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Chapter 150 – The strange teachers from China

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These 2 days of the Summer Camps were visiting the Moscow University’s museums, botanical gardens, churches, theatres, stadiums, etc. These were all in-line with Arts.

Feng Yu was not interested in all these places. He will have lots of chance to visit these places in future. He needs to focus on “touring” the Soviet Union factories. However, he had already visited all the factories near to Moscow. The remaining factories were out of bounds for Feng Yu as Kirilenko did not have the authority to bring Feng Yu there, or it was too far away, and they did not have enough time.

Feng Yu regrettably expressed that he still has a few million Rubles left and don’t know what to spend on.

Kirilenko heard this, and his eyes sparkled. He discussed with the others and decided to fulfill Feng Yu’s wish of owning a motorcycle production line and the related technologies. He would sell Feng Yu at least one production line.

Seeing Kirilenko got his hint, Feng Yu returned to the camp to wait for news.

Today, the students from the Summer Camp were going to visit the Planetarium. There were lots of high tech equipment used to the observation of the stars. It was brighter than the equipment used in China.

Even the 3 professors asked about the detailed specifications and data after they used that equipment. With Feng Yu and the rest of the student’s help, they collected a set of brief data.

The 3 professors were not experts in astrology and did not know if these data were used. But they were on a mission, and they wrote everything in a notebook. When they return to their university, they can pass it to the other professors.

Part of the data they got from this visit was later found to be quite useful with the other Professors examined it. It had saved them years of research.

At the Institute of Nuclear Physics, the 3 professors became unusually attentive. They were registered as a physics teacher, chemistry teacher, and moral teacher respectively, but they were actually nuclear physics professor, chemistry professor and mechanics professor at the University of Technology.

When knowledge in a particular field reached a certain level, many of the basic foundations were interrelated. As such, many well-known scientists were experts in different areas.

The 3 professors were always crowding in front of the students, staring at the experimental equipment.

Hmmm...... This research can be used for in energy and even in the production of nuclear reactors. This is important and must be memorized.

Ah…… That’s the research for fluid mechanics, and this theory can be applied to aviation and sea navigation. This is also important and must be memorized.

That’s a new type of building’s structure? It had not appeared in China yet. This must be memorized too, and at night they would transfer it into a notebook for their research back at their University.


The 3 professors’ behavior was weird and kept asking a lot of questions. However, the proud Soviets thought that they were just shocked by the Soviet Union’s technological prowess and it’s normal. There should not be many people in this world that would not be shocked by their technologies.

The students of the teams from other countries were all standing in front of their teachers based on their heights. The shortest in front and the tallest behind. Only Bing City’s Third High School was different from the rest, where the teachers were standing in front, and the students were at the back. This created lots of weird stares from the teachers of other countries. These teachers from China were strange!

Wen Dongjun also tried to squeeze to the front for a better look. But Feng Yu pulled him back. Wen Dongjun looked around and saw the students from other schools were looking at him. He thought it was because he did not queue up, and had disgraced his school. So, he just stood behind. Anyway, even if he were standing in front and had a clear view of what was going on, he also would not be able to understand.

As for the rest of Third High School students, they also did not try to get in front of the teachers. They do not care if they cannot get a clear view, as they don’t understand it anyway. The research facilities and laboratories were too big, and this was the first time the Moscow University allowed outsiders inside!

At first, the organizers did not allow the students to visit such important places. Additionally, the theme of this summer camp was Arts. But their higher-ups had given them instructions to bring the students there for a visit, citing that this was the chance to attract these students to the Moscow University. This was for the university and for the Soviet Union to attract talents!

Since the School had given them instructions, why would they reject? But usually, the tour of the research facilities was on the exterior areas and does not go to the core areas. Why did the higher-ups allow these students into the core areas where there were lots of classified information?

The university’s leader said that even though there was classified information but these were all Arts students. They would not understand the theories behind. This was an excellent opportunity for these students to spread words of how great the Moscow University was.

It doesn’t matter if these students get close to the classified data. Even if they gave the students those data, they also would not understand. Even if they spent half an hour on memorizing the formulas, they would forget about it 5 minutes after leaving the place. What’s there to worry?

Feng Yu had tried his best, and it was up to the professors now. These 3 professors were selected from the Technology University, and they were experts in their fields. They had good memories, and it’s up to them on how much they could remember. Feng Yu could not help much in this aspect. He and Wen Dongjun tried to help by memorizing some formulas, but they forgot everything the moment they arrived at their hostel.


For four days consecutive, they toured many research facilities and laboratories. This Summer Camp also came to an end.

The next day, there was a farewell party, and all the teams will be returning to their respective countries the day after the party.

At about 12 midnight, Feng Yu and the rest of the students were still in their rooms writing down whatever they could remember from the tours. The 3 professors had instructed them to jot down whatever they could recall. The students would use a different color pen for information that was not sure.

Wen Dongjun had wanted to write nonsenses, but since there were instructions from the professors, he gave up this idea. He told the professors that he did not remember anything.

Feng Yu wrote down some data he remembered. His memory was good in this life, but he was not sure if the data he remembered was of any use to the professors. Anyway, this was up to the professors to decide.

The rest of the students also wrote down everything they remembered. Feng Yu took a glanced at the thing that was written by the other students and found that those were mainly useless stuff. There was even a student who a list of Soviet scientists’ names that had made some considerable contributions to the university. Feng Yu did not understand why this student memorizes those names. Feng Yu can be sure that these names were of no use to the professors!

The scientists on the list were most likely dead or still be working in some secret research centers. China would never have the chance to poach them. Furthermore, the 3 professors should be able to find out the names of those scientists easily, and this was not considered valuable information.

However, there was one student that shocked Feng Yu. Feng Yu felt that his memory was considered very good in this life but Liu Kun, the top student of Third High School, was better than him. Liu Kun had actually memorized a huge chunk of data and was praised by the 3 professors.

After the 3 professors kept the data carefully in their luggage, the students went to bed.

All the students were thinking about the farewell party except for Feng Yu. He believed that it should be time for Kirilenko to get back to him on his purchase of the motorcycle production line……

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