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Chapter 130 – Program Sponsor

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Cheng Baojun immediately arranged his staffs to calculate the total. In the end, the total cost was a sky-high price. 5 advertising slots every day, for 1 year, would cost Feng Yu 2.73 million RMB. It was too expensive. Cheng Baojun was not sure if Feng Yu would accept this amount.

Cheng Baojun was a bit nervous when he told Feng Yu about the total price. He was waiting for Feng Yu to bargain with him or removing 2 slots. His staffs were just not smart enough. It was 5 advertisement slots. Why can’t they give some discount? Do they want to scare this customer away? Can he still achieve his target this year?

Sure enough, Feng Yu looked at the total amount with his eyes opened wide in shock.

Cheng Baojun immediately said: “Manager Feng, don’t worry. We can still discuss the price. I can give you some discounts.”

Feng Yu was shocked not because it was expensive, but it was because this was too cheap. The 5 slots he chose were all primetime slots. He thought it would cost at least 1 million RMB each and the total would be at least 5 million RMB. But the total came up to only 2.73 million RMB, and there’s still discount? Comparing to Longjiang Provincial TV station, this was much cheaper!

This price was much lower than what Feng Yu expected, and he suddenly had another idea. But he was not sure if his plan would be accepted.

“Section Chief Cheng, I want to ask something. Among your programs, are there any advertisers doing program sponsoring?”

Cheng Baojun batted his eyelids. Program sponsor? What does this mean? He shook his head. He had never heard of this before.

Feng Yu was overjoyed. This meant that he would have to persuade this Section Chief Cheng to agree to him sponsoring the program like . This was a good program, and everyone in his family likes to watch it, except for himself.

“Program sponsoring is adding the company’s name in front or behind the program title. For example, the program . After our sponsorship, the title would be changed to . The stage of the program will have a clear logo of my company. Every episode, there must be at least 5 seconds of closeup of my logo, and the host must mention my company’s name in his speech. For instance, thank you for tuning in to , was brought to you by Wind and Rain Humidifiers. Wind and Rain Humidifiers, your best partner in your life! During the ending……”

“Wait a minute.” Cheng Baojun interrupted Feng Yu. “Manager Feng, what are you talking about? TV programs are for the viewers. How can we incorporate advertisements in it?”

If the TV stations’ leaders in the future years had the same mindset as Cheng Baojun, then there won’t be more than 5 commercial breaks in a 40-minute drama episode. Netizens at that time even joked that it was a commercial with drama breaks.

Feng Yu does not watch the TV dramas now, except for . But it was also because there was a lack of TV programs and the ratings for all the dramas were not bad. If can have commercial breaks, Feng Yu would not hesitate to advertise 8 to 10 times in one episode. He knows that the viewers would still wait for the commercials breaks to be over to continue with their drama.

Cheng Baojun’s responsibility towards the viewers was not in line with Feng Yu’s interest. He must brainwash Cheng Baojun. Program sponsoring would not affect the quality of . Anyway, it was also not a live program, and this program was recorded in segments.

“Section Chief Cheng, look, our Wind and Rain ultrasonic humidifiers is the most advanced humidifier in China and even international. We export these humidifiers to Europe and the US. Furthermore, our humidifiers are considered a new type of home appliances, and it was developed to serve people. This is in line with the theme of the program. Also, our brand Wind and Rain stands for regardless of wind and rain. Isn’t this will highlight the purpose of the program ? Lastly, don’t you want to hear how much I am willing to spend for this type of advertisement?”

Cheng Baojun shook his head and said: “No. We will not do this. How can we advertise in our programs? The leaders will also not agree to this.”

“1 million RMB for 1 year!” Feng Yu continued to entice Cheng Baojun.

Cheng Baojun inhaled deeply from the shock. 1 million RMB? This much?

Before he could recover from the shock, Feng Yu added: “I will sponsor for 3 years. Total 3 million RMB and I will pay it in full after we sign the contract!”

3 million RMB! Cheng Baojun was shocked beyond words. Just sponsoring a TV program was worth this much? Could this be a joke? This kid was willing to pay 3 million RMB?

Seeing Cheng Baojun keeping quiet, Feng Yu continued to convince him: “Section Chief Cheng, this program is a good program, but the stage and lightings are not good. Is there a lack of funds for this program? With us sponsoring this program, would be better. Also, this program would also not use so much money. The remaining would still go to CCTV, and you all can use these surplus funds to start a new program. The new program can also use this method to earn another sum of advertising fees, and this will be a virtuous cycle!”

Cheng Baojun doesn’t really understand what Feng Yu was talking about, but he understood the part about starting a new program and earn more advertising fees. T=Yes, this was indeed a virtuous cycle. But can this really work?

“Manager Feng, do you still want the advertising slots you mentioned earlier?”

“Yes, I want those 5 slots. The total is 2 million……”

“2.73 million RMB. I will round it off to 2.7 million RMB.” Now, Cheng Baojun could tell that Feng Yu was not short of money. If it weren’t he mentioned about giving a discount earlier, he would not round off to 2.7 million RMB.

“No problem. I will also not bargain with you. Please consider regarding the program sponsorship. This could bring in a lot of revenue for your TV station! Also, you are the one who thought of this new strategy.” Feng Yu hinted.

Cheng Baojun’s eyes sparkled. A new strategy. If this was implemented and the TV station’s revenue improved, the senior leaders would take note of the one who thought of this strategy. This meant that he would be promoted.

“This…… I need to discuss with my leaders. Can I get back to you in 2 days’ time? As for the 5 advertisement slots, we can sign the contract now.”

Feng Yu shook his head: “Let’s wait till you finish discussing with your leaders, and we can sign everything together. Also, I can’t stay in Beijing for long. I hope you can get back to me as soon as possible. I need time to prepare the money too.”

Sign the contract first? Impossible. Feng Yu still need these advertising slots as the bargaining chip for the program sponsorship. He wants Cheng Baojun to think that these advertising slots were binding conditions for the program sponsorship. This way, Cheng Baojun would try his best to convince his leaders, and Feng Yu can get what he wants.

was one of China’s favorite TV program. If he could sponsor this program, his Wind and Rain Humidifiers would be known throughout China faster.

Cheng Baojun was a bit disappointed. This Manager Feng was the type that would not give up till he gets what he wants. He must now think of ways to convince his leaders to approve this program sponsorship. This was also a great political achievement. Not only this idea would help the TV station earn a few million RMB, but it also opened up a new source of revenue.

Cheng Baojun clenched his teeth and said: “Fine. Wait for my news. I will get back to you tomorrow!”

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