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Chapter 1143: 1143
Chapter 1143 – Battery Pack and Car Battery

Tai Hua Batteries quickly got the patent from the Patent Office . Liu Chuanzhi’s father was the one who helped to set up the China National Intellectual Property Administration . With his help, the process was sped up several times .

There are no similar patents in this world . Although there are many battery patents, patents for power conversion and usage still have not appeared .

After Tai Hua Batteries got the patent approval, and started their production, Sony announced their portable power source . It will be used on their PSone .

Feng Yu was shocked . He did not expect Sony’s battery technology to be so advanced . It seems that Tai Hua Batteries will not be occupying the majority of the market share now .

But when Feng Yu saw Sony’s portable power source, he almost burst out laughing .

Tai Hua Batteries’ Mobile Power Bank can be considered a battery pack . Still, Sony’s portable power source looks more like a car battery!

The size of Sony’s portable power source is bigger than a brick!

Feng Yu was relieved as Tai Hua Batteries will have no more competition .

Sony’s portable power source’s uses are too limited . It can only be used on their gaming console . Anyway, the portable PSone is designed to be used in cars, and users do not need to bring it around .

With the portable power source, this gaming console can only last around two hours if the user plays a 3D game and three hours if the user plays a 2D game . To Feng Yu, this is a useless product .

Suppose someone really wants to play video games outside . In that case, Nintendo’s handheld game devices are more suitable, and the battery life can last longer .

Sony’s gaming console sales did increase slightly after this portable power source is launched . Overall, this product is considered a success for Sony .

Norio Ohga is in a good mood . Ichigo had volunteered to negotiate with Feng Yu during their previous meeting . Still, he did not even get to meet Feng Yu .

After this incident, Ichigo becomes quieter . Norio Ohga went to look for the Chairman to ask him if he could become the Chairman in the future . The Chairman did not reject him directly but also did not give him an answer .

This means Norio Ohga still stands a chance .

Sony Chairman’s health is not good, and he cannot hold on to this position for too long . If he suddenly falls sick, Sony’s share prices will be affected .

During this period, the Chairman must groom a successor to make sure his family will still control the company .

The Nobuyuki Family is still the biggest shareholder of Sony . What’s wrong with letting Norio Ohga become the Chairman for the time being? In the future, the Nobuyuki Family will still be holding the top position of Sony .

Norio Ohga had supported this portable power source and had increased their gaming console and the LCD display addon . His reputation within Sony had increased a lot .

Just when Norio Ohga is feeling satisfied with the events, something happened . Someone wrote an article in the newspaper laughing at Sony . The article criticized Sony’s portable power source for its limited uses and performance . It said it is just a car battery!

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Norio Ohga is furious . How can someone criticize his idea and Sony?! Who is this person, and why did he say these things?

After some investigations, Norio Ohga found out why advertisements for a new product, Power Bank, appeared!

This Power Bank is also a mobile power source, and charging only requires a cable .

This Power Bank has several models, 1,600mAh, 3,200mAH, and 4,800mAH .

This is a battery pack for mobile phones?! Which company does it belong to?

Sony has been developing this product but is unsuccessful . How can this company be faster than Sony?

When Norio Ohga saw the brand of the company, he knows who is having trouble with Sony .

Tai Hua brand . It is that Feng Yu!

Norio Ohga’s mood immediately changed for the worse .

Why is that Feng Yu always doing whatever Sony is Dong? Feng Yu’s companies are in so many different industries, how can he manage them? But Norio Ohga had forgotten Sony had invested in more industries than Feng Yu .

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This product reminded Sony that a portable battery pack can be used on mobile phones . Since others can develop this, so can Sony .

Norio Ohga immediately ordered his men to buy a few Tai Hua Power Banks for research . Sony had also researched batteries, and it’s only a matter of time for them to produce their own power bank .

Other electronic manufacturers also noticed Tai Hua Power Bank . They thought this product can only be developed after a few years and never expect it to appear now .

After the product is launched, some companies placed large orders for the power banks . Their salespeople are worried their mobile phones run out of battery when traveling .

Although the salespeople will always bring a spare battery with them, sometimes two batteries are not enough if they are busy .

The salespeople had no choice but to buy a fully charged mobile phone battery on the trains . Although the batteries are also Tai Hua brand, it is selling more expensive than other places .

Many people start to think about how wonderful a place is for them to charge their phones . But the staff on the trains don’t allow anyone to use the power sockets on the train .

The staff is selling batteries to make money . Why would they let the passengers use the train’s electricity to charge their phones?! Oh, Feng Yu was the one who suggested Tai Hua Batteries introduce their batteries to the railway company .

The railway company purchased a large number of Power Banks for two purposes, sell and rent .

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The selling price for the Power Banks is slightly higher than outside as everything is expensive on the trains .

Renting is much cheaper, but the passenger can only use it for a short period . The railway company uses the government’s electricity to charge the power banks and don’t need to pay for the electrical bills . In other words, the railway staff is selling electricity .

Feng Yu asked his men to aggressively promote this Power Bank and continue to attack Sony’s portable power source for the inconvenience, safety issues, capacity, etc .

Tai Hua Batteries is now a world-class battery manufacturer . Only Ji Li Battery is better than Tai Hua Batteries in China . Feng Yu is not sure if he had changed history, as Nanfu Battery was not acquired by foreign companies . Although Nanfu Battery had entered into a joint venture with a foreign company, they did not allow the foreign company to own the company’s controlling stake .

Currently, Tai Hua Battery and Nanfu Battery are competing in China and Asia . But Tai Hua Battery had entered the US and the European market and might become the industry leader in the future!

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China National Intellectual Property Administration

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