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Chapter 237: You Feed Me

"You disagree that she deserved to die?" Mu Gu looked at Gu Yanhao.

The look in Gu Yanhao's eyes was extremely gloomy. "Of course she deserved to die.  If it weren't for Wuyou, I would have put a bullet through her head on the spot."


"Wuyou is my wife. Song Jiumei harmed my wife, it's a given that I will deal with her. What about you? Why do you hate Song Jiumei so much? Feeding her a flesh-rotting drug, and even going through the trouble of providing those pictures that convinced the entire world that Song Jiumei died because of syphilis?"

"……….." Mu Gu didn't know how to answer Gu Yanhao, therefore he chose to remain silent.

"All the things you've done were to avenge Wuyou. You heard Song Jiumei scream that she would still think of ways to destroy Wuyou after thirty years, so you decided to end her life so that she will not have the chance to hurt Wuyou anymore."

"…………" This was exactly it.

"This time, for the sake of Wuyou's safety,  you're prepared to 'deal' with Yang Yuhui as well?"  Every word Gu Yanhao spoke pierced Mu Gu's core.

Mu Gu's gaze met Gu Yanhao's, which was  sans of any temperature: "Yang Yuhui deserves to die."

Gu Yanhao raised an eyebrow, "Yes, they deserve to die, but shouldn't I be the one to deal with them?"

Mu Gu kept silent.

" Mu Gu, Wuyou is my wife. I will be the one protecting her."

Gu Yanhao's declaration was like a sharp thorn in Mu Gu's heart. That's right, Wuyou is his wife—

A beat later, Mu Gu flashed a charming smile, veiling the emotions flickering in his eyes like the starry night sky, "Ah Hao, you won't misunderstand that I like your wife?"

Gu Yanhao's expression sank. He retorted simply, "Isn't it so?"

Mu Gu chuckled and put on a foul attitude, "What do you take me as? We're good brothers. Haven't you heard the saying 'thou shall not covet thy brother's wife'?"

"Then explain to me why you killed Song Jiumei behind my back."

"Song Jiumei was the best candidate to test out the effects of the flesh-rotting drug." Mu Gu smiled, with a foul street gangster attitude.

"What about Yang Yuhui then?"

Mu Gu was bewildered, "Yang Yuhui? I haven't done anything to her."

"But you've already investigated and discovered that it was her that hired professional killers to assassinate Wuyou, haven't you?"

Mu Gu sighed heavily, "I did it for you. My best friend was ambushed and shot in the streets, I rose to the occasion as your friend to find out who the mastermind was behind the attack. Isn't this very reasonable? Who knew they didn't want your life, but your wife's life. Ah Hao, don't forget, your wife is also my friend. "

Gu Yanhao scoffed at Mu Gu's dribble, his mouth showing evident sarcasm at Mu Gu's lame excuse.

Mu Gu raised his palms and shrugged his shoulders, "You can misunderstand this and think that I like Wuyou, but you cannot misunderstand and assume that Wuyou likes me."

The sarcastic curve of his lips was even more evident: "Wuyou aint' blind."

Didn't she make a comparison between him and Mu Gu last time in front of the reporters?

"She made me look like a bad guy, but the fact is that my looks outshine yours."

"You can roll on back your ranch." Gu Yanhao didn't have a shred of mercy to spare for Mu Gu.

Mu Gu raised an eyebrow asking, "You really want me to get out?"


"You promised Wuyou to stay for two days? It has only been a day."

"Shut your mouth!"

No one dared to tell Old Grandfather Gu about the matter of Gu Yanhao's injury.

Getting his way, Gu Yanhao was discharged from the hospital and returned to the villa, leaning back in a relaxed manner on the sofa.

Because he had been injured while protecting her, Song Wuyou decided to take care of him personally out of gratitude.  

He said he wanted to eat millet gruel, Sis Song made it.

Half lying on the living room sofa, he looked at Song Wuyou with a pitiful expression, "My wound hurts if I raise my arm, you feed me."

Song Wuyou brought the bowl and stood in front of him. Lowering her head, she shot him a look of contempt.

Chapter 238: It's Really Painful

Gu Yanhao's face twisted, "Aiyo, so painful."

"Okay, stop acting." Song Wuyou sat down beside him on the sofa.

Gu Yanhao naturally placed a hand on her thigh.

Song Wuyou was startled by his action. Shifting her legs away, she shot him a fierce glare, "Don't play the rogue."

Gu Yanhao looked helpless, "I also wanted to, but they wouldn't let me."

Song Wuyou harrumphed at his words. Scooping up some gruel with the spoon, she brought it to his mouth, "Eat."

Gu Yanhao gave her a grievous look at her brusque manner, opened his mouth and swallowed the gruel down.

