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Chapter 91 – An unexpected invitation

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Feng Yu didn’t get the chance to wait for the good news from Li Mingde. He received a piece of bad news: An invitation by the City’s Deputy Mayor!

Feng Yu’s first reaction was that Li Mingde was up to something again. He must be using his connection with the Deputy Mayor to force Feng Yu to sell tor even give the technology and the experts to the Machinery Factory!

Fuck. Feng Yu really hate this L Mingde. Feng Yu had thought that Li Mingde had accused Feng Yu of smuggling was just to protect the interest of the factory and its staffs, and because of this, he did not blame him. But now, this guy was creating trouble for him again!

However, Feng Yu was also waiting for the chance to meet the Deputy Mayor. One of the reasons he was selling the machines and the technologies separately, was to get the chance to meet the Deputy Mayor. He wanted to make use of the Deputy Mayor to beef up the security of Bing City.

But when he met the Deputy Mayor, he was surprised. Why was the Deputy Mayor him?

The Deputy Mayor who was sitting at his desk smiling to Feng Yu was no other than Zhang Ruiqiang!

“Chief Zhang…… No, it should be Deputy Mayor Zhang, how come it’s you?”

“Ha, ha, ha. Are you surprised? I was transferred here yesterday. In future, I will be working here in the City Government.” Zhang Ruiqiang was laughing happily. He seldom gets the chance to see Feng Yu’s surprised look. This Feng Yu always had a calm and composed look and looks like he got everything under his control. Hah, are you surprised?

Feng Yu was surprised but not shocked. He knew that Zhang Ruiqiang would be transferred to the City Government to be the Deputy Mayor and then promoted to the position of Mayor. After that, he was promoted to the Ministries of the States. But Feng Yu could not remember the exact dates when all these happened.

He was not sure when Zhang Ruiqiang was transferred here in his past life, but he knew that Zhang Ruiqiang’s transfer should be around this period.

“I was a little surprised but not very surprised. For someone as talented as yourself, you should be in the City Government. Congratulations on your promotion.”

“You know why I asked you here today?” Zhang Ruiqiang stood up and walked to the sofa with Feng Yu.

“You wanted me to know where your office is so that I know where to look for you?” Feng Yu pretended to not know the reason.

“Stop all these pretending with me. You had imported those advanced machines from the Soviet Union to sell to our Machinery Factory. This is very good. You are making contributions to our homeland. But why do the technologies need such high prices?” Zhang Ruiqiang pointed at Feng Yu and asked.

“I’m innocent. Mayor Zhang did Li Mingde tell you that I had imported those machines from the Soviet Union for 2 million Rubles and together with the taxes and transportation charges, the total is 2.4 million Rubles. Lin Province had offered me a high price, but I did not sell to them. Li Mingde only wanted to pay me 2.4 million Ruble. I am making a loss here. I also need to spend money to entertain those Soviets. My actual cost for these machines was over 3 million Rubles!”

“Really?” Zhang Ruiqiang did not believe Feng Yu. If it was over 3 million Rubles, why would Feng Yu let Li Mingde see the procurement list from his company?

“Of course, it’s true! If it was not me using my connections, you could not get these technologies for even 5 million Rubles. You can go and ask Li Mingde if he can purchase those type of machines? The technologies were more precious than the machines. The “Great One” had just said that science and technology are the most important things for productions.”

In September, the “Great One” had just introduced the concept of science and technology as the most important things for productions. Zhang Ruiqiang knew about this, but he did not expect Feng Yu also knew about it too.

“I shall be truthful to you. The City Government gave the Machinery Factory a budget of 15 million RMB. 2.4 million Rubles for the machines and the rest for the technology.”

This was not even 4 million Rubles. This was a considerable discrepancy with what Feng Yu expected. Feng Yu thought that the technology was worth at least 20 million RMB. Although he had spent 2 million Rubles to obtain the technology, he still owes Kirilenko a favor.

Furthermore, the machines and the technologies were worth more than 5 million Rubles. Feng Yu even felt that 20 million RMB was too little. Now he was offered only 15 million RMB, the difference was too big.

“Mayor Zhang also thinks that these technologies should be cheaper than the machines? No problem. I can go to Lin Province’s machinery factory. I think they are willing to give me a good price for it. Do you believe that if I spread words of me having  the Soviet Union’s technologies for agricultural machines, I am able to sell these technologies for more than 15 million RMB?”

Zhang Ruiqiang looked at Feng Yu and smiled: “Then why didn’t you do that? Fine, just tell me what you want, other than money. If it is not illegal, I might agree to it.”

Zhang Ruiqiang’s years in the government service was not for show. He could climb to this position before 40 years old, meant that he was competent. Since Feng Yu had said all these, then he must want something that was not in monetary terms.

Feng Yu touched his nose out of embarrassment when he saw that Zhang Ruiqiang got what he was implying: “Actually, I also wanted to do something for my homeland, and I am willing to accept a lower price. Since you mention it, then I shall have a small request. Don’t you think Bing City is a bit chaotic?”

“Chaotic? What do you mean? The city’s planning or the security or something else?”

“Security. Law and order are critical for a city to attract investors. Earlier, my company was thrashed, and you also knew about this. Song Laosi’s nephew was so arrogant and not to mention Song Laosi. Now Song Laosi is still enjoying his life. There is still Cripple Wang, Brother Ke, and the Western Buns. They are all secret societies. To tell you truthfully, if it wasn’t for the feelings I had for Bing City, I would have moved my company to elsewhere.  Although, I might need to start from scratched again. But that is better than living in fear every day.”

Feng Yu’s original plan was to tell the Deputy Mayor about this and let him inform the higher-ups. If the City Government decided to act against these gangs, then these bosses would be eliminated. This was bothering Feng Yu for a long time.

Zhang Ruiqiang took out a cigarette from the cigarette box and inhale deeply. He kept quiet for a long time.   

Feng Yu was frustrated. It can’t be the city government had no intentions to clean up these gangs, and they are waiting for the Central Government to pass the instructions down? Or could it be that the chips Feng Yu used to negotiate with Zhang Ruiqiang were not attractive enough?

“I was just transferred here, and I am still not familiar with the people and things here. The leaders might not listen to me.”

Zhang Ruiqiang knew that the leaders were making use of these gangs to do some dirty deeds for them when needed. At the same time, they were also collecting evidence against them. Once they had enough evidence, they will arrest these gangs. If they were to stop these gangs now, it would be useless. That’s the reason why Zhang Ruiqiang did not promise Feng Yu.

“So, you are going to sit here and do nothing about them? They may contribute to Bing City’s economy, but they are also bringing more harm to the city! I don’t believe that you are unaware of their evil deeds. Those are not rumors.”

Feng Yu was furious. If a good person did one wrong thing, they would be scolded and punished by everyone. But if a wicked person did a good deed, everyone will forgive the bad things that person had done in the past? This was why good people are hard to become saints, but for an evil person who was willing to change for the better, he would become a saint immediately!

“I will not let them be. Within a year, they will be eliminated. I swear by the party!”

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