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Chapter 840: The Truth (1)

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When Gu Ruoyun and the others have left, Xia Chuxue quickly stepped forward and helped Xia Ming to his feet. She frowned and asked, "Are we going to let them go just like that?"

"Hmph!" Xia Ming scoffed icily and replied irritably, "What else should we do? I don't know what's happened to the Lord, I've called out to him twice but he never appeared! How could I have stopped these people alone? Since that's the case, we might as well let them leave."

"What if this matter reaches the Emperor of Drifting Wind Country's ears..."

"It's your fault for causing this mess!" Xia Ming turned around and glared at Xia Chuxue and a severe look flashed in his eyes, "Would this have happened if you hadn't tried to force Mo Shangfei to marry your personal servant girl? I know the hatred you feel for Mo Shangfei because he is a member of the Mo family. You hate Xia Ruoyun so naturally, you wouldn't like him either but did you ever consider how much of a genius Mo Shangfei is? I have been planning to use him to secure a marriage alliance and create benefits for the Xia family yet you had wanted to marry him off to a little servant girl? Even though I don't like Mo Shangfei either, based on his power, a servant girl is certainly not good enough for him."

My daughter has always been clever and quick-witted, when on earth had she become so stupid?

Xia Chuxue gently lowered her eyelids, concealing the cold light in her eyes.

If it wasn't for Supreme Jin's contemptuous treatment towards me, I would not have vented my hatred for Xia Ruoyun on Mo Shangfei's head!

"Father, I apologize, I know that I've done wrong."

She took a deep breath at the thought of this and raised her gaze, "However, we've provoked Gu Ruoyun this time so she certainly won't release Lu Chen now. Therefore, the marriage between Lu Chen and I..."

"No!" Xia Ming shook his head, "You must marry Lu Chen!"

Xia Chuxue's heart shook tremendously and her beautiful face turned as white as a sheet. She clenched her fists tightly and slowly steadied her trembling heart.

"Yes, I understand."

She knows that whatever she said now would be of no use.

Just because Xia Ming has pampered her so much over the years does not mean that he was being completely sincere. He had treated her well because of her talent and power. Moreover, she was also the true Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda!

She had long seen through his true intentions years ago!

"Xue'er," When he saw how Xia Chuxue has finally agreed to marry Lu Chen, Xia Ming's facial expression changed for the better, "I'm going to visit the Lord Vermillion Bird for a while. If you have no other business, go and accompany your mother."

He did not spare Xia Chuxue another look as he turned into a gust of wind and disappeared.

Once his figure has disappeared completely, Xia Chuxue then made her way towards the rear courtyard in a muddle-headed manner. She was so dazed that she still had not regained her senses even when she had reached a bedchamber's door. Just as she was about to push the door open, she heard a voice coming from behind the door.

"What are you doing here? Didn't I tell you? You must never show yourself in this place, ever! What if someone else found out that I had made you say those things years ago, then..."

The voice was sharp and nervous, causing Xia Chuxue's finger, which was about to push the door open, to freeze in place.

Her impression of her mother has always been one of a simple, elegant, tender, and virtuous woman. She never thought that her mother would ever sound so shrill but what was even more unbelievable, was that there was a man in her mother's room?

Furthermore, the relationship she has with that man seems a little unusual.

"Nana, we haven't seen each other in so many years. I happened to pass by over the past few days so I merely wanted to visit you. Besides, during that year, I had given up on my position as the Oracle for your sake. Do you truly not miss my old affections?"




Chapter 841: The Truth (2)

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Those words hit Xia Chuxue like a thunderstrike on a clear day, causing her to stumble several steps back as her already pale face turned even paler. She could not believe it; her mother, who was her father's childhood sweetheart, had an affair with another man?

"Tian Xing, get out! What if Xia Ming were to find out? We'd be finished!"

In the room, Qiu Na's expression was full of panic as she quickly tried to push the Oracle out of the door. The Oracle, however, reached out and held her hands tightly instead with warmth and affection in his eyes.

"Nana, don't you worry, I'll never let anyone know about us nor will I destroy the relationship between the both of you. Besides, aside from seeing you, my purpose in coming here is also because I wish to see our daughter. In the past, I had constructed such a lie in order to prevent our daughter from being abused in the Xia family. Unfortunately, that old man of the Xia family never believed in my words at all and even sent his men to secretly investigate me. Because of this, I had no choice but to flee to a foreign country. I had thought that I could return to this place after his death yet you keep trying to push me out the door. Nana, have I lost my usefulness to you that I can't even see you anymore?"

