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Chapter 902: The Medicine Sect's General Meeting (6)

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"Who is your master? Are you not aware of how to speak to your elders properly? Have your parents and your master never taught you the meaning of good manners? It looks like that saying is true, that the type of parent dictates the type of daughter born to them. Observing your uneducated manner, I can certainly pinpoint the morals of your parents. I absolutely can't understand how a person like you would have been able to enter the Medicine Sect!"

This time, not only Lin Yang's expression has changed, even Gao Lin's face sank.

He had always known that Elder Huang had set his eyes on those above him and has been currying favors from certain persons outside the Medicine Sect. Sometimes, Elder Huang would not even bother to place any importance on him, the Sect Master. However, Gu Ruoyun's position was unlike any other. This little girl was Grand Lord Hong Lian's daughter yet Elder Huang has openly humiliated Grand Lord Hong Lian by criticizing her parents!

"That's right, you are absolutely right."

Gu Ruoyun nodded and the expression on her face was as if she really agreed with Elder Huang's accusations.

Elder Huang's expression looked a little better when he heard this. At least this little girl knows more tact and knows that she should submit to me. Otherwise, I will make it such that even she is unaware of how her own death had occurred.

However, in the next moment, Gu Ruoyun's tone changed as she continued to speak, "It is indeed as you say, the type of parent dictates the type of daughter born to them. Huang Feifei has indeed inherited your old characteristics of ruling like a despot, relying on force to bully others, being capricious, mule-headed, arrogant and despotic!"

Instantly, Elder Huang's face turned from green to white then white to green again. He glared furiously at Gu Ruoyun and looked as if he could gobble a person whole like a fiend.

Suddenly, he burst into laughter but his laugh did not reach his eyes. His eyes were whirling with the flames of rage.

"Little girl, you are the only person on this mainland who dares to speak to me in such a manner. Even the Sect Master has to yield to me! Not bad, not bad at all. You are very bold indeed!" After saying this, he turned this attention back to Gao Lin and spoke with malicious eyes, "Sect Master, how can a woman who displays no upbringing or manners be allowed to set foot in the Medicine Sect? I want you to throw her out of the Medicine Sect right now! Do you have any objections, Sect Master?"

His tone of voice was spiteful and he had spoken as if he was the main decision-maker in the Medicine Sect.

This shocked Gu Ruoyun. She subconsciously looked at the arrogant Elder Huang as her eyes flickered. 

According to reason, even if Elder Huang has a high position in the Medicine Sect, his position should not surpass the Sect Master's so why is he so confident that the Sect Master would obey him? Where is his source of confidence coming from?

Gu Ruoyun simply could not figure it out but did not analyze it any further. She gently raised the corners of her lips and turned to face Gao Lin with a smile which did not reach her eyes.

"Elder Huang," Gao Lin's eyes have darkened even more as he replied icily, "The Gu girl is the Holy Doctor's disciple and is also a physician attending the upcoming Medicine Sect's general meeting. You don't have the right to make her leave."

The Holy Doctor's disciple?

Elder Huang's eyes instantly narrowed before he finally turned his gaze to fully observe Gu Ruoyun.

Previously, he had assumed that this woman was a disciple from the Medicine Sect but he never imagined that she was actually the old Holy Doctor's disciple. That old man always had high standards. Knowing his fussy expectations, how could someone be lucky enough to be accepted as his disciple?

After a long pause, he turned away and laughed icily, "So what? Others may fear the Holy Doctor but I've never been afraid of him! Lord Sect Master, I'll only ask you one thing now, are you willing to throw her out or not?"

Even though Gao Lin had always given way to Elder Huang over the course of the past few years due to certain reasons, this does not mean that he was willing to listen to Elder Huang's orders.

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Chapter 903: The Medicine Sect's General Meeting (7)

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As such, when Elder Huang had said those words, Gao Lin's expression immediately turned into an absolutely ugly sight. His elderly voice was tinged with ice as he spoke, "This little girl is not only the disciple of the Holy Doctor, I myself find a kindred spirit in her so I won't force her to leave. Besides, I am the Sect Master of the Medicine Sect. When was it decided that an elder would be able to give the orders?"


Elder Huang burst into laughter. His laughter soon stopped and he swept his gaze across the people in the room one by one before he spoke coldly, "Sect Master, I hope that you don't regret your decision today!"

Once he had said his piece, he threw his sleeves fiercely over his arms and left without a backward glance.

Gu Ruoyun's gaze darkened as she stared at Elder Huang's disappearing figure. She then asked, "Elder Huang is only an elder, why would he dare to speak in such a manner? May I ask the reason behind this?"

Unless I am wrong, Gao Lin had indeed hesitated when Elder Huang had threatened him in the beginning. In the end, after an internal struggle, he had made the decision to stand by me.

This would not have happened unless Elder Huang has some sort of trump card in his hand.

"Miss Gu, allow me to explain." Lin Yang turned towards Gu Ruoyun and said, "Though Elder Huang is an elder of the Medicine Sect, he has some connections with those people from that place."

"That place?" Gu Ruoyun raised her eyebrow and asked suspiciously.

"That's right." Lin Yang nodded, "That place refers to the First City! Elder Huang is affiliated with some cultivators in the First City, this is why he has had the audacity to act with such tyrannical abuse."

The First City!

Gu Ruoyun fell silent when she heard those words. After a long pause, she continued to ask, "Based on this situation, why doesn't Elder Huang enter the First City? Why does he remain as an elder in the Medicine Sect?"

