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Chapter 108 – The Influence of Leaders

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Which location was the best place to place a humidifier? Feng Yu’s first choice was the office, followed by home. This was different from his previous life, where the company promoted the humidifier to be placed in homes. Many might have thought that the bosses of private companies at that time, were the ones that were most willing to spend money. No. Those bosses will only spend money on themselves. The ones that spend the most was the government units!

The offices of the government officers, leaders of state-owned enterprises, was more

Luxurious than those from the private sectors. Feng Yu’s humidifier was selling slightly over 100 RMB, but he believed that the leaders in Bing City would account for 1,000 units!

Zhang Ruiqiang was at work when his secretary informed him that Feng Yu had come and he was carrying 2 big boxes which look like gifts.

Feng Yu was the only one that dares to give gifts so openly. Zhang Ruiqiang shook his head and smiled. He asked his secretary to invite Feng Yu in. He wants to see what was Feng Yu up to again.

“Xiao Feng, this is a government unit. Are you trying to show everyone that you are bringing in 2 big boxes?” Zhang Ruiqiang said.

“That’s right.” Feng Yu replied naturally, pissing Zhang Ruiqiang.

Before Zhang Ruiqiang said anything, Feng Yu opened the box and took out a strange looking gadget. He then took out a water bottle and poured about 2 thirds of the water into the gadget.  

Feng Yu then looked around for the electrical socket and plug it in. He then sat on the sofa wiping his sweat.

“This is an electric kettle?” Zhang Ruiqiang asked curiously. This gadget looks pretty but who would place a kettle in an office? This was the first time someone gives him an electric kettle as gifts!

“It’s a humidifier. It will increase the room’s humidity. The air in the Northeast region is too dry and can easily fall sick. This will solve all these problems.”

Zhang Ruiqiang twitched his nose: “There is still a scent. This is jasmine flowers?”

Zhang Ruiqiang was happy. His favorite scent was jasmine flowers.

“The water was soaked with jasmine flowers before. How’s the scent? It is not too strong, and it will make people comfortable.”

“What you said is true. Breathing becomes more comfortable. How much does this cost? I will buy it if it is not expensive.”

Feng Yu stopped Zhang Ruiqiang from taking out his wallet: “Leader, this is not for sale. These are samples. We have not introduced to the market yet. We only have some samples for testing and gathering feedback. It’s free, but it belongs to my company. I can let you test it for free. Later, you need to help me fill up a feedback form.”

“Samples again? You also said the same thing with your soybean oil last time. This is the same trick.” Zhang Ruiqiang said laughingly. At the same time, he also stops taking out his wallet.

Feng Yu smiled sneakily: “I had prepared a few more units. I will leave those with you, and you can help me give it to others for testing.”

Zhang Ruiqiang laughed. This kid really knows how to gain favors. Zhang Ruiqiang was just transferred to the City Government, and his connections were not stable. This was a chance for him to get closer to his higher-ups.

The last time, Zhang Ruiqiang was the one who had took charged of the restructuring of the Machinery Factory and was praised by the Leaders. He had helped the factory obtain advanced machinery and technologies from the Soviet Union, and the City Government did not come out with a single cent. The profits now were a lot higher than before. This restructuring was a success and could be used as an example for the conversion of other state-owned enterprises.

To achieve his political ambitions, Zhang Ruiqiang must have authority. But where does this authority come from? Of course, it was given to him by his higher-ups. Performing your duties well was not enough to get the recognition from the leaders. Sometimes, trivial things in life were more important than working hard.

“There are only 2 functions for this humidifier? To increase the humidity and to make the room smell better?”

Feng Yu smile proudly: “Of course not. Our Chinese traditional medicine has this fumigation therapy. The steam from boiling herbs and water can be used for treatments, sickness prevention, and healthcare.

For example, if you add dyer's woad liquid in it, you can prevent and treat colds. If you add Shuanghuanglian liquid in it, you can alleviate a sore throat, nasal dryness, etc.

If you are feeling tired from work, you can some medicated oil in it. It will keep you awake…...”

Feng Yu continued talking about the benefits. These were experiences from his previous life. There were some effects. This was especially true for nasal dryness. The humidifier had helped him sleep better.

“There are so many effects? Then I must try it all. Oh, there is still some wordings on your humidifier. This is “Aspirations to soar about the clouds”?”

“That’s right. It suits the mindsets of the leaders.”

The proverbs printed on the humidifier was requested by Feng Yu. There were different proverbs like “A hero in his late years does not give up his aspirations”, “Aspirations to soar about the clouds”, “Giving your best” and “Pains for the moment, gains for the millennia”, etc. These proverbs were those that were commonly written on the banners and plaques for the leaders.

Of course, there were some congratulatory messages. These were targeted at those wealthy businessmen.

“Fine, leave those behind. When will you introduce this humidifier to the market?”


Zhang Ruiqiang looked at Feng Yu. Feng Yu had just said that he wanted him to test out the humidifier and to give him feedback to improve on it. But tomorrow this humidifier will be introduced to the market? Then what’s the use of feedbacks? All this while, Feng Yu does not intend to improve his product!

Forget it. Anyway, this was not some particular gadget. Just treat it as samples. Most likely after the leaders tested it, the City Government will order a batch of this humidifier. What was this kid’s brain made of? Why he can think of some many ideas to make money?

After Feng Yu left, Zhang Ruiqiang carried a box and went to the Mayor’s office. Half an hour later, he left the Mayor’s office full of smiles. One of his proposals was approved by the Mayor. If the number 2 also support this proposal, then it will be implemented.

The humidifiers which Feng Yu left behind were all given out by Zhang Ruiqiang. All the leaders like the humidifier very much. When the air was too dry, people get irritated easily. With this humidifier around, they became more efficient and productive.

Many did not receive the humidifiers. They saw the humidifiers in the leaders’ offices and asked about it. Once they went back to their units, they told their department to purchase a batch of humidifiers. They will feel more comfortable with the humidifiers around. Also, the words printed on the humidifiers would make they seem more cultured.

This era, the influence of the leaders was more significant than those movie stars or celebrities. People followed what the Leaders wear. If the leader placed a thermos flask on the desk, people would also try to search for the same flask. They even try t follow the hairstyle.

Feng Yu had just sold his humidifiers to the Departmental stores and cooperatives, and the next day, he received calls from them that all the humidifiers were sold out. They wanted to order more!

Feng Yu was glad. Seems like his tactic of giving out free samples was very useful. He had given samples to all the units that were closed to him. He even personally demonstrates how to use the humidifiers.

It’s time to increase the orders of humidifiers from the Motor Factory.

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