Qiu Na's expression has become extremely pale. That year, when the old Master of the Xia family was still alive, he was a cultivator who was on par with Supreme Jin. Hence, she had convinced Tian Xing, the Oracle, to escape to a foreign country. However, no one expected old Master Xia to end up dying from a strange disease despite their best efforts to cure him. As old Master Xia was no longer with the Xia family, they were left with Xia Ming who was an incompetent expert cultivator!

However, the Xia family now have Supreme Jin's help!

They also have the terrifying Divine Beast, Vermillion Bird.

Hence, Qiu Na had not dared to let Xia Ming find out the truth even now.

"Tian Xing, I beg you, please don't show your face anymore, I..."


Suddenly, the room's door burst open and Qiu Na's expression changed greatly. Her features contorted when she saw the woman in white in the doorway. She asked with a trembling voice, "Xue'er, what are you doing here?"

Xia Chuxue laughed icily and glared at the adulterous couple in the room, "If I had not been here, I would not have overheard your conversation! Mother, do you not find that you're disgusting? To be able to do such a thing, you're nothing but a sl*t!"

"Xue'er," The Oracle was still a little shocked over Xia Chuxue's appearance. When he heard her words, he could not help but frown, "Is that any way to speak to your mother? Don't you know how much difficulty she has had to endure over the years for your sake?"

"You shut your mouth!"

Xia Chuxue glared at him fiercely, "Get out immediately, I want you to leave the Xia family home now!"

"Xue'er," Qiu Na gaped as she tried to speak but when she saw the hatred in her daughter's eyes, she felt as if a pot of cold water had just been poured over her heart, causing a penetrating chill to rush over her body, "I'm sorry, that year, it was your father who had first broken his promise. He had thrown me aside for the sake of obtaining the title of Young Master Xia and used all sorts of schemes to obtain Lady Mo's heart. I hated him for that. I then happened to meet the Oracle, Tian Xing, by chance and because of that, we got together."

"However, I still loved your father. Hence, when he was willing to take me in as his concubine, I was absolutely delighted. I only understood the situation when I arrived in the Xia family home that that sl*t was the true Master of the Xia family and I was only a mere concubine!" As Qiu Na spoke, a hateful glare flashed in her eyes, "Even old Master Xia only recognized one daughter-in-law! He would always chase Xia Ming to that sl*t's bedchamber in the middle of the night! I was unwilling to be left in the cold so I once again had an illicit affair with the Oracle, Tian Xing. After that one time, I became pregnant with you."

That year, it was Xia Ming who had made grand designs for Lady Mo in order to protect his position. However, Qiu Na had never blamed Xia Ming for it.

Chapter 842: The Truth (3)

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He was the man she loved so how could she bear to even blame him?

Everything that he does was right, everyone else was wrong!

If it had not been for old Master Xia and that sl*t from the Mo family, she would have become the rightful Young Madam of the Xia family! It was because old Master Xia had proclaimed that whoever manages to gain Lady Mo's favor would then become the Young Master of the Xia family that the man she loved had let her go.


Xia Chuxue shook her head and stumbled a few steps back, "I'm not this man's daughter. I'm the flesh and blood of the Xia family so how could I possibly be his daughter? I don't believe it, I'll never believe your blabbering nonsense!"

"Xue'er!" Tian Xing's gaze darkened and he spoke in a stern voice, "If you were not my daughter, why would I have given the world that prophecy? What prophecy from the stars? Even though I am the Oracle, I don't have that ability and that prophecy had been solely made for your sake. As long as the Xia family believes that you are the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda and that Xia Ruoyun was the embodiment of calamity, you'll take her place as the true Eldest Lady."


Xia Chuxue was stunned. She stared at the Oracle Tian Xing and exclaimed, "What did you just say? Are you saying that the prophecy you've made, the one declaring that I'm the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda was for the sole purpose of helping me to gain my position?"

"That's right," The Oracle Tian Xing nodded, "Actually, you are not the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda and Xia Ruoyun is not the embodiment of disaster but I had no other choice. Unfortunately, old Master Xia had not been fooled by my words and still gave the Ancient Divine Pagoda to Xia Ruoyun. If you were truly destined for the Ancient Divine Pagoda, it would not have fallen into the hands of another."

That also proves that the declaration of Xia Chuxue as the true Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda had been made to purely help Xia Chuxue.

However, this revelation was like a bolt of lightning on a clear sky and it turned Xia Chuxue insane!

"You're lying, you're both lying! I am the true Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda! I am the most outstanding woman in the world! What right does she, Xia Ruoyun, have to steal what belongs to me? The Ancient Divine Pagoda should belong to me!"

Xia Chuxue gripped her head tightly in her hands and crouched on the ground. Her body gently trembled as tears streamed silently from her eyes.

When she found out that she had become a good-for-nothing, she had not become so desperate because, in the end, she believed that as long as she obtains the Ancient Divine Pagoda, she would have the chance to restore herself. However, were these people now telling her that the prophecy had been false?


