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Chapter 855: The Xia Family's Destruction (1)

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Xia Chuxue's expression changed drastically. Could it be that Bai Zhongtian knows of the relationship between the Oracle Tian Xing and my mother? Is that why he had dared to say such things?


That's not possible!

The Oracle Tian Xing has been assassinated, Mother had sent someone to make sure of that! Aside from the both of us, no one else should know about that affair.

Xia Chuxue's demeanor returned back to normal as she displayed a frosty smile on her elegant face.

"Bai Zhongtian, you can stop deceiving others now. I am the genuine Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda and this was a prophecy made by the Oracle. Could it be that you would not even believe in the Oracle Tian Xing's words?"

"Hehe, perhaps the Oracle Tian Xing has formed an alliance with you which was why he had spread a rumor like that."

Bai Zhongtian curled his mouth as he declared disdainfully.

"Disciple, what are you waiting for? Aren't you going to play the conversation?"

Gu Ruoyun glanced at Bai Zhongtian but she did not speak. Her gaze then fell upon Xia Chuxue's sneering face as she gently raised the corners of he lips, "There's someone else here and I wonder if you're acquainted with them?"


Xia Chuxue shuddered, "Gu Ruoyun, what are you framing me for this time?"

"Master, let him step out first. I'm sure that he has something to say to Xia Chuxue and her mother."

Just as the last syllable was spoken, a snow-white figure emerged from outside the crowd. Xia Chuxue and her mother, who were initially in a state of disapproval, both froze in place instantly when they noticed that figure. Qiu Na had quickly clasped her hands on her mouth and was trembling so violently that she could not speak. Her eyes were filled with dread and fear.

He's still alive!

This man is actually still alive!

That's impossible! The men that I had sent to assassinate him clearly told me that they had killed him so how is he still alive?

Unless those men had lied to me?

"Eh, isn't that the Oracle Tian Xing? Even though the Oracle Tian Xing doesn't have a lot of power, due to his prophetic skills, he has received high regards from His Imperial Majesty. It was quite sad that he had to leave a few years ago so what's he doing here now? Furthermore, based on the conversation between the Holy Doctor and the others, it seems that the Oracle Tian Xing had some sort of relationship with Madam Xia."

The spotlight was now on Xia Chuxue and her mother. The crowd was feeling even more suspicious, unable to comprehend the relationship between the Oracle Tian Xing and the two women.

However, the Oracle Tian Xing's next statement pretty much clarified their suspicions.

"Qiu Na, you are truly cruel! That year, you had come to me, begging me to help you to concoct such a lie for the sake of our daughter, Xia Chuxue. In the end, I even left Drifting Wind Country for your sake and now, to prevent the world from finding out about us, you even sent someone to kill me. What a waste of all the painstaking efforts I've done for you."

The Oracle Tian Xing shook his head disappointedly. Once he found out that Qiu Na had sent someone to hunt him down and have him killed, the love he had felt towards this woman has completely disappeared. All that was left was hatred!

She was indeed a poisonous woman! This woman would stop at nothing to achieve her goals!


This statement exploded like a stroke of thunder on a clear day into the minds of everyone present.

Xia Ming, who had initially intended to fly into a rage, was completely dazed. His face was now as livid as a pork liver as he stiffly turned to face Qiu Na. He glared at her with an ugly look on his face as he asked, "Is the Oracle Tian Xing speaking the truth? Is Chuxue is your love child? As for the matter regarding the Ancient Divine Pagoda, had you collaborated with each other to deceive the world? Qiu Na, tell me, is this true?"

To Xia Ming, the most important matter at hand now was whether Xia Chuxue was the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda or not rather than the fact that his childhood sweetheart was an adulterous woman.

The great sins he had committed long ago, his actions in killing Xia Ruoyun and her mother without hesitation, had all been because of Xia Chuxue's status as the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda!

Chapter 856: The Xia Family's Destruction (2)

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Qiu Na's face was now completely white. She knows that it was all over for her the moment the Oracle Tian Xing had appeared!

At this moment, her mind was completely blank. She could not even think.