Feeling slightly guilty from Gu Yanhao's gaze, she looked back at him, "Why are you looking at me like this?"

He flashed an elegant smile, "I suddenly feel blessed."

"Of course you're blessed, there's both money and power," and that handsome face on top of everything.

"Song Wuyou, thank you."

Song Wuyou looked at him with a confused expression, "Thank me for what?"

"Thank you for pestering me in the past, so that I was able to marry you."

Song Wuyou was dumbfounded.

Her husband looked seriously at her, "Only then did I have the chance to notice how great you are."

Song Wuyou's head lowered, a complex emotion flickering past her eyes. When she looked up again, they had returned to their usual coldness and clarity.

"That little girl was shot in the heart, she's dead." She said lightly.

She didn't tell him about that when he was still in the hospital so that he could recuperate in peace, but now seeing he has the energy to flirt, it seems like this much injury really wasn't too much for him.

Pity she herself was asking to be abused, wanting to take care of him——

Gu Yanhao's playful mood receded after hearing the news, "These killers are really damned. Even going to hell is too good for them."

Actually shooting in the street, harming so many innocent lives.

Thinking the little girl who died because of her, Song Wuyou's heart grew heavy. She looked at Gu Yanhao, "How are you planning to deal with Yang Yuhui?"

Gu Yanhao threw the question back at her, "How do you want her to be dealt with?"

"…….. Didn't they say compensate life with life?" Are modern laws different?

"You want her sentenced to prison?"

Song Wuyou spoke with great sadness. "That little girl was so pretty, when she grew up she would have definitely been a beautiful girl."

Gu Yanhao stared deeply into her eyes, "Yang Yuhui's ending will definitely satisfy you."

A helpless smile flashed passed Song Wuyou's face, adding to the sadness in her eyes, "This stepmother of mine truly hates me to the bone."

If she was still the original host, she would have died die under this stepmother's hands a long time ago.

Her words struck Gu Yanhao's heart.  Forcing a smile, he purposely grabbed her thigh saying, "In the future, whoever's mean to you, I will repay them ten times as much."

Song Wuyou shifted away slightly, pushing his wolf claws away and rolling her eyes at him, "Speak properly, why are you grabbing me?"

"Aiyo, pain…" Pushed away by Song Wuyou, Gu Yanhao 'swayed and fell' to the side, his thick brows furrowed deeply as if he was in great pain.

Song Wuyou gave him a cold eye, "Keep on pretending."

The furrows in Gu Yanhao's forehead deepened, "Ah, really so painful."

"Eat it yourself." Song Wuyou placed the bowl on the coffee table and was about to get up to leave.

"Don't want!" Gu Yan sat up straight in an instant, his hand swiftly shot up to grab her wrist.

"Shhhiiii….." He moved too quickly, tearing the wound on his chest and making Gu Yanhao inhale sharply in pain.

He raised his head, the frown on his face appearing more real as he looked pitifully at Song Wuyou, "Feed me, my wound is really hurting."

"You can use so much strength to grab me, you… ah, it's bleeding!" Song Wuyou was alarmed after noticing the bloodstain on Gu Yanhao's navy blue shirt.

Chapter 239: Poke, Poke, I'll Let You Poke

"It really hurts a lot," Gu Yan said, blinking pitifully at Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou urged Xu Jing, "Xu Jing, go get the first aid kit."

"… Oh, okay!"

Xu Jing seemed to be daydreaming earlier. Hearing Song Wuyou's instruction, she quickly turned around and ran to get the first aid kit.

Song Wuyou sat down again on the sofa, her face pinched with worry as she scolded him, "Don't you know that you're injured? Moving carelessly!"

Gu Yanhao looked at her innocently, "Who told you to refuse to feed me?"

"You…!" Song Wuyou was rendered speechless with this Gu Yanhao.  In comparison, she preferred the aloof him. His behavior today was like a child, a childish little man.

Gu Yanhao spread his arms out with mirth evident in his eyes. His chin stuck up high and proud.  "Help me unbutton," he ordered shamelessly.

Song Wuyou initially wanted to help him change out of the bloodstained shirt, but looking at that haughty face, she retrieved her hands and shot him a stern eye. "Unbutton it yourself."

"I'm in pain."

"You wound hurts, not your fingers."

"It hurts, everywhere hurts."

Watching him act pitifully this way was so funny that Song Wuyou wanted to laugh.  The corner of her mouth twitched, "Gu Yanhao, you're getting more shameless each day."

Gu Yanhao reached out to hold her small hands, "That's because I'm concerned with you more each day."