Qiu Na went to her and embraced the woman on the ground tightly in her arms, "Everything he just said is true. I had asked him to spread those words accordingly too. Otherwise, you would only remain as the daughter of a small concubine. What status would you have in the Xia family then? Besides, if I had not done it, do you think that Xia Ming would have killed Xia Ruoyun and her mother?"

Xia Chuxue's body shook. She slowly lowered her hands and lifted her tear-stained face before speaking in a wretched voice, "Mother, what if Father finds out about this? After all these years, do you not understand what he's like? If he finds out the truth, he would not spare us!"

A cruel and heartless person like Xia Ming would never be lenient on them simply because of his love for her mother! Most importantly, after so many years, even the deepest of affections would deteriorate! His wonderful treatment towards them in past... Was it not all because she, Xia Chuxue, was the true Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda?

If he ever finds out that this was all a lie, knowing Xia Ming, he would never let them get away with it!

Chapter 843: Setting Up False Charges (1)

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Qiu Na's heart trembled as she stared at Xia Chuxue's tear-stained face. She gently closed her eyes before slowly opening them again. Her gaze was filled with resolve as she exclaimed, " Don't worry, he won't ever find out about this in this lifetime. You are still the high and mighty Eldest Lady of the Xia family! No one can treat you with disrespect! Anyone who threatens you... Well, I'll take care of them for you."

Xia Chuxue pursed her lips. At this stage, she knows that there was nothing else she could say for it would be useless. She could only think of how to keep this a secret!

"You should leave."

She stood up with her back facing the Oracle Tian Xing and spoke with an icy voice, "I don't want to see you and I will never acknowledge you as my father. I only have one father, Xia Ming! I am the flesh and blood of the Xia family and I'm not related to you in any way. You should leave now or I would have you captured and punished for breaking and entering!"

The Oracle Tian Xing glanced at Xia Chuxue and sighed. He wanted to speak but stopped himself. In the end, he turned around and left without another word.


Qiu Na gently lowered her eyelids and hugged Xia Chuxue 's trembling body tightly. A vicious light flashed in her eyes.

"If you don't like him, I can send someone to kill him!"

Xia Chuxue shivered as she stared in shock at Qiu Na's cruel expression.

All this time, she was under the impression that her father had been the vicious and merciless one while her mother would always be warm, tender and ladylike. She never thought that this woman would have such a vicious heart as well.

The Oracle Tian Xing had more than intimate relations with her, he had even helped her in a great many things. Now, for the sake of her own personal interests, she would have him killed?

An icy chill emerged from the tip of Xia Chuxue's toes into her heart. Her body shivered from the sensation, she could not feel a shred of warmth at all.

Father prizes his personal interests above everything else, Mother is the same.

Why do I not have a single normal relative?

Even though Mother keeps claiming that this has all been for me, in truth, this woman had only done all of this for her own sake.

Xia Chuxue took a deep breath at the thought of this. It seems that she has to make some decisions for herself as soon as possible.

Otherwise, once her usefulness runs out, she might end up like Xia Ruoyun and the Oracle Tian Xing.

"Mother, I'm feeling little tired."

Xia Chuxue steadied the turmoil in her heart and smiled, "Regarding the Oracle Tian Xing, I'll leave the decision to you, Mother. Xia Ming cannot find out about this, otherwise, we're both finished!"

"Alright," Qiu Na smiled gently, "You go get some rest first. I'll make sure that the Oracle Tian Xing vanishes within a few days. His presence on this earth is far too dangerous. Once he's dead, no one will ever find out about this secret."

Xia Chuxue took one last look at Qiu Na before she turned around and left the room. Therefore, she did not see that when she had turned away, Qiu Na's gentle expression immediately sank. The thoughts in her eyes were a mystery to the world.


In a secret chamber, Xia Ming could feel the broiling air bursting from within, nearly roasting his body alive.

He quickly dodged the flames directed towards him. A cold light flashed in his grim eyes.

"Lord Vermillion Bird. Why did you not hear me when I had called for you outside?"

A voice rang out from within the stone room, carrying a sneer, "Help you? Why should I help you? I asked you to find my companions but have you found them? You haven't brought me a single shred of news yet you wanted me to fight for you free-of-charge? Are you daydreaming?"

Chapter 844: Setting Up False Charges (2)

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Xia Ming took a deep breath to suppress the raging anger he felt in his heart. He then walked into the stone room.

Upon entering the stone room, he saw a ball of red flames sitting on the stone bench. Its red eyes seem to burn with a raging flame. It was impossible to see the person who was enveloped in the burning flames.