"Father, what are you saying?" Xia Chuxue laughed icily and turned towards the Oracle Tian Xing, "Just because he's making claims doesn't prove that Mother has betrayed you. How could I possibly be his daughter? I am clearly the flesh and blood of the Xia family! This is true without a doubt! He must have been bribed. What proof does he have for his excuses?"

As she spoke, she glanced at Gu Ruoyun but saw the latter waving the jade ornament in her hand at her. She felt her heart instantly contract but she quickly regained her senses.

Previously, her father's statement had been recorded because he had been goaded by this woman in front of her! However, Gu Ruoyun had not been present at all when her mother had confessed about her relationship with the Oracle Tian Xing. Thus, they could not possibly have any proof!

"I've said it long ago. Knowing how shameless these Xia family members are, they would never admit to the sins they've committed." Bai Zhongtian rolled his eyes, "You no longer need to say anything else to these people. Show them the proof, it's also a good way to show the Xia family's true nature to the public!"

Xia Chuxue smiled cooly as she watched Gu Ruoyun disapprovingly. However, when she heard the voice which sounded from within the jade ornament, the color on her face changed immediately.

There were initially two voices from the jade ornament. A third voice then interrupted the conversation and it was pretty obvious who that third voice belongs to.


Qiu Na immediately fell to the ground. She then stared at the Oracle Tian Xing in utter disappointment.

She hated him!

She hated this man for having had a one night stand with her and to side with outsiders at a time like this!

However, Qiu Na never considered how she had previously treated the Oracle Tian Xing. If she had not sent someone to assassinate him, she would not have ended up disappointing him and caused him to feel vengeful towards her.


Xia Ming immediately returned to his senses and charged towards Qiu Na. His large hand reached out and grabbed onto her neck fiercely. Veins bulged from his forehead as he exclaimed savagely, "Explain this to me, honestly, is Xia Chuxue the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda?"

Qiu Na opened her mouth and tried to speak but realized that her throat was unable to make any noise. Her initially pale-white pallor was now flushed red as she stared pleadingly at the enraged man before her.

She hoped that this man would spare her on account of their many years of marriage.

However, to someone like Xia Ming, power holds a far greater position above everything else. Why should he spare her now that he has found out that he had been toyed with for someone else's pleasure? 

"No!" Lu Chen held his head tightly in his arms and wailed in anguish. He slowly closed his eyes because the searing pain had now warped his features.

I had murdered the woman that I loved deeply with my own hands for Xia Chuxue!

I thought that as long as I married Xia Chuxue, I could have the world! What was wrong with giving up on a woman for the sake of that? 

He now knows that he had been deceived! Even more than that, he had murdered the woman he loved for the sake of it!

Regret, guilt, and an endless amount of hatred began to envelop his heart. Suddenly, as if seized by a bout of insanity, he charged towards Xia Chuxue and slapped her tightly right across the face.

"Xia Chuxue, you had lied to me! All of you had promised me that as long as I helped you kill Xia Ruoyun and aided you to obtain the Ancient Divine Pagoda, you would marry me immediately. However, not only had you made me wait six years, you've also been lying to me for six years! Hahaha! I, Lu Chen, am an idiot. I had actually believed in your words! You, a person who would harm her own sister! As for you, Xia Ming! You're not any better either. That year, old Master Xia had not believed in the Oracle Tian Xing's prophecy and insisted on giving the Ancient Divine Pagoda to Xia Ruoyun. For Xia Chuxue's sake, not only had you schemed to murder Xia Ruoyun, you had not even spared your own father. After all, if old Master Xia were still alive, how would you ever have the chance to anything to the mother and daughter?"

Chapter 857: The Xia Family's Destruction (3)

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Lu Chen laughed maniacally. Whenever he remembered how much he had given up, he would feel as if ants were crawling and biting his heart. It was an agonizing pain that he could not bear.

Xia Ming's expression has changed completely, even his grip on Qiu Na's neck was loosening. He glared murderously at Lu Chen.

It was true that Xia Ming had been responsible for poisoning old Master Xia to death! However, not even Xue'er or her mother had known of this so how had Lu Chen found out?

