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Chapter 276: Woman In The Painting (2)

She was utterly shocked, dumbfounded…The beating of her heart in her chest slowed half a beat before pumping madly. She had no way of controlling this out of rhythm pulse, as if her whole heart was about to jump out from her body through her throat.

As her heartbeat grew more frantic, her breaths became rapid, short, and chaotic. Not only her hands grasping at the paintings were shaking, in fact, her entire body was visibly trembling, and her complexion was deathly pale. A neverending buzz filled her brain, preventing her from focusing her thoughts.

Why was this? How could the person in the picture be her face in the past life, every stroke so clear and accurate? When she first arrived in this era, she had tried searching for information related to her past self online. History's record about X Dynasty's Imperial Concubine Song was scarce, more of an anecdote really; recounting her 'glorious' feat of fighting in the war beside the X Dynasty's Emperor, and the sob story of how she lost her life on the battlefield. Not a single piece of her portrait was left behind.

Forget Imperial Concubine Song's portrait drawing, even the Emperor's portrait was a joke, as it was a completely different person from the actual Emperor. Dongfang Xuan's features were exactly the same as Gu Yanhao's, so perhaps it was due to the clothing that his body seemed more stalwart than Gu Yanhao's, however, the painting used as the historical record of him was that of an old man, a short and fat old man, and the facial features resembled a monkey more than anything else.  That said, how could there be such a clear portrait of her here in Mu Gu's room? Moreover, one of them was after she was sent to the Cold Palace, looking sad and melancholy sitting on a swing. Another one was a painting of her riding on a horse, holding a long spear in hand.

The painting of her riding on a horse was extremely life-like, especially the way she poised the long spear, ready to throw it out. It was on a battlefield, one of her sleeves was torn, there was blood running down her arm. Even that was clearly portrayed in the painting.

Each new and old wound, not one was left out. Disguised as a man, valiant, and carefree, not in the least worse than a real man….

If it wasn't one of her followers, or at least someone close to her, how could they have drawn such a vivid painting? Not missing any details, including the wound on her arm—

It was at this time that a sudden sharp pain pierced Song Wuyou's heart. Her body staggered back as her hand clutched her chest, trying to ease the pain. The other hand grasped the painting so tightly that it wrinkled badly.

Mu Gu…. Who is he?

Mu Xin who resembled her sister-in-law, Gu Yanhao who looked exactly like Dongfang Xuan, who are these people? This painting was new, of this era, and definitely drawn by Mu Gu. Mu Gu… how did he know exactly what Imperial Concubine Song looked like? How did he know the details of her life in the past, Right down to the sad expression on her face as she sat on the swing….

Another burst of pain came from her chest, then a sweetness rushed up her throat, laced with a rusty taste that filled her mouth…

Song Wuyou bit her lips and clenched her teeth, still she failed to stop the sticky liquid from trickling from her mouth. Panicked, her hands quickly reached up to wipe it away. Throwing the painting to the floor, she rushed out of the room for the bathroom.

Below, Mu Gu and Gu Yanhao returned.

Mu Xin and Xu Jing were chewing on nuts while watching television. Not seeing Song Wuyou with them, he asked, "Where's my wife?"

Mu Xin smiled at him, "She went up to rest. Sis Wuyou said she's tired."

Gu Yanhao frowned at this. This woman is so weak. He headed upstairs, planning to rest with her.

Mu Gu walked over to Mu Xin, grabbing a handful of pistachios, "I'm also going up to rest. Tell the housekeeper to prepare the barbecue ingredients for tonight."

Mu Xin nodded, "En, I will say it later."

Mu Gu went up, reaching his room moments later.

Just as he reached the door, seeing the pieces of painting spread out on the floor,  and the faint scent of blood in the air that has yet to dissipate, his eyes sank and his expression tightened…..

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