"Lord Vermillion Bird, are you going back on your word? We previously agreed that I would help you find your companions while you help me protect my family. How could you sit and ignore us in this manner?"


The Vermillion Bird slammed its hand on the table, instantly splitting it half. The flames on its head shot towards the ceiling as it roared in anger, "You still have the audacity to speak? I f*cking asked you search for them but have you found them? You can't find my companions and you dare say that I've gone back on my word? Find my companions then come see me. Leave. I want you to leave immediately! I do not wish to see you horrible humans within my sight. Leave now!"

Xia Ming already had a taste of the Vermillion Bird's explosive temper so he was not in the least bit angry, only his gaze deepened.

"Lord Vermillion Bird, do you not know that I had called out to you because I've found your companions?"

"What did you say?"


Suddenly, a flaming hand reached out and pulled Xia Ming in front of the Vermillion Bird's eyes. At this moment, Xia Ming could clearly sense the burning aura from within the Vermillion Bird. The aura made him feel sluggish and his face flushed red.

"Where are the Azure Dragon and the White Tiger? And that damned kid, the Black Tortoise. Tell me where they are!"

A malicious light flashed in Xia Ming's eyes and he smiled icily as he replied, "An uninvited guest had arrived at the Xia family home earlier on. Your companions have fallen into her hands. I then summoned you but you had ignored me!"

It was an excuse to frame Gu Ruoyun but then again, it was also quite true. The three Divine Beasts were in Gu Ruoyun's hands.

"No," The Vermillion Bird shook its head, "You're lying. If my companions were that close to me, I would have sensed their presence but I had not sensed them at all, not even a bit. They weren't here."

Spiritual beasts have always been sensitive to auras. Furthermore, the Vermillion Bird has the blood of a Divine Beast so as long as the Azure Dragon and the others were within a hundred meters nearby, it would certainly have been able to sense their presence.

However, the Vermillion Bird certainly never thought that Xia Ming had absolutely no intention of letting it find its companions.

Xia Ming knows very well that once the Vermillion Bird finds its companions, it would certainly leave the Xia family! The Xia family would then lose one of their trump cards. Hence, he had placed the Vermillion Bird in this secret chamber which had been constructed with special materials.

This room prevented the Vermillion Bird's aura from being exposed to the outside world. Similarly, it would not be able to sense anything from the world outside as well.

Of course, Xia Ming could never let it find out about this.

"Lord Vermillion Bird, you may not know this but I've met this woman. I've witnessed her torturing a white colored tiger with my own eyes. She addressed the tiger as 'Yunyao'. In the beginning, I wasn't sure whether that white tiger was actually one of the companions that you've been searching for, Lord Vermillion Bird. Therefore, I've been furiously investigating during this period of time. In the end, I found out the truth and that woman arrived! She had locked that white tiger away long ago so why would she bring it here?"


A raging flame exploded from the Vermillion Bird's feathers.

"Who dares to lay a hand on my companions? Who is that woman? I'm going to make her pay right now!"




Chapter 845: Setting Up False Charges (3)

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The Vermillion Bird was mad with rage.  We have the dignified blood of the Divine Beasts flowing in our veins yet they had been oppressed by a tiny little human? This was an unforgivable sin! I'm not going to let that woman get away with it!

"Actually, I don't know where that woman is myself." Xia Ming's eyes darted back and forth as he spoke. "However, in three days, my young daughter will be getting married. I will invite that woman to attend my young daughter's wedding and you, Lord Vermillion Bird, may emerge and avenge your companions. Sigh, that poor white tiger had been beaten black and blue at that time and was gasping, dying for breath. I wanted to stop her but that woman said that she had to subdue the white tiger and that she was a trump card which could help to protect her from any attacks. So it was her prerogative to treat her in whatever way she wishes."

"The audacity of that damned girl!" The Vermillion Bird was angered beyond measure and its eyes were spitting fire, "To actually say that we spiritual beasts are trump cards and shields for her against any attack? This was exactly why I have refused to serve humans. It was because they hold this kind of mentality!"

In ancient times, spiritual beasts and humans had been comrades in battle. However, human cultivators began to treat spiritual beasts as only tools in battle. As time passed, all spiritual beasts would rather die than to serve humans.

Xia Ming was aware of this so he had purposely constructed those words.

"Not only that," A malicious smile flashed across Xia Ming's eyes before he quickly reverted back to his righteous and morally upright manner, "That woman had also managed to capture the Azure Dragon, that was how she had forced the White Tiger to submit to her! Even I, as a human, can't bear to watch this. Spiritual beasts are supposed to be our companions yet this human has treated spiritual beasts with such cruelty. Humans like these are not fit to be called humans, they're worst than beasts!"

His words struck a nerve at the bottom of the Vermillion Bird's heart. The Vermillion Bird nodded and suddenly felt as if this human was not as hateful as the rest.