"Hehe, you must be curious as to how I had found out about this?" Lu Chen sneered, "If I did not have some information which I could use against you, would I have been able to stay in this doomed petition for so long? Xia Ming, if you don't want anybody to find out about your sins, don't do it in the first place. I will now announce how you had murdered old Master Xia to the world! Let everyone bear witness to your deceitful face, Xia Ming. This is the price your Xia family shall pay for deceiving me for all these years!"

Lu Chen could not believe that Xia Ming had been unaware of the fact that Xia Chuxue was not the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda.

It was possible that he was not aware of Qiu Na's adultery, thought Lu Chen. Otherwise, he would never have behaved so lovingly to a b*stard daughter. However, Xia Ming was most certainly aware of the person who was the true Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda!

Hence, Lu Chen would burn with rage each time he thought of how everyone in the Xia family had collaborated to deceive him!

If it had not been for this scam, perhaps I would have long taken Xia Ruoyun as my wife. Knowing Xia Ruoyun's level of talent, her evolution into a Martial Supreme was only a matter of time.


Just then, a powerful force exploded and crashed into Xia Ming's body, causing him to stumble back. Just as he raised his head in anger, he heard a clear and cold voice coming from above his head.

"It was you who had murdered old Master Xia?"

The woman's eyes were completely frigid. Her gaze was so cold that there was not even one shred of emotion on her face. The woman's body was enveloped with murderous intent, causing his heart to panic.


Suddenly, he burst into laughter. His laughter echoed throughout the noisy main foyer and sounded absolutely terrifying.

"Since you've all found out about this, then no one shall be leaving today."

He slowly rose to his feet as an eerie smile appeared on the corners of his lips, "As long as you all die, the world will ever find out about this and I, Xia Ming, will remain a magnanimous and genuine nobleman!"

Hearing this, everyone assumed that Xia Ming had gone mad with rage.

After all, the Holy Doctor and Supreme Jin were both Martial Supremes, how on earth does he expect to defeat them both?

"Hahaha!" Bai Zhongtian laughed maniacally and asked disdainfully, "I'd like to see what method you would use to kill all of us here."

"Bai Zhongtian, you've only caused trouble for the Xia family all these years so the first person that I shall not spare is you!" A murderous intent flashed across Xia Ming's eyes before he suddenly cried out to the skies, "Lord Vermillion Bird, please help me destroy these people!"

Vermillion Bird?

Gu Ruoyun was stunned. Before she could return to her senses, she heard a long howl from beneath the skies. It sounded like ten thousand stampeding horses rushing towards them. Some who were at a slightly lower level of power immediately felt suffocated.

"Who is Gu Ruoyun? Bring her to me!"


An angry roar sounded, followed by a blazing flame that rained down from the skies into the main foyer immediately.

An enormous firebird, whose entire body was lit with a blazing flame, was in the air above them. Each flap of its wings sounded like the huffing sound of the wind. Its swift gaze swept across every face in the crowd with a domineering air. 

Chapter 858: The Xia Family's Destruction (4)

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"The Vermillion Bird? If I'm hearing this right, it sounds like Xia Ming had addressed it as the Vermillion Bird? Could it be that it's the legendary Divine Bird, the Vermillion Bird?"

"The Vermillion Bird is one of the Four Divine Beasts. However, they had disappeared many years ago so why is it here now? What kind of f*cking luck does this Xia family have to get the Vermillion Bird in their possession? It's no wonder he had dared to act so fearlessly."

The Vermillion Bird scoffed and was clearly not bothered about the humans who were talking about it.

"I'll ask one more time, which of you is Gu Ruoyun?"

As the Vermillion Bird uttered its second question, Xia Ming scurried over with jolting buttocks, bowing and scraping as he replied, "Lord Vermillion Bird, that's Gu Ruoyun, she's the one you're looking for!"


Instantly, the Vermillion Bird's eyes turned to face Gu Ruoyun and its fiery pupils blazed with a furious light.

"You're Gu Ruoyun? Good, that's very good. You shall die today!"

