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Chapter 246: Sever Our Father/Daughter Relationship

Mrs. Song fought as if she had lost her mind, kicking and biting at the policemen that held her, still she did not forget to lunge at Song Wuyou. Her twisted face looked as if she wanted to swallow Song Wuyou whole.

"Song Wuyou, you won't die well for killing Jiumei!" Mrs. Song screamed at Song Wuyou as she struggled desperately against the policemen.

The ruckus outside drew Song Nan out of the villa. As soon as he came out he saw his wife being detained by policemen., He hurried to his wife's side with a confused expression, "What is happening here?"

Noticing Song Wuyou was also present, his heart suddenly sank. He stared daggers at Mrs. Song. Did his wife provoke trouble again?

"Yang Yuhui hired a killer to take someone's life. Enough solid evidence has been collected and now we want to bring her to the police station," a policeman explained to Song Nan.

Song Nan's complexion became  ashen upon hearing the policeman's explanation, "What?!"

He looked at Mrs. Song, disbelief written all over his face. "You hired killers? Kill…?" before Song Nan could utter the word 'who', realization hit him. His gaze became shaper, "You hired killers to kill Wuyou?"

Mrs. Song roared at him, "Can't I? She killed my Jiumei, I'm avenging Jiumei!"

"You're out of your mind!" Song Nan clenched his fist, wishing so dearly he could pummel Mrs. Song: "Jiumei died from an STD!"

Mrs. Song's eyes turned scarlet, "Get lost! I know my daughter. Jiumei would never act promiscuous outside and contract such a disease!"

"Don't make a scene here if you have no evidence!"

"Take her away!" The policeman ordered.

"Let go of me! You cannot arrest me!"

The policeman found it funny, "You're already killing people, we cannot arrest you? Do you think you're heaven's Jade Emperor?"

"I did want to kill Song Wuyou, but she's still alive standing here, so it can only be attempted murder!"

"A ten year old girl died, and a thirty-something young mother is still in a coma in the hospital. Is this called attempted murder?" The policeman retorted sardonically.

"Let go of me! Let go!' Mrs. Song struggled fiercely, unwilling to follow the policemen, but was her struggle useful? She was manhandled, thrown into the police cruiser, and carted off to the police station.

Song Nan stood in a daze in the same spot, a white blankness in his brain. His wife was arrested for killing? With solid evidence?

Song Nan suddenly raised his head, looking at Song Wuyou who stood not far away while in a daze, "Wuyou…"

His voice was shaky. He wasn't nervous because Mrs. Song was arrested, he was nervous because this matter would pull the plug on the Song Group's dire situation…

Song Wuyou's clear cold gaze turned to Song Nan, "Repaying with a life for a killing, one must be ready to face the consequences."

Song Nan was anxious: "Can't you plead on your mother's behalf?"

Song Wuyou raised her lips in a cold smirk, "My mother would have never tried to kill me twice, thrice. I came here to provide evidence, not to plead."

"Look, for Pa's sake, forgive your Ma." Song Nan took a step closer, his feet wobbling slightly.

"Hehe…" Song Wuyou let out a soft laugh. "Spare her so she can have more opportunities to harm me again and again?"

"Wuyou, Pa…"

Song Wuyou's expressionless countenance turned to face Song Nan: "And I'm here to sever our father/daughter relationship."

Song Nan trembled, at a loss as he looked at Song Wuyou… She, what did she just say?

Song Wuyou's cold voice continued, "In the future, never say you're my father in front of me!"

He knew that Yang Yuhui wanted to kill her, yet he tried to plead for her? This made her heart go cold. With that said, Song Wuyou turned around and left.

Song Nan stared dazedly at Song Wuyou's back, agitation and frustration in his eyes as he thought of Song Group. Cold sweat trickled down his forehead.

Song Wuyou severing their relationship meant his only hope of rescuing Song Group is flushed down the drain…

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