At least he had used the word 'companion'!

Amongst the hearts of humans, not many would consider spiritual beasts as their companions!

"Kid, when that woman appears, call me. I will come out immediately and destroy her!" Each time the Vermillion Bird thought of how that person had treated the Azure Dragon and the White Tiger with such cruelty, its body would tremble with anger. "Furthermore, I will make her understand that we spiritual beasts will never be satisfied with becoming weapons of war for humans!"

"Alright, I'll wait for you when that time comes, Lord Vermillion Bird."

Xia Ming then lowered his head and the corners of his lips curled into a smile.

This Divine Bird has been around for such a long time yet its heart is still too naive. I really can't comprehend how it had managed to stay alive for such a long time. It would believe whatever anyone says! Does it not understand the concept of 'humans have sinister hearts'?

Furthermore, Xia Ming has his reasons for planning this to happen during his daughter's wedding. He wants to create a sensation!

Otherwise, the Little Princess would definitely report everything which has happened today to the Emperor of Drifting Wind Country. By then, they might not be able to count on Supreme Jin so he had no choice but to utilize this trump card to intimidate the Emperor! This was to ensure that He would have some degree of fear towards the Xia family!

At the tavern.

Gu Ruoyun had just returned to her room when, not long after, an invitation card was delivered to her.

"Mm?" Gu Ruoyun mildly raised her brow and flipped the invitation card open. When she saw the two names on the invitation card, she could not help but smile, "Xia Chuxue and Lu Chen are getting married? However, Lu Chen is still in my hands. I wonder... How are they planning to get married? Zixie, what do you make of this?"

Chapter 846: Setting Up False Charges (4)

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Xiao Zixie appeared out of thin air and sat a chair. He sipped from a teacup on the table before turning to face Gu Ruoyun.

"You should let Lu Chen go then."

"You want me to release him?" Gu Ruoyun looked at Xiao Zixie with a smile that did not reach her eyes, "Why?"

"Idiot," Xiao Zixie rolled his eyes at her, his large irises making a big circle before he smiled maliciously, "If they're so eager to make an exhibition of themselves, let them. In three days' time, Qianbei Ye would have returned. When that time comes, we can start a fight in their wedding and turn their happy occasion into a funeral while we're at it."

"That doesn't sound too bad." Gu Ruoyun stroked her chin as she smiled and nodded, "On this day, Lu Chen's suffering shall be at an end. I'll ask Yunyao to release him. We'll wait for the wedding to present them with an earth-shattering surprise."

It has been six years!

It's time for me to put all this to an end.

"By the way, Xiao Zixie, did you manage to catch that sneaky figure we saw at the Xia family home earlier on?"

The Oracle Tian Xing!

She would never forget this man. No matter how many years have gone by, she has never forgotten his face. However, she never thought that the Oracle Tian Xing would be so bold to actually enter the Xia family home and as luck would have it, she had ended up spotting him.

"I followed him into Madam Xia's bedchamber and managed to eavesdrop on their conversation. I then intended to wait until there was no one around before capturing him but who would have thought that someone wants to have him killed. I caught those people and one interrogation session was enough for me to know that they had been acting under Madam Xia's orders. I've now handed that fellow over to the Holy Doctor."

Xiao Zixie then told Gu Ruoyun everything he had heard. As she listened, Gu Ruoyun could not help but feel stunned.

She had guessed that Qiu Na and the Oracle Tian Xing had some sort of relationship. Otherwise, why would the Oracle Tian Xing help Qiu Na to concoct a lie?

However, she never thought that the two of them had long engaged in a secret illicit affair and that even Xia Chuxue was not Xia Ming's flesh and blood...

"Xiao Zixie, what do you think? Would you say that once Xia Ming finds out about this, his expression would be an absolutely entertaining sight? For the sake of a b*stard child, he had murdered his own biological son and daughter! If he finds out that Xia Chuxue was not his daughter and is also not the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda, wouldn't he go mad?"

Gu Ruoyun stroked her chin. Whenever she thought of that scene unfolding before her eyes, she could not help but want to laugh.

"When that time comes, I'm not sure." Xiao Zixie produced the jade ornament flourish as if he was showing a precious treasure. There was a huge grin on his adorable and cherubic face, "I had taken the liberty to steal this from you when you asked me to follow that man so he wouldn't have an opportunity to deny the truth. I've already recorded their conversation."

That jade ornament was a divine weapon which could record voices given to Gu Ruoyun by Qianbei Ye before he left. Earlier on, Gu Ruoyun had placed it in the Ancient Divine Pagoda so when she had asked Xiao Zixie to tail the Oracle Tian Xing, in secret, he had taken it out in order to ensure that they had evidence.