Those words moved her a little but she still pulled her hand back. Her expression was fierce as she scolded in a curt tone, "Didn't you say your whole body hurts? Why are you holding my hands? I say you're not in enough pain. I really want to use two fingers and poke deep into your wound!"

Watching her curt but cute expression, a low laugh rumbled from Gu Yanhao's throat. Inexplicably, his mood seemed so much better.  Other women looked like bears when angry, whereas when his wife was angry, there was actually an air of valiance that made others listen and behave.

Gu Yanhao puffed up his chest, "Poke, poke, I'll let you poke."  His action caused him to bleed even more.

Song Wuyou stamped her feet in frustration: " You'd better stop moving!"

Wasn't he worried that the wound would become infected?

Gu Yanhao flashed a naughty grin, "I'm not moving."

"Miss, the kit." Xu Jing brought the first aid kit over and placed it on the coffee table.  She took a peek at Gu Yanhao. Seeing him grinning mischievously with his soft gaze on her Miss, Xu Jing smiled secretly inside. To avoid being the light bulb, she ran into the kitchen to help Sis Song.

Young Master's treating Miss better every day, heihei~~

"Sit properly! I'm taking your shirt off!" She snapped at Gu Yanhao.

The man nodded obediently, "Okay." He leaned back properly into the sofa, still looking at Song Wuyou with a pitiful expression.

Song Wuyou leaned forward slightly, her hands stretched out. Her fingers were light, afraid of hurting him. From up close, her face looked even more fair and tender, almost transparent. The tinge of red was like a ripe peach, making the man feel an impulse to take a bite.

Gu Yanhao stared at her unblinking, while her long dark lashes fluttered as she blinked like a delicate fan made of ink.  "Song Wuyou." He called her name softly, his low voice sounding sultry.

His sultry voice purred in her ear as something tugged at her heartstrings, going straight to the softest part of her heart.  Raising her eyelids, she shot him an icy glance, filled with disdain.

Gu Yanhao beamed at her response, "Why are you looking at me like this?"

"You're hateful."

"You love the hateful me."

"Shut up!"

"Song Wuyou," the man couldn't resist calling out her name again.

"You're really too bored!"

Chapter 240: I Want To Display My Perfect Body Before You

"Song Wuyou." Didn't she say he was boring? Well then, he'll show her how boring he could be!

He could call her all he wants. Song Wuyou attended to the task at hand, ignoring him.

His chest was at his eye level, the buttons undone and the shirt spread apart to the sides. The white gauze wrapped around his body was dyed with a patch of red as evidently quite a lot of blood flowed.

"You tore the stitches." Song Wuyou's brows locked tightly. This man, how could have no sense of proportion knowing that has such an injury on his body?

Gu Yanhao lowered his head and gave a nonchalant glance the wound on his chest.

"Do you know how to deal with it?" Gu Yanhao asked, looking at her.

He remembered once when she twisted her ankle, fell and skinned her knees, dirt and sand were imbued in her flesh. At that time, a lot of blood was flowing out. Even with the first aid kit in the villa, she didn't know what to do.

"Nonsense." Song Wuyou shot him another no-nonsense look, then turned around and opened the first aid kit, taking out a sterilized small scissors.

At the point when she turned around, Gu Yanhao's teasing expression became grim.  She has really changed, changed into a totally different person from the past.

Taking the scissors, Song Wuyou snipped off the bandage on Gu Yanhao's body.  Her action was light and agile, without a trace of hesitation.

"…………" Gu Yanhao was stunned, "Shouldn't you unwrap it layer by layer?"

Song Wuyou snorted, "With so many layers wrapped around you, how long would I have to take to unwrap them layer by layer?" Cutting it off in one go is simple and time-efficient.

After dealing with the bandages, Song Wuyou carefully removed the gauze soaked with blood from his chest. Thankfully when they bandaged him, they spread quite a lot of medicinal powder so that the skin wouldn't stick to the gauze when removed, making things easier.

With the thick gauze off, a glaring deep bullet hole entered her sight.

Song Wuyou was shocked, "Why isn't the wound sutured?"

"Suturing will leave an ugly scar behind. Leaving it like this, the flesh will grow and it won't look as ugly." Gu Yanhao explained.

"Such a big hole, how long will it take for the flesh to close?!" This sight was too triggering.  Song Wuyou's cold gaze swept over his face in contempt, "A big man like you still cares about a scar or two? Who would know under the clothes? Some women have a difficult childbirth, and the C-section scar is worse than this."

Women who loved to be beautiful by nature didn't mind, but a big man like him despises scars?

Gu Yanhao flashed a bewitching smile, "It's obvious once the clothes are off."

"Were you going to run around everywhere naked?"

"I won't, those who do are animals."

"Then why didn't you have it stitched up?" The wound heals faster if stitched.

