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Chapter 987: The Dragon Blood Fruit (7)

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"What is the Third Leader doing? Why did she not kill that girl and avenge the Great Leader?"

"Could it be that the Third Leader has taken pity on her?"

The crowd began to burst into a lively discussion as their eyes filled with suspicion.

The man with the scar furrowed his brows. His bloodshot eyes were filled with dissatisfaction as he scolded angrily, "Third Sister, what are you doing? Don't you know that your compassion will result in the destruction of the Snow Jade Bandits?"

Everyone knows that the Third Leader has a fondness for pretty little girls. This was the basis for the scarred man's accusation.

However, at this moment, no one could see the perilous situation brewing in the woman in red's heart!

"Impossible, this is impossible!"

The woman in red's expression was one of complete defeat. She shook her head as her eyes filled with astonishment and shock.

I have only ever once encountered a power like this little girl's on one other cultivator completely by accident!

However, that cultivator had been... A Martial Saint!

A Martial Saint?

How could this be!

This little girl was only five years old! A five-year-old Martial Saint! Even if she had started cultivating in her mother's womb, she wouldn't be able to reach that level so quickly!


The little Vermillion Bird grinned at Gu Ruoyun, "Can I eat her now?"


The woman in red staggered as if lightning had just struck on a clear day.

She bit her lips, slowly moving her gaze from the little Vermillion Bird onto Gu Ruoyun.

It was only now that she noticed the way the little girl had addressed the woman in green.


Generally speaking, only spiritual beasts would address the person they were contracted to as their 'Master'!

This means that this five-year-old little lolita is this woman's contracted Holy Beast!

Who on earth is she? How could she hold such a powerful existence?

Could it be that she's from the First City?

"You... Who on earth are..."

Before she could ask any further, a powerful coercion erupted from the little Vermillion Bird's body and forced her words back down her throat. The enormous fire spiritual beast then suddenly appeared behind her, staring down at her in a commanding manner.

"Stupid human, don't you know that there're some people whom you simply can't offend? Since you've chosen to offend them, you must experience death!"


The fire spiritual beast stirred its wings. Instantly, a scorching flame came charging out from behind it. "No!" the woman in red screamed before she lost her life in the flames...

"Ling'er, I'll leave these guys to you. Don't let any of them escape!"

The little Vermillion Bird yawned as she lazily ordered the Firebird.

"Yes, Leader."

The Firebird responded reverently. It then charged towards the throng of Snow Jade Bandits who were scattered about.

Within a short period of time, the entire street was filled with gruesome wails and howls! Some were even cursing the woman in red's ancestors up until the eighteenth generation.

If their Third Leader had not hesitated to strike at the last moment, they would not be faced with such a situation!

"Miss, I truly thank you for this."

Once everything had been settled, Wen Yan approached Gu Ruoyun with a warm smile on his handsome features. "If it had not been for you, I'm afraid that the Cloudy Wind City would be faced with our first and last disaster."

"There's no need to thank me," Gu Ruoyun shook her head as her eyes darted back and forth. She smiled as she said, "I believe that many people who have witnessed this sort of thing would be compelled to help."

Of course, this definitely did not include her.

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Chapter 988: The Dragon Blood Fruit (8)

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After all, if it had not been for the Dragon Blood Fruit's existence, she would have left them to their own devices.

"Regardless, I'd still like to thank you. To celebrate the Snow Jade Bandits' destruction, I've decided to hold a banquet tonight. I wonder if you would be interested to join us, Miss?"

A banquet?

Gu Ruoyun stroked her chin. Under normal circumstances, she certainly would not be interested at all.

However, if the Dragon Blood Fruit was here, that would be a completely different situation!


Gu Ruoyun smiled and nodded. Suddenly, her gaze shifted as she asked, "By the way, I had overheard the Snow Jade Bandits talking about the Dragon Blood Fruit. They had actually come here for the sake of obtaining it. May I ask if this Dragon Blood Fruit..."

"Miss, you know of the Dragon Blood Fruit as well?" Wen Yan smiled as he replied gently, "Actually, this Dragon Blood Fruit isn't really of much use to the Snow Jade Bandits. They were only looking for an excuse to pick a fight with the Cloudy Wind City. However, this Dragon Blood Fruit is of great use to me! An elder in my family is greatly ill and needs this Dragon Blood Fruit as a cure. Hence, I could not give this up to the Snow Jade Bandits no matter what!"

Gu Ruoyun simply nodded and did not say much. No one could tell what she was thinking.

"Ah right, Miss, it's getting late now. If you have nowhere to stay, perhaps you could come with me to the governor's palace?" Wen Yan smiled mildly. His smile has retained its usual gentleness.

Gu Ruoyun nodded, "Alright, then I'll have to trouble you, Governor."

"If you had not reached out and helped today, I would not have won so easily. Therefore, I've got to do what I've got to do." When he had said his piece, Wen Yan's gaze turned somber as he ordered, "Servant, escort Miss Gu to the governor's palace!"

"Yes, my Lord!"

The eyes of the governor's palace's guards lit up. After all, this woman was a benefactor who had saved Cloudy Wind City. She even has a powerful spiritual beast on hand. Such a great opportunity to network with her has been presented to them, how could they let it go?

Hence, within a short amount of time, the guards of the governor's palace have become extremely friendly as they quickly escorted Gu Ruoyun to the governor's palace.

When the crowd had dispersed, a figure appeared next to Wen Yan.

It was a delicate-looking woman. Her black hair cascaded down like a waterfall and she had handsome brows and a snub nose. Her lips were a natural vermillion shade. She certainly looks like a well-brought-up daughter from a noble family.

"Master, I can tell that this woman seems to have an interest in the Dragon Blood Fruit."

The woman's voice was pleasant to the ears and was as clear and moving like a black-naped oriole. To hear her speak was a sort of enjoyment.

As she stood by Wen Yan's side, the both of them looked absolutely spectacular.

Sadly, no one was there to admire this picture perfect scene.

"The Dragon Blood Fruit?"

Wen Yan shuddered as he laughed bitterly, "She saved the Cloudy Wind City. I can give her whatever she wants but this Dragon Blood Fruit! After all, the Dragon Blood Fruit is connected to maternal grandfather's name! For my maternal grandfather's sake, I've made painstaking efforts to obtain this Dragon Blood Fruit. I will never let anyone else have it so I had no choice but to utilize other ways to thank her."

The woman smiled mildly. It was a sweet-tempered and dignified smile.

"Ah, that's right. Tian Qi, it looks like maternal grandfather will come for a visit tonight." Wen Yan smiled before he continued, "When that time comes, I will refer this woman to him. I can estimate that this woman's future will be limitless in the days to come. Since maternal grandfather treasures geniuses so much, they will definitely find a kindred spirit in each other."

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