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Chapter 37 - Consignment

“Manager Su. Long time no see.” Feng Yu said.

“Oh, it’s Mr. Feng. What brings you here?” Su Manager said happily when he saw Feng Yu. Every time this kid brings the big boss from Russia to his shop, he can clear half of his stock!

“I am here to send you money.” Feng Yu said.

Hearing what Feng Yu said, a wide grin spread across Manager Su’s face.

“What do you want to buy this time? What is the quantity? Rest assured I will give you the best price.” Manager Su said.

“This time I am not buying things. But I would want Manager Su to help me sell things.” Feng Yu said.

The smile on Su manager's face vanished instantly. Sell things? He still has a lot of merchandise in the store that can't be sold. Since individuals are allowed to set up their own shop, many small shops have sprung up and seriously affected the business of the cooperatives.

Moreover, what good things can Feng Yu have that the cooperative doesn’t have? All the suppliers have been working with him for a long time. During festivals and holidays, these suppliers even gave him gifts. How can he stop working with these suppliers?

“Sell things? What do you sell? Xiao Feng, we have everything in the cooperative and there are no more counter to display other things.” Manager Su said. He had addressed Feng Yu as Xiao Feng instead of Mr. Feng. This shows his attitude towards Feng Yu had changed.

“Electric Fan!” Feng Yu replied.

“Electric fan? You better go somewhere else. Now the mall is also selling electric fans. There are also very few people coming to the cooperative to buy fans.” Manager Su flatly rejected Feng Yu.

“Manager Su, wait a while. Let me finish first. My sales model is different from others. I will leave my fans with you and the price is fixed. Every fan sold, I will give you 3 to 5 RMB. I will take back everything that is unsold.” Feng Yu said.

Manager Su thought to himself: “Eh? No need to come out with money to bring in goods? Leave these fans with me to sell? Getting 3 to 5 RMB for every fan sold? He will take back all the unsold goods? This idea is not bad and doesn’t use up any of my funds. Anyway, it is Summer now. Maybe I will let him leave a few units with me.”

“No. 3 to 5 RMB? You think it is so easy to place your goods at the cooperative? Our cooperative sells only the best products. I want at least 10 RMB for one unit.” Manager Su said.

Manager Su had thought carefully. The cheapest electric fan is also about 100 RMB. The profits should be around 30 to 40 RMB. He only asked for 10 RMB is because he does not need to fork out any money to bring in the goods.

“Manager Su, our electric fans are not so expensive and there is not much profits. Our fans are selling around 50 to 60 RMB a unit and my profit is less than 10 RMB. If the sales are good, I can give you 5 RMB per unit. But if the sales is not good, I can’t even give you 3 RMB.” Feng Yu replied.

Manager Su couldn’t believe his ears. An electric fan selling only for 50 to 60 RMB? How is it possible? It is not even close to the production cost. The motor, steel, the switches, etc. will at least add up to 80 to 90 RMB. If the materials are of better quality, the cost will be more than 200 RMB. How can Feng Yu’s cost be so low? How can there still have profits?

“What brand is this fan? Are these defective goods?” Manager Su asked. The cooperative must not have any defective or fake goods.

“Wind and Rain brand. This is definitely not fake or inferior goods. The fans are manufactured and designed by our motor factory. See, I have even place an advertisement on Longjiang Daily.” Feng Yu said.

Feng Yu took out today's newspaper and pointed it out to Manager Su. Manager Su just remembered the page he saw in the papers this morning. He was still wondering what is this Wind and Rain fan and why he had not heard of this brand before. So, it is because the product is not launched yet. 

“Is this from the motor factory?” Manager Su asked.

“Absolutely. You can ask around. If I cheat you, I will give you all the electric fans I left with you.” Feng Yu replied.

What Feng Yu said is the only half-truth. Of course, the motor factory produced these fans but they are only the outsourced manufacturer. Manager Su thought that Wind and Rain is one of the Motor factory brand.

“If so, then give me at least 5 RMB. The electric fan will occupy some space in the shop and also occupy space in the store. If it is too little, we will not bring in your fans!” Manager Su said. He still wants more profits.

“Our fans are not big. How about this? We have two models of electric fans. The big ones are selling for 59 RMB and I will give you 4 RMB for every fan sold. The smaller ones will be selling for 49 RMB. Every unit sold, I will give you 3 RMB. I will also give you an additional 50 RMB for every 100 units sold. This is the highest price I can give you. It can’t be you earning more than me! You do not even have any cost!” Feng Yu said.

Manager Su thought, on average, one unit can still have 4 RMB of profit. This electric fan is selling for so cheap. One should be able to sell 100 units in the whole Summer. That equates to 400 RMB and there is no cost involved. Most importantly, this money will go into his own pocket!

“OK, but next time that old Russian comes to buy things, you must bring him to my shop and let him buy more.” Manager Su said.

“No problem, maybe he will come this month. I am also looking forward to him coming again.” Feng Yu replied.

Feng Yu took out a prepared contract from his bag and handed to Manager Su.

“Eh? This is not right. Mr. Feng, why do we need a deposit?” Manager Su asked.

“Manager Su. This deposit is only for one month. One month later, we will tally your sales and I will return the deposit to you. I can’t be leaving my goods with you and you don’t leave a deposit with me. What if my fans get damaged or lost in your shop?” Feng Yu said.

“But still, it is too much. According to the original price and at least 100 units? It is too expensive. What difference is there if I purchase the goods myself?” Manager Su replied.

“Of course, there is a difference and it is a big difference! If you purchase the goods yourself, how much are you going to sell the fans for? If the fans are not sold, can you get any refunds? I am undertaking on all the risks. No matter how many fans you sell, you still stand to gain.” Feng Yu said.

Manager Su thought for a while and he remembered the 400 RMB profits. Finally he said: “Ok. I want 100 units! But can the deposit must be lesser.”

“Those two models, each 100 units and the deposit will be 50 RMB per unit. Total 10,000 RMB. OK?” Feng Yu said.

“Wait, how is this not the motor factory company stamp. Tai Hua Trading company? I have never heard of this company.” Manager Su said.

“This is the sales agent for Wind and Rain fan. The boss and the Director of the Motor Factory is ...... If not, how can the fans be so cheap?” Feng Yu said.

He purposely stopped his sentence halfway. It is up to Manager Su to interpret what he means. This way, Feng Yu is not responsible!

Manager Su have a “suddenly see the light” expression. But who cares. He is in no position to question what the Motor Factory is doing.

After signing the contract, Feng Yu went to the number one Department Store and persuaded the manager of the mall. When the mall manager saw the cooperative had already signed the contract, he also agree to the same conditions and 200 units of each model.

Then Feng Yu went to the smaller department stores in each district. These smaller department stores saw that the number one department store had signed the contract, they also ordered at least 200 units each.

That very day, Feng Yu got an order of 1,400 units total. He will be receiving 70,000 RMB deposit from the next day onwards. He got enough money to pay the Motor Factory now!

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