"I've already said the scar will look very ugly."

"…………" Speechless.

"I need to undress in front of you."

"………." Even more speechless.

A low laugh sounded from his throat, "I want to display my perfect body before you."

Heat rushed up Song Wuyou's face. Trying to conceal it, she glared at him, "Stop talking, I need to stop your bleeding."

"Okay," Gu Yanhao obediently shut his mouth.

Song Wuyou picked up a cotton ball with a long medical tweezer, gently dabbing at the wound to clean the remaining medicinal powders away. She needed to be very careful as not to hurt him, not to mention the wound was bleeding because of his vigorous action earlier, making cleaning more difficult.

But the focused Song Wuyou was extremely careful and attentive, gentle yet quick as if she was used to doing this kind of thing…

Gu Yanhao lowered his head, watching her inquiringly…

Looking at his ghastly wound, she merely frowned a little. There was no flinching, nausea, or fear. Her hands didn't even shake one bit, even calmer than surgeons in operating rooms, and equally skillful.

"Song Wuyou, do you often help people clean and dress their wounds?" He asked softly.

Chapter 241: Blurted Out

"En, if the physician is too busy, or on the war field unable to make it back to barracks, I'd dressed the wounded soldiers myself. Dongfang Xuan, he…" Song Wuyou blurted the words out without knowing.  By the time she reacted, she stiffened with shock, all actions stopping abruptly as she stared dumbly at the pair of medical tweezers in her hand.

Just now… what did she say?

A the same time, what she said caused a flicker of shock in Gu Yanhao's obsidian eyes. A great wave of inexplicable emotion crashed at his heart. His body shook as if the waves were actually crashing against his body as he stared at her in shock. The muscles on his face were tensed, stretched taut.


She mentioned Dongfang Xuan again. She once again mentioned the times she was at war—

The expression on her face now clearly told him that she blurted out the words unintentionally. Was she as shocked as he was, not knowing how to face him next?

Gu Yanhao sucked in a deep breath, doing his best to suppress the crazy surging emotions inside him. The storm in his dark eyes gradually returned to calmness a while later.

"Online friend?" He inquired as if nothing happened, a curious eyebrow raised, his tone light and teasing.

Song Wuyou was stunned for a second, inhaling a deep breath herself. She didn't raise her head up to look at him immediately. Should she confess to him that she isn't his wife Song Wuyou? If she confessed, would he kick her out this instant?

"Yes." In the end, she chose to continue concealing the matter, nodding her head lightly.

"………" Even though he chose the route first, Gu Yanhao's eyes still turned gloomy watching her.

Not hearing further questions about what online friends, Song Wuyou secretly breathed in relief. She continued to attend to his wound.

The atmosphere was no longer as harmonious as it was before. The entire time, Gu Yanhao pursed his lips, watching her in silence.

Song Wuyou chose not to look at him, perhaps due to guilt—

Half an hour later, the wound was cleaned and bandaged. After picking up the first aid kit, Song Wuyou stole a quick glance at him saying, "The millet gruel is cold now, I'll get you a hot one."

Gu Yanhao gave her a charming smile, "Okay."

Picking up the bowl on the coffee table, she headed toward the kitchen in hurried steps.

Gu Yanhao's eyes followed her silhouette, the smile on his face slowly disappearing, replaced by a dark mood.

Very soon, Song Wuyou returned with a fresh bowl of hot millet gruel.

At the sight of her, Gu Yanhao looked like a sunny ruffian, "You feed me, my wound hurts even more after you changed the bandage." He even pouted at the end, acting lovely.

"Gu Yanhao, enough." Song Wuyou truly felt disdain, "Such a big man, yet still acting like a three year old, pretending to be cute."

Not only did Gu Yanhao pretend to be cute, he even acted spoiled, "It really hurts badly."

"Puff…!" Song Wuyou couldn't stand it any longer and burst out laughing. Taking the seat next to him, she followed his wish: "Little brother, be good, come open your mouth and eat your gruel, such a good boy."

Gu Yanhao's eye twitched at her 'little brother?' He opened his mouth, swallowing the entire spoon, making Song Wuyou unable to pull it out.

Song Wuyou looked at him dumbfounded, "You want to eat the spoon too?"

Gu Yanhao smiled at her in reply, cunning as a fox.

Song Wuyou looked at him warily. Damn, why is he looking at her this way? A shy color tinged her cheeks.

"Little brother," Gu Yanhao mumbled incoherently with the spoon in his mouth.

Song Wuyou's hearing was very sensitive. Incoherent though it might be, but she heard it clearly. She glared at him while releasing her grip on the spoon, "Weren't you acting cute? Little brother suits you."


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