The Vermillion Bird then flapped its wings as if it could engulf everything under the sky with its flames, carrying a terrifying aura.

"Watch out!"

Supreme Jin cried out and appeared in front of Gu Ruoyun in a flash. His eyes were watching the enraged Vermillion Bird seriously.

The Holy Doctor, however, was not as worried. With the Ancient Divine Phoenix Zixie on the girl's side, one mere Vermillion Bird cannot harm her.

After all, between the Divine Beasts and the Ancient Divine Beasts, there was an entire gulf of difference in their powers. They would not even be able to break through the suppression of their blood vessels!

"Chi, what are you doing?"

Just then, a tender-sounding voice cried out in front of Gu Ruoyun. When the Vermillion Bird laid its eyes upon the figure in front of Gu Ruoyun, it was stunned. An even bigger raging flame then exploded from its body as it screamed, "You, get out of the way!"

"Vermillion Bird, stop!" Yunyao's expression changed greatly. Her initially elegant features had grown cold when she heard the Vermillion Bird's words, "If you don't stop, kill me first before laying your hand on her!"

The confused crowd looked at the woman in yellow robes who had just appeared in front of Gu Ruoyun, clearly unable to comprehend her relationship with the Vermillion Bird. However, this woman does not seem to be much more powerful than the Vermillion Bird.

How does she expect to stop the Vermillion Bird? They wondered in unison.

"Vile humans!"

The Vermillion Bird became even more incensed when it heard this, "This kid Xia Ming was right, you only know how to use spiritual beasts as a shield. If you're so great, then step out and fight me on your own! You're only good at using spiritual beasts to block your dangers, what kind of cultivator are you?"

Spiritual beast?

Everyone in the main foyer looked at each other.  Could it be that this elegant and beautiful woman is also a spiritual beast?

As Xia Ming stared at Yunyao's peerlessly gorgeous visage, a bad feeling entered his heart. However, he could not understand where this feeling had come from.

"A shield?" Yunyao was stunned as she knitted her brows, "What are you talking about? What shield? Vermillion Bird, as friends, we have not seen each other for so many years. Why has your temper grown even worse through the years? You even want to harm my master. However, she's not only my master but also a benefactor who had saved my life."

The Vermillion Bird scoffed and glared at Gu Ruoyun who was standing behind Yunyao's protective figure. It then replied irritably, "You don't need to lie to me, you're only doing this because you've been threatened by this woman! Xia Ming has told me everything. He had seen this woman maul you with his own eyes and she had captured the Azure Dragon to force you into submission. Furthermore, she then used your body as a shield against attacks. He could not bear to watch this woman abuse you so he had chastised her and had ended up festering in her grudge! However, don't you worry, I'll save you and Azure Dragon now. I think this Xia Ming fellow is a pretty good guy. After all, he does not think that we spiritual beasts should be used as shields for humans."

Chapter 859: The Xia Family's Destruction (5)

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Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Instantly, all eyes had turned towards Xia Ming and their gazes were filled with mockery and ridicule.

This fellow is truly a dog who can't stop himself from eating shit , the crowd thought in unison . He just loves to sow seeds of discord wherever he goes! He has even hoodwinked the naive little Vermillion Bird and spewed such sentimental sap like how spiritual beasts should not be used as a human's shield? How could this man, who had killed his own daughter, have any empathy for a spiritual beast who is completely unrelated to him?

Does he think that the people of the world are so easily fooled?

Xia Ming's brain was momentarily unable to process this.

What does the Lord Vermillion Bird mean by this? He wondered.

This elegant woman in yellow robes had been abused by Gu Ruoyun? However, at that time, I had clearly told the Lord Vermillion Bird that Yunyao, the White Tiger, was the one being abused.

Wait a minute?

White Tiger Yunyao?


Xia Ming's expression now drained of color and terror filled his eyes.

"Chi, who on earth has been captured?"

Suddenly, an azure light appeared from Gu Ruoyun's body and appeared in front of the eyes of the crowd.

The man was an extremely handsome sight to behold. His features were as sharp as a sword and his eyes were like those of an eagle's. Each move he made was filled with the demeanor of a king. Behind him was an old man with white hair and a white beard. However, this old man's face was smooth and unwrinkled. If one got rid of the beard, he could easily pass as a handsome young man.