Besides, due to the existence of their contract, he could also use the divine weapon whenever he pleased.

Gu Ruoyun clutched the jade ornament as her lucid and elegant features broke into a small smile, "It seems that this time, for Xia Chuxue and Lu Chen's wedding, we would not just be presenting them with one gift but two! By then, I will certainly give them an earth-shattering surprise. I wonder if they'll like it."

Mother, Maternal Grandfather, and the departed spirits of the Mo family...

I can finally avenge you now!

Chapter 847: The Wedding (1)

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"Have you heard? The Eldest Lady Xia of the Xia family is going to marry Lu Chen."

"Tsk tsk. The Eldest Lady Xia is not only an exceeding beauty who could enrapture an entire city, she also has outstanding talent. Coupled with the fact that the Xia family is backed by Supreme Jin, Lu Chen has certainly received the better end of the bargain by marrying her."

"Sigh, Xia Chuxue is both talented and good-looking. I had thought that only a man like Supreme Jin would be a good match for her yet I never expected her to end up with Lu Chen! It seems that Lu Chen has other intentions for hanging around in the Xia family. In the past, when he had approached Xia Ruoyun, I'm sure that it had all been because of Xia Chuxue."

"That's right, even though Xia Ruoyun was more powerful and talented when compared to Xia Chuxue, she was far inferior when compared with her younger sister whenever it comes to their character and kindness. Any man who has met Xia Chuxue would not possibly look at any other woman! How unfortunate that such a tender and elegant woman is about to become someone's wife."

In the tavern, due to the news that the Xia family had announced two days ago, the whole of Drifitng Wind Country had burst into a cacophony of discussion.

When Gu Ruoyun emerged from her room, she could already hear the discussion coming from beneath her. She slowly curled her lips and a smile appeared on her delicate and pretty face.

"Xiao Zixie, is today the day of Xia Chuxue's wedding ceremony?"

Xiao Zixie, who was standing next to Gu Ruoyun, nodded, "It seems to be. What? Are you going now?"

"Mm," Gu Ruoyun's smile grew even more pronounced but her eyes were still as clear and cold as ever, "Master should be about ready and Xiao Ye will be returning soon. Let's leave for the Xia family home now! I wonder if they'll enjoy the congratulatory gift that I've prepared for them?"

Without another word, she then walked down the stairs.

At Xia family home, the front yard was as busy as a marketplace.

A large, red symbol of joy had been plastered on the main gate. The chamberlain greeted each and every guest with a huge smile and registered their names on a piece of red paper.

Lu Chen stared at the crowd who was coming and going about and his eyes filled with great excitement. He never thought that he would be able to take Xia Chuxue as his wife so soon! After all, this woman not only had looks that would make one drool, she was the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda.

To have her as one's wife was equivalent to holding the world in the palm of one's hands.

The smile on Lu Chen's handsome face grew even wider as if everything under the heavens and on the earth already belongs to him.

Just then, an exceedingly festive flash of red appeared before his eyes.

He gazed upon the woman who was gliding down with the support of a servant girl and could not help but gulp. A light of joy flashed in his eyes as he hurried forward to receive her, "Xue'er, let us bow before the heavens and earth."

Once they have gone through the ceremony of worshipping the heavens and earth, they would officially be husband and wife.

Xia Chuxue held Lu Chen's robes in a tight grip. Her exceedingly beautiful face which was hidden by a red veil was extremely pale. However, in the end, she nodded her head powerlessly.

"Xue'er, to be able to take you as my wife in this lifetime... It is my greatest honor."

Lu Chen curled his lips into a smile as he led Xia Chuxue towards the main foyer.

As Lu Chen does not have any relatives, only Xia Ming and Qiu Na were seated in the seats of honor in the main foyer. They gazed at the bride and groom who were approaching them with a smile on their faces. 

"The first bow to the heavens and earth."

Following the master of ceremony's booming voice, Xia Chuxue slowly shut her eyes. Her entire being was completely desolate. Oh, how she wished that that man would appear at the very last moment and take her away. Otherwise, after today, there would not be another chance.

However, just as she was about to kneel, a grave and stern voice suddenly sounded from behind and caused Xia Chuxue's heart to shudder.

Chapter 848: The Wedding (2)

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"Apologies, this Supreme One had some business to attend to at the last minute which is why I've arrived late."


Xia Chuxue yanked her red veil aside in one swift move. Her eyes were filled with excitement and anxiety as she stared at the golden figure who was descending from the sky. Tears streamed continuously down her face as she asked in a trembling voice, "Big Brother Jin, you've arrived?"

He must be here to take me away. That's right, that must be it!

I knew that Big Brother Jin could never bear the sight of me marrying another man.

