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Chapter 864: The Xia Family's Destruction (10)

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"It's Supreme Gao! His Imperial Majesty, Supreme Gao of the Drifting Wind Country has actually appeared. Also, did you all hear that? He had addressed the man in red as the Grand Lord Hong Lian! Could be that he's the ultimate cultivator whose very name shakes the mainland?"

The ultimate cultivator they had just mentioned was clearly not only the ultimate cultivator of the East Peak Mainland but also the ultimate one amongst the Martial Supremes.

This also means that no one below the rank of a Martial Supreme could ever hope to defeat the Grand Lord Hong Lian.

"I wonder who this young lady really is, Supreme Jin seems to have a more than average connection to her and the Holy Doctor is also her master. Even the Grand Lord Hong Lian is her godfather. Of the great cultivators on this mainland, aside from the mysterious Martial Saint, is there anyone whom she is not acquainted with? Furthermore, the silver-haired man by her side seems to be on par with Grand Lord Hong Lian."


Supreme Gao was mildly shocked. Grand Lord Hong Lian is this little girl's godfather? It seems that the magnitude of her identity isn't something that anyone could guess with ease.

The man in red's expression, however, was a little downcast.  What godfather? I'm clearly her biological father!

However, he was unable to announce this in public. Otherwise, if news of this reaches the ears of that old fart in the First City, wouldn't he be dragging his precious daughter down? After all, even though those old men were aware of Yun'er's arrival in this mainland, they still do not know her exact location yet.

"Yun'er, who is this fellow?" The man in red squinted his eyes and a dangerous light flashed in his pupils. Based on his powers of observation, he could tell that this man does not have an ordinary relationship with his daughter. However, this fellow has actually tried to snatch his painting away and had raised his hand against him!

Simply based on this one fact, it would not be easy for him if he wishes to marry his precious daughter.

"Ahem." Gu Ruoyun coughed awkwardly, "Godfather, can you wait outside for a moment? I have some matters to attend to, I'll talk to you once I'm done! Also, Xiao Ye, please help me evacuate the place! Yu'er and I would like to speak to the Xia family members alone."

Qianbei Ye nodded, he knows what Gu Ruoyun was going to do next.

She would be revealing her own true identity! However, no one else, aside from the doomed Xia family members, needs to know this. Otherwise, if the great news of her reincarnation was to become general knowledge, it would attract an astronomical amount of attention and sensation.

The rest of the crowd was not too bothered about Gu Ruoyun's decision. However, Grand Lord Hong Lian's heart shattered into a million pieces. He stared at Gu Ruoyun resentfully.

"Yun'er, I've journeyed very far to see you yet you refuse me at the door?"

This was too disheartening!

His daughter was all grown up now and sure enough, has her own secrets. There were some things that she could not let him know.

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders, "Things are going to get bloody from here on so I'm going to ask you all to withdraw for a moment."

Regardless, Grand Lord Hong Lian has been fighting for so many years so he has witnessed all sorts of bloodbaths. However, once he realized that Gu Ruoyun was not really keeping any secrets from him, he heaved a sigh of relief and nodded, "I'll wait for you outside your living quarters."

Actually, Grand Lord Hong Lian does not know that Gu Ruoyun had asked everyone to leave because she was indeed harboring a secret which she could not let anyone else know of.

Which was her identity as Xia Ruoyun!

This secret, following the Xia family's annihilation, will rot within her stomach for the rest of her life!

"Yu'er, let's go." A light flashed in Gu Ruoyun's eyes and she chuckled softly, "All the enemies who had hurt you that year... I'll give you the chance to shed their blood today!"

Chapter 865: The Xia Family's Destruction (11)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the Xia family home's main foyer, Xia Ming stared in despair at the two who had just walked in from the door. He never thought that he would fall into the hands of a little girl after being so cunning his entire life.

"Miss Gu."

Lu Chen stumbled towards Gu Ruoyun and plopped himself in front of her in a kneeling position, crying tearfully in agony as he said, "Miss Gu, I had been hoodwinked by the Xia family that year. That was why I had committed those acts which were unbecoming even for pigs and dogs. I thoroughly regret my actions now so please, spare me this one time on account of my remorse."

Gu Ruoyun stared commandingly down at Lu Chen who was kneeling before her and replied emotionlessly, "Remorse? Lu Chen, do you think that after committing so many sinful acts, you can redeem yourself simply by admitting your remorse?"

"Miss Gu, that person is already dead. As they say, if revenge breeds revenge, will there ever be an end to it? Can you not return good for evil? Must you exterminate us all?"

Hearing this, Lu Chen raised his head as he spoke indignantly.

Anyone who was ignorant of the situation and has witnessed this scene would probably assume that Gu Ruoyun was a heinous villain who was pushing good people around.

"Return good for evil?" Gu Ruoyun sneered, "That year, you used the trust that Xia Ruoyun had in you and had not hesitated to tear Xia Linyu limb from limb alive! Did you even show a hint of mercy at that time? Lu Chen, I wonder if you can still remember Xia Ruoyun's words before she jumped off that cliff, that if she was to be reincarnated, she would make you all. Pay. The. Bloody. Price!"

These four words were like hammers which slammed fiercely into Lu Chen's heart.

At that moment, the young girl's decisive image appeared once again in his mind's eye and caused his heart to tremble.

"You... How do you know this?"

How was she able to have such a vivid knowledge of Xia Ruoyun's last words? Even the way she had said them was exactly alike.

"How could I not?" Gu Ruoyun chuckled softly, "Because I have returned!"

Because I have returned...


Lu Chen staggered backward and his butt connected with the ground. He stared at the slightly smiling face in disbelief. Unconsciously, the smile on the woman's face began to fuse with that of the woman in his memories as if they were of one body.

At this moment, the faces of Xia Ming and his daughter were a particularly ugly shade. Their faces depicted nothing more than death. Regardless of how much strength they had to support themselves, they were instantly punched into foolishness by Gu Ruoyun's words.

"What on earth do you mean?" Xia Chuxue returned to her senses with great difficulty and stared at Gu Ruoyun with a pale face, "Are you saying that you're Xia Ruoyun? This is completely impossible! Xia Ruoyun is dead! Let's not discuss the possibility of reincarnation. Even if it actually exists, your ages don't match!"

Xia Ruoyun has only been dead for six years. Even if she had been reincarnated, she should only be around six years of age. How could this woman possibly be Xia Ruoyun?

She must be trying to scare me on purpose!

That's right, that must be it!

"Xia Ming." Gu Ruoyun slowly closed her eyes before opening them again. Her gaze now fell upon Xia Ming, "Do you all know that I've been living in hatred over these past six years? I've only ever thought of finding you every single moment of my life and getting my revenge! I can tolerate whatever you've thrown at me but I never expected all of you to be such lunatics! You would even kill your own wife, father, son and daughter but you never thought that I would be reincarnated and survive through the identity of another person!"

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