The Vermillion Bird's eyes clouded over as the flames on its body gradually diminished. Soon, the flames died out and a small child appeared before everyone's eyes.

Before seeing the Vermillion Bird's human form, the crowd had all thought that it was an adult male or female hidden within the flames. However, now that its human form has been revealed, they could not help but feel shocked.

That furiously violent, domineeringly noble Vermillion Bird was actually a... Little lolita?

Especially that soft, supple little face which was so luscious that everyone was tempted to take a bite. Her flame-shaped red eyes were filled with tears as they stared tearfully at the three people before her.

"Leader, Lingxiao, you're here too? Sob, sob, I've missed you all so much."

When she finished speaking, the little lolita quickly ran towards the Azure Dragon and the others. The tear-stained look on her face made everyone forget her earlier awe-inspiring appearance.

"Leader, Yunyao, Lingxiao, I've been searching for you all for so long and so bitterly too. There were a lot of humans who had tried to capture me as well. When I met Xia Ming later on and followed him, he promised me to help find you all but I didn't think that you would all really be here."

Chi wiped the tears from her face but did not forget to send a fierce glare towards Gu Ruoyun.

"Leader, has this woman been bullying you? Don't worry, I've recovered half of my power so I can avenge you all now!"

"Chi!" Tianqiong's expression sank and he replied sharply, "You are not to be impertinent to the Master! Who told you that Master has captured me and threatened Yunyao?"

Chi's fire-shaped eyes filled with suspicion but she pointed honestly at the severely pale-faced Xia Ming.

"He had said that. He told me that he had witnessed all this with his own eyes. He even said that this woman had once declared that spiritual beasts are only meant to help shield humans from danger when they are fighting against their enemy! I only wanted to save all of you."

Chi curled her lips, it was this kind of notions that most people had which had brought about her hatred towards humans.

"Xia Ming," Tianqiong's chilly glare was like a sharp sword made of ice as it bore into Xia ming's being. He raised his head and stared commandingly down at him as he said, "Not only have you slandered my Master time and time again, now you've even caused a misunderstanding between my friend and my Master. You have indeed crossed the might of the Four Divine Beasts! Even though I have yet to fully regain my powers, I am more than capable enough to kill you on my own!"

Chapter 860: The Xia Family's Destruction (6)

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Xia Ming could not stop himself from stumbling back and he shut his eyes in despair.

He had thought that once he had obtained the Vermillion Bird, he would have something to be proud of. However, he never expected Gu Ruoyun to have three of the Four Divine Beasts in her hand. Because of this, no one on this mainland could be compared to her!

"Leader," Chi was still unable to grasp the situation at hand and eyed Tianqiong's cold features with suspicion, "What on earth do you mean? Has he slandered this woman? What is going on?"

"Chi," Yunyao shook her head and smiled exasperatedly, "After so many years, you're still the same and are far too naive. Do you believe in everything anyone says? Master has never hurt us, besides, she had saved all of our lives. Even if we were to sacrifice our lives for her someday, we would do it willingly and she would not need to force us to do that."


The Vermillion Bird was now thoroughly enraged!

This damned human has actually dared to deceive me and caused a misunderstanding between me and my friends' savior?

"Xia Ming, you damned brat, you dared to deceive me!!!" Chi gnashed her teeth as the fire in her eyes burned with increasing ferocity. The furious flames almost seemed as if they were going to flare out from her eyes, "Since you had dared to do such a thing, you must pay the price! I am a member of the majestic Four Divine Beasts yet I have been deceived by a tiny little human like you! If it were not for you, I would not have nearly hurt the wrong person by mistake. You can go to hell!"

Bang, bang, bang!

Endless flames spiraled in an earth-shattering manner towards Xia Ming, scaring him so badly that he urinated in his pants. His face was white and devoid of all color.


Tianqiong's face sank, "Don't kill him yet. Hand this person over to our master, she will deal with him."