Supreme Jin slowly entered the main foyer as his cold and stern golden eyes glanced at Xia Chuxue without a single hint of feeling. His voice was as cold as ice and also sent a chill through Xia Chuxue's heart.

"You are Yun'er's younger sister so I'm here to attend your wedding."

Instantly, Xia Chuxue's face turned even paler. Her heart has never felt such disappointment as she gazed in sorrow at the man's handsomely chiseled features.

"Big Brother Jin, you..."


Xia Ming sensed that Xia Chuxue was about to utter something at an ill-timed moment and he hurriedly cleared his throat, stopping her from saying anything more.

At that moment, Xia Chuxue regained her senses and mildly lowered her gaze.

How could I have forgotten?

I'm now merely a good-for-nothing, how could I ever be good enough for Supreme Jin? If I were to confess my love for Supreme Jin right now, I would then destroy this wedding! By then, I, who have lost all usefulness, would be cast aside by Xia Ming!

Xia Chuxue slowly steadied her emotions as she thought of this. She then fought back the tears in her eyes and smiled.

"I'm sorry, Big Brother Jin, I was too excited about having you here to attend my wedding ceremony so I was not able to contain myself..."

Supreme Jin stood tall with his hands behind his back and did not say much upon hearing Xia Chuxue's words. He then quickly turned away and did not bother to even look at her again.

"Let's continued the wedding ceremony."

Xia Chuxue took a deep breath and slowly turned around. At this moment, no one knows the amount of hatred which burns within her heart.

Would I have been turned into a good-for-nothing if it had not been for Gu Ruoyun? Would Big Brother Jin then act so coldly towards me? This was all that woman's fault!

"Continue? I'm afraid that you won't be able to continue this wedding ceremony."

Suddenly, an elderly voice sounded from outside the main foyer. That voice fell into every ear in the room and immediately caused an enormous commotion.

"That... Isn't that the Holy Doctor? What is he doing here?"

"Tsk tsk, there's going to be a good show now. Supreme Jin has arrived to attend the Xia family's wedding ceremony and even the Holy Doctor has arrived as well! However, the whole world knows that Supreme Jin is currently hunting the Holy Doctor. Why would he so boldly show himself here now?"

"Hehe, I wonder who's going to win when the Holy Doctor and Supreme Jin fight?"

Supreme Jin was silent. He did not say a word as if he was unaffected by the debate amongst the crowd.

His gaze fell upon the figure in green standing next to the Holy Doctor and an almost undetectable glint flashed in his eyes.

"Father, Mother." Xia Chuling immediately spotted Xiao Zixie who was next to Gu Ruoyun. Her large eyes blinked as she pointed at him and said, "It's the boy that I liked the last time, that's him. I want him to play with me. Buy him for me, please?"


Hearing this, the crowd could not help but exclaim.

Even though they had no idea who the purple-eyed little boy was, since he had followed the Holy Doctor into the room, he must have a more than average relationship with the Holy Doctor! Yet Xia Chuling of the Xia family had demanded to purchase someone on the Holy Doctor's side?

Chapter 849: The Wedding (3)

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"Hmph!" Bai Zhongtian scoffed and stared disdainfully at the two people on the seats of honor. He then spoke to them in a sarcastic manner, "The Xia family's education system is pretty good, even a little lady only a few years of age would act like such a despot and try to snatch someone away in front of me! Do you have any idea who he is? Do you think that you'd be able to pray the price for him if you knew his true identity?"

"I don't care, I want that little boy," Xia Chuling pouted and puffed her cheeks, clearly incapable of understanding the situation before her, "Father said that he would be mine sooner or later! Besides, Big Brother Lu Chen also said that he's only worth over ten gold pieces. Our Xia family can afford that."

Bai Zhongtian nearly laughed with madness.  Over ten gold pieces?

She wants to purchase the Ancient Divine Phoenix, Zixie, for over ten gold pieces? Is she certain that she isn't teasing him?

"Ling'er!" Xia Ming expression changed greatly as he berated her in a stern voice, "Who taught you to say these things? I've never made such a statement! I'm going to change your Master within the next few days, it seems that he has been teaching you some nonsensical things! You've not inherited any of our Xia family's noble character and unquestionable integrity!"

Xia Chuling was completely dazed. She stared at Xia Ming with tears in her eyes and the pitiful look on her face was an extremely heart-wrenching sight as if she had just suffered an enormous wrong.

She could not understand it, her father was clearly the one who had said those things to her so why has he pushed the blame onto her Master?

However, Xia Chuling only needed to take one look at the ugly expression on Xia Ming's face before she quickly ran to hide in her wet nurse's embrace, not daring to say another word.

Bai Zhongtian felt the urge to laugh again.

