and lean. But when he saw the banners and colored flags, he knew that the place was cleaned up to welcome him.

Fu Guangzheng was not interested in these welcoming ceremonies. He will invest in this factory if what Feng Yu said about the machines and technologies from the Soviet Union were real.

“Mr. Fu, look. This production line was just set up and calibrated. Everything in this workshop is new. This is the digital CNC machine. It can produce engine parts and sophisticated bearings. Those workers are working on it. There is little noise, efficient and definitely the best in China!”

Fu Guangzheng nodded. It was not as noisy as he expected and the workshops were spacious. The factory covers a large area. There were no factories this scale in Hong Kong. But Hong Kong was not an industrial city in the first place.

Fu Guangzheng saw a foreigner instructing some workers. This is the expert in mechanical engineering Feng Yu told him about?

“Mr. Fu, this bearing was just produced. It has 0 defects, and 100% will pass the QC……”

Fu Guangzheng was not interested in these. He was only concern if there were advanced machines and technologies from the Soviet Union. The purpose of his visit here was completed, but he still got to pretend. He must at least tour the factory for an hour to show that he was seriously considering investing in this company. However, he also can’t stay there for long as it will show that he was very interested.

Also, the air at the factory was terrible. Fu Guangzheng used a handkerchief to cover his mouth and nose while he was walking around. He did not even touch the finished products shown to him by Li Mingde. Those products were oily, and he does not want to touch those with his bare hands.

Fu Guangzheng had some OCD, and he had to bathe at least twice a day and washes his hands seven to eight times. If his hands were stained with oil, it would hard to wash off. Even if the stains were washed off, the smell would still be there, and he would not be able to eat or sleep.

But now, Fu Guangzheng still cannot leave yet.

Li Mingde was getting more excited as he speaks. He saw this big boss from Hong Kong nodding his head and thought that he was satisfied with the factory.

It was the office director who noticed Fu Guangzheng’s discomfort, and he whispered to Li Mingde: “General Manager, the Hong Kong boss kept covering his nose with his handkerchief. Could it be he dislike the smell in the factory? Why not invite him to the office to look at our past achievements and honor?”

Li Mingde looked at Fu Guangzheng and saw that it was as what the office director said. Visiting the achievement and honor office? This idea is not bad. This company was Bing City’s Machinery Factory previously and had gotten numerous awards. These awards should attract this Hong Kong businessman to invest.

“Mr. Fu, so you still want to tour the workshops? Why not go to the office to look at our historical achievements?”

Fu Guangzheng nodded: “Okay, I also want to look at those.”

Fu Guangzheng kept his handkerchief when they enter the office building.

Li Mingde started his introduction and explanations about the factory’s history and achievements. These awards were issued by the City Government and those awards were issued by the Provincial Government.

Li Mingde was feeling very proud when he showed those past achievements. Although most of these awards were issued during his predecessor time, he said it as if it was because of him, the factory got these awards.

After half an hour, Li Mingde still had not finished, and Fu Guangzheng was getting impatient. He interrupted Li Mingde: “GM Li, can I look at the financial report?”

Li Mingde’s heart skipped a beat. Although the company’s finances were not in a mess,  it was not transparent. During the restructuring, the value of the fixed assets was inflated, and even Feng Yu could point those out. This Hong Kong businessman might also notice it.

“Our company’s finances are in order, and we have surplus funds. The fixed assets are only the land, factory, machines and technologies. There is no need to look at these.”

“Really? The value of these fixed assets should be quite high. If I am investing, then will I have some rights to speak on the matters involving finances?” Fu Guangzheng asked casually.

“Of course. We are a shareholding company, and all shareholders have the right to monitor the finances. One of our shareholders even stations someone here to monitor these matters!” Li Mingde said.

Shit. Why is this fellow from Hong Kong keep talking about the finance? But no matter what, he must invest in the company. If the money is still not returned to the City Government, then he will be in the bad books of the City Government leaders.

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