Deep down, Chi was extremely displeased by this. With a wave of her hand, she extinguished the raging flames and turned around to look at the three friends behind her with a pouty and adorable little cherubic face.

"Hmph. If you don't want me to kill him, then I won't kill him. Besides, killing him will only stain my hands with filth. However, Leader, this human may have saved your lives but you don't need to follow her around. We spiritual beasts have always pursued freedom so why bind ourselves to limitations? Especially since this human's powers aren't very much to shout about."

Chi glanced at Gu Ruoyun as she spoke. This woman has considerable talent amongst the other humans. However, to her, she was not worth mentioning as long she was unable to defeat her!

"Chi!" Yunyao's expression changed because she had noticed the dark look on Xiao Zixie's face. She then hurriedly chastized Chi, "She is our master. We've sworn to protect her from the day we've contracted ourselves to her. You should probably prepare to form a contract with her as well."


Chi was stunned, she could hardly believe her ears.

"Yunyao, you're asking me to form a contract with a human?"

Yunyao nodded, "We're already bound to her so if you wish to continue to be with us, you will have to form a contract with her. Otherwise, from now on, we shall have to be separated."

Separated from my companions?

How could this be? I've been searching for them for so long, how could I willingly allow myself to be separated from them?

Chi's delicate pink cheeks flushed red. Her pitiful little expression was enough to invoke an urge to pamper her lovingly. She stared at Yunyao and carefully and asked, "Can I not form a contract? I don't want to become a human's tool for battle. Even though she had saved you, this was all definitely for the sake of goading you all into fighting for her."

It goes without saying that Chi was speaking the truth.

Chapter 861: The Xia Family's Destruction (7)

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When she had saved the three Divine Beasts, Gu Ruoyun had originally intended for them to fight for her. This was something that the three Divine Beasts were also well aware of. However, after having interacted with her for so many years, they have long developed a deep trust for Gu Ruoyun. They were even glad to have met her.

Gu Ruoyun had a small smile on her face the entire time. Her clear, cold gaze observed the little lolita with a smile. She believes that Yunyao and the rest would handle this matter very well for her.


When Xiao Zixie saw that Yunyao was about to continue her attempts to convince the Vermillion Bird, his adorable face darkened in a split second. He turned his arrogant purple eyes towards the little lolita and exclaimed in an insufferably imperious manner, "I'll give you a choice, form a contract with her or leave!"

Initially, Xiao Zixie had intended to threaten Chi with 'form a contract or die' but when he remembered that the Vermillion Bird has a rather close relationship with the White Tiger and the others, he decided that the threat would not be a good move so he had changed his words.

"You..." Chi was clearly enraged. She was about to lose her temper when she saw who Xiao Zixie was and was instantly shocked to her core.

Everyone thought that this Vermillion Bird has such a violent temper and would have definitely have lost her cool after being called out like that. Yet, in the end, they saw... Terror on her face?

That was right, it was definitely terror!

It was as if Xiao Zixie, who was only one head taller than her, was some sort of a monster.

"Why is it him? Yunyao, what is this pervert doing here?" Chi nearly jumped. Her expression was particularly horrifying and her tiny figure could not help but tremble. 

She, who had initially acted smug and arrogant, slowly grew meek under Xiao Zixie's watchful gaze and no longer dared to say another word. 

Yunyao laughed bitterly, "That's why I didn't want you to say anything else to avoid irritating him. I forgot to mention, this fellow is also the Master's contracted beast."


Hearing this, everyone in the room, aside from Bai Zhongtian who had long been aware of Xiao Zixie's identity, was stunned. Even the ones who were as solid as Supreme Jin could not help but shudder.

Spiritual beast?

This little guy was actually a spiritual beast too? Even the Vermillion Bird, a member of the Four Divine Beasts, was terrified of him?

Who on earth is he?

Xia Ming gently shut his eyes as his expression filled with despair.

It's no wonder that the Holy Doctor Bai Zhongtian had said such things. This little boy's origins are not that simple. The funniest thing was that I had previously assumed that he was the little son of an average family and had wanted to purchase him at the price of ten gold pieces as a present for Ling'er.