"Hehe." Lin Yang chuckled scornfully and his eyes were filled with ridicule, "How great is the arrogance of those cultivators in the First City? Why should they even pay any attention to Elder Huang? He is merely their spy in the world outside. Honestly speaking, with Elder Huang's level of power, he would only be the lowest of the low if he actually enters the First City and would have no status to speak of! How can that be compared to the grandeur of being an elder of the Medicine Sect? Even though many are fighting to enter the First City, if their powers are insufficient, they would simply hold the fate of cannon fodder if they actually manage to enter the city!"

Gu Ruoyun nodded, Grand Lord Hong Lian had once mentioned this to her.

Don't judge the Lin family just because they had sent many Martial Supremes over. Those Martial Supremes were not the most powerful ones in the Lin family! Furthermore, the Lin family's power is ranked amongst lowest in the First City's food chain!

The truly powerful cultivators were not allowed to leave the First City. Hence, the Lin family could only dispatch their Martial Supremes!

"If my guess was right, Elder Huang would have definitely have informed the First City about the Medicine Sect's general meeting this time." Gao Lin glanced at Gu Ruoyun and slowly said, "Little girl, Elder Huang is the kind of person who would seek revenge for the smallest grievances. When the time comes, you must be vigilant."

"I understand."

Gu Ruoyun smiled but she knows that today, she owed the Sect Master a great debt. 

After all, the Sect Master had stood by her despite the threat from the First City. This was a feat that not many could accomplish.

"The Medicine Sect's general meeting will begin in three days. Lin Yang, you shall take good care of the Gu girl in the next few days."

Gao Lin turned towards Lin Yang and gave his instruction.

To him, Grand Lord Hong Lian was clearly more terrifying than the First City.

At least the First City was limited by its rules and they could not do things at will. However, that madman, Grand Lord Hong Lian, does not care very much about rules and propriety! If his daughter was to meet with any grievances, he would definitely storm the Medicine Sect immediately!

When that time comes, the Sect Master would not even have the time to weep.

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Chapter 904: The Medicine Sect's General Meeting (8)

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"Father, how did it go?"

In the elder's chamber, Huang Feifei saw Elder Huang entering the room and hurriedly welcomed him, "Did the Sect Master punish that b*tch?"

Elder Huang suppressed his fiery anger at the sight of his daughter's eager face. He then spoke to her with a face filled with affection, "Feifei, don't worry, even though the Sect Master had not spoken up for you, I won't let you suffer any grievances! My daughter comes from such an honorable status, how could anyone insult you whenever they please? If the Sect Master truly insists on siding with Lin Yang, I don't mind making you the Sect Master's daughter and the Lady of the Medicine Sect."

Making me the Sect Master's daughter?

What does he mean? She wondered.

Huang Feifeis brain was temporarily unable to process this. When she finally made sense of the meaning behind Elder Huang's words, she quickly held her hands to her mouth. There were no signs of shock or fear on her face, only excitement and elation.

Does Father mean that he wants to become the Sect Master of the Medicine Sect?

This would mean that the both of us will be in full control of the Medicine Sect! Who would dare oppose my orders on this entire mainland?

"Fei'er," Elder Huang stroked Huang Feifei's head intimately as determination shone in his malicious eyes, "You can rest assured, I will make you the most treasured woman on the mainland! No other woman would be comparable to you. By then, any man who catches your fancy will become a servant beneath you. No one would ever dare reject my daughter again! However, Fei'er, some men are only good for playing. Based on their station, they would not be a good match for you! My daughter is so outstanding that only the most exceptional man on the mainland can be your husband."

The most exceptional man?

At that moment, Zuo Shangchen's mischievous face appeared in Huang Feifei's mind. She could not help but blush at that thought.

To her point of view, on this mainland, a man who was good enough for her not only needs to have incomparably good looks, he must also be powerful enough! That evil-looking man's looks were obviously up to her standards but she was unsure of his true abilities.

After giving it some thought, Huang Feifei confessed hesitantly, "Father, I've taken a fancy to someone today."

"Oh?" Elder Huang was a bit surprised but he responded gently, "I wonder which man would be so fortunate that you, Fei'er, would take a liking to him. I remember that after that last man, you had not seemed to have fallen for anyone else."

"Father, that man is very good looking. I've never seen such a good-looking man before. He's even more handsome than my previous boy toys. I'd like to ask you to investigate him for me and if it's possible, I'd like to marry him."

Huang Feifei has played around with many men but this was the first time she had ever mentioned marriage. This made Elder Huang place the highest priority on this matter. A somber look gradually appeared in his eyes as well.

"Describe this man's facial features to me, I'll send someone to investigate immediately."

It goes without saying that one would only need to roughly describe Zuo Shangchen's features to be able to find him. However, at this moment, Zuo Shangchen was still blissfully unaware that a woman had now set her sights on him, especially such a disgusting anthomaniac like her.

If he were to find out about this, he probably would not be able to eat for the next few days.

At this moment, in one of the Medicine Sect's guest rooms, the man was reclining in a chair with his head propped against his left hand. His peach blossom pink robes were slightly unfurled, displaying a radiance of spring. At this moment, he was in an indolent and contented state. The thoughts in his peach blossom eyes were concealed from the world, filled with smiles.

"Young Master, I've managed to thoroughly investigate the matter that you've entrusted to me."

Suddenly, a melodious voice sounded. The man gently raised his brow and turned his gaze towards a devastatingly beautiful handmaiden. 

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