Someone who could strike fear into the Vermillion Bird's heart... Cannot be exchanged for an entire country, what more ten gold pieces!

Only now did Xia Ming clearly understand the kind of people he has provoked.

Was there any point in regretting it now? It was useless to dwell on regret over some mistakes after having committed them!


At this moment, outside the Imperial City of Drifting Wind Country, a figure in red landed on the city walls. He stood with both arms clasped behind his back as his handsome and grim features stared at the horizon with his lips curled into a smile.

"Yun'er, I shall see you again soon. Previously, I was not aware of who you were so I had let you slip through my fingers. This time, no matter what, I will not let you leave!"

Half a month ago, the members of Red Lotus Territory had discovered Gu Ruoyun's location. Hence, after he had finished all his business in the territory, that man had quickly rushed over. He hoped that he was not too late and that the little girl has not yet left this place.

The man in red no longer dallied at the thought of this. He then shot off the city wall like a bright, red arrow. He caught hold of an officer and snapped open the portrait in his hands, raising his eyebrows as he asked, "Have you seen the woman in this picture?"

Chapter 862: The Xia Family's Destruction (8)

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The officer clearly jumped with fright and trembled as he stuttered, "Ye... Yes."

"Oh? Then tell me, where in the Imperial City is she?"

"This... I've seen the woman in this picture having a dispute with the Lady of the Xia family, Xia Chuxue, as I was having a meal at Auspicious Blessing Tavern. She seems to be staying at that tavern."

Under Grand Lord Hong Lian's powerful coercion, the man conveyed this piece of information with great difficulty. He then watched as the man in red shot off like a red light next to him and soon disappeared from view.

Of course, the man in red was still unaware that Gu Ruoyun was now at Xia Chuxue's wedding ceremony. So, unsurprisingly, he had not managed to find the person he had been searching for in the tavern.


At the Xia family home.

Gu Ruoyun's clear and cold gaze fell upon Xia Ming's pale features. Murderous intent circled around her being as she spoke icily, "Xia Ming, when you had murdered old Master Xia and Xia Ruoyun that year, did you imagine that this day would ever come? I'm here today to avenge Xia Ruoyun in her place! However, I never thought that not only had you murdered your own daughter, even your father who had raised you had not been spared! Furthermore, based on the current situation, the unexpected deaths of the other heirs must also be related to you in some way."

Initially, the members of the Xia family had not been so sparse. Aside from Xia Ming, old Master Xia had also sired several sons and daughters. However, other than the daughters who had married into families in distant lands, everyone else had all died from accidents. None have been spared!

Since Xia Ming would even kill his own father, what other reason would he have to spare his brothers?


Xia Ming sniggered and rose to his feet from the ground. He stared at Gu Ruoyun and sneered, "So what if I did? Those people had once fought with me over the position of Young Master Xia, they all deserved to die!"


When they heard Xia Ming's confession, everyone in the room could not hold themselves back from exclaiming out loud.

Xia Ming had murdered his brothers and killed his own father. He has certainly committed every crime imaginable! They found it very hard to imagine that anyone in this world could be so cruel and heartless.


Suddenly, a loud noise sounded from outside the door. Gu Ruoyun knit her brows gently and after ordering Yunyao to watch the members of the Xia family, she hurriedly rushed out the door. However, when she laid her eyes on the two people who were fighting in the Xia family courtyard, she was instantly flabbergasted.

"Xiao Ye, what are you doing? Also, Godfather, what are you doing here?"

Gu Ruoyun felt slightly aggrieved.  Why are these two fighting in the Xia family home?


Xia Linyu noticed Gu Ruoyun immediately and his eyes lit up. He quickly scurried over to her.

"Yu'er, what on earth is going on?"

Gu Ruoyun's frown deepened as she asked Xia Lunyu.

"I'm not too sure myself." Xia Linyu rubbed his nose, "I was rushing over here with Big Brother Qianbei when this man, who has a picture of you, suddenly appeared and asked for some information about you. Big Brother Qianbei instantly marked him as a criminal and they began to fight. They had then fought and fought until they reached the Xia family home. Sister, you'd better hurry and stop them."

Gu Ruoyun was completely dumbstruck as she stared blankly at the two red figures who were fighting each other in mid-air, temporarily unable to return to her senses.

From her point of view, Xiao Ye has been around for a good number of years and her godfather was a cultivator whose very name shakes the mainland to its core. When had their tempers become so violent? They're fighting... All for the sake of a painting?

Had they not even bothered to talk in a civilized manner?

However, she was rather surprised at Grand Lord Hong Lian's sudden appearance and that he has been asking about her.

Could it be that something has happened in Red Lotus Territory?

Chapter 863: The Xia Family's Destruction (9)

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When she realized that the two men were getting completely swept up in the fight, Gu Ruoyun finally returned to her senses and frowned as she exclaimed, "Both of you, stop it this instant."

Once she had spoken, the two men in the air obediently listened to her. However, they still eyed each other with disgust and neither one of them was willing to back off!

"Xiao Ye."

Gu Ruoyun laughed bitterly with a hint of exasperation, "When have you become so brash?"

Qianbei Ye eyed the man in red but he ultimately descended from the sky to stand next to Gu Ruoyun and whined pitifully, "Yun'er, he had a painting of you in his hands so he must have bad intentions! I only wanted to snatch that painting away but he refused to give it to me so we had ended up fighting."

That's right!

According to Qianbei Ye's observations, this fellow must harbor some sort of criminal intent. Otherwise, why would he have Gu Ruoyun's picture? Furthermore, he has been all over the place trying to gather information about her.

If this was not criminal intent, then what was?

At this moment, the man in red no longer bothered to look at Qianbei Ye as he fixed his eyes squarely upon Gu Ruoyun.

His eyes carried a sense of excitement and joy. However, a vast majority of it was also clouded by guilt...

It has been so many years after she was born. I've never kept her company, not even for one day.

So much so that when she had appeared in front of me that day, I wasn't able to recognize this girl as the daughter whom I've been yearning for so long.

The man in red opened his mouth but was unable to utter the thousands of words that he wanted to say at that moment.

However, his eyes continued to stare at Gu Ruoyun, unable to bear the thought of turning away.

Qianbei Ye furrowed his brows and took two steps forward. He walked right in front of Gu Ruoyun, perfectly blocking her from the man in red's view.

"Damned kid! Get out of my way this instant!" The man in red was immediately enraged. This damned brat has dared to stick so closely to my precious daughter and had tried to snatch the picture of my precious daughter away from me!

Where is he placing me, her own father, at what position?

Obviously, Qianbei Ye was still unaware that he had offended his own future father-in-law. After all, Grand Lord Hong Lian was staring at Gu Ruoyun with far too much intensity and looked too vulgar for words. No wonder Qianbei Ye would view him as an enemy.

"Xiao Ye, this is my godfather."

Three black lines appeared on Gu Ruoyun's forehead as she explained exasperatedly.

Qianbei Ye finally stepped aside when he heard this but he continued to stay by Gu Ruoyun's side and sent warning looks at the man in red.

Grand Lord Hong Lian was nearly going mad with rage.

What is the meaning of this, you damned brat? He dares to glare at me in such a manner? Does he think that I'm going to try and kidnap my own daughter?

Wait a minute!

I am this girl's father, so what if I kidnap her? What, I can't take my own daughter away?

"Hahaha, I wonder what brings you to my humble little Drifting Wind Country, Lord Hong Lian?"

Just then, a loud laughter filled the skies. This was followed by a yellow figure who slowly emerged and appeared before their eyes. 

Supreme Gao had sensed the man in red's presence ever since he had appeared in Drifting Wind Country. Besides, he had threatened an officer tasked with guarding the city so it was impossible that he could have gone undetected! However, what shocked Supreme Gao was that Grand Lord Hong Lian had journeyed from so far away just to find a woman?

He has even brandished her portrait as he went around the entire place, questioning everyone about her!

Supreme Gao narrowed his eyes at the thought and turned towards Gu Ruoyun who was standing before the man in red. A peculiar glint flashed in his eyes. 


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