Having a noble character and unquestionable integrity were characteristics used to described other people but this was the first time he has ever heard anyone using those terms to describe themselves.

"Bai Zhongtian, despite the fact that you've murdered Yun'er, you've come to attend Xue'er's wedding ceremony so I won't be calculative with you today! I'll settle the debt with you once this wedding ceremony is over! Others may fear you, Bai Zhongtian, but I, Xia Ming, do not! As long as I can avenge Yun'er, I would not hesitate even if I have to give up my own life!"

Xia Ming purposely spewed these words for the benefit of Supreme Jin's ears.

He does not understand why Supreme Jin did not move once the Holy Doctor Bai Zhongtian had arrived. Could it be that he no longer wishes to avenge Xia Ruoyun? Besides, Supreme Jin's gaze has never left Gu Ruoyun since the beginning...

"You..." Supreme Jin fell momentarily silent and his stern gaze was fixed upon Gu Ruoyun as he asked, "What kind of relationship do you have with the Holy Doctor?"

Gu Ruoyun shrugged as she curled her lips and replied, "He's my master."


The initially silent guests who were seated in the hall could no longer contain themselves after hearing these words.  This woman is the Holy Doctor's disciple?

Supreme Jin's eyes sank momentarily before he spoke in a deep voice, "You should leave. Don't interfere in the matter between the Xia family and the Holy Doctor. This does not concern you so leave now, I don't want to hurt you."

The reason why he does not wish to hurt her was not only because she was the Grand Lord Hong Lian's adopted daughter.

It was even more so because she had an aura which was similar to Xia Ruoyun's.

Simply because of this, he could not bear to hurt this woman.

Xia Chuxue clenched her fists tightly and her vicious gaze was like a sharp sword which had been tempered in poison as she glared fixatedly at Gu Ruoyun. However, all eyes were on Gu Ruoyun and the rest of her party at this moment so no one had noticed the vicious look in her Xia Chuxue's eyes.

"Is it possible that you, Supreme Jin, are unaware that not only am I the Holy Doctor's disciple," Gu Ruoyun smiled as she raised her gaze towards Supreme Jin's handsomely chiseled features, "Even Xia Ruoyun had been his disciple as well?"

Chapter 850: The Wedding (4)

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If one was to say that the first part of Gu Ruoyun's sentence could stun a person, the next part of her sentence was like a stroke of thunder on a clear day which exploded directly above their heads.

Based on everyone's knowledge, the Holy Doctor had been responsible for Xia Ruoyun's death!

However, no one knows that Xia Ruoyun had been the Holy Doctor's disciple! If that was the case, why would the Holy Doctor kill her?

"I know."

A complicated look appeared in Supreme Jin's eyes, "That's why I would like to know the truth behind this matter."

Honestly speaking, he does not believe that the Holy Doctor was responsible for murdering Xia Ruoyun either. Hence, he had wanted to find the Holy Doctor so he could find out the truth. If the Xia family had been telling the truth, he then would kill the Holy Doctor and avenge Yun'er at all costs!

"You should leave, this really isn't a place for you." Supreme Jin looked at Gu Ruoyun, "Otherwise, if I actually find out that the Holy Doctor was the true culprit behind Yun'er's murder, I will kill him! When that time comes, I might accidentally injure you."

"Lord Supreme Jin!"

Just as Gu Ruoyun was about to speak again, a sneering voice spoke, "How could this be false? The Xia family had investigated the matter for over six years before we managed to discover the truth. Xia Ruoyun had indeed been murdered by the Holy Doctor. As for this woman, she was an accomplice! It was she who had helped the Holy Doctor to secretly assassinate Xia Ruoyun in order to receive his good graces! It's true that the Holy Doctor was Xia Ruoyun's master. It's because of this very reason that his actions were all the more despicable! He had killed his own disciple for the sake of personal gain, can a man like him even be considered human?"

"Are you sure?"

Supreme Jin redirected his gaze from Gu Ruoyun towards Xia Ming. At that moment, there wasn't a shred of emotion in his cold and stern stare. His voice was as cold as the inside of an icebox.

Xia Ming was mildly shocked. He did not understand what he could have said to provoke such a sudden change in Supreme Jin's attitude.

"Of course it's true!" Xia Ming steadied his emotions and nodded, "I can confirm that these two were the culprits behind my poor daughter's murder."

"Xia Ming, you're certain that she had helped the Holy Doctor to harm Yun'er?" Supreme Jin pointed at Gu Ruoyun as he questioned with an emotionless face.

If this had been the start of the matter, he would still have believed Xia Ming's words. However, upon hearing the latter's words, his heart was filled with disappointment.

Amongst the Martial Supremes, Grand Lord Hong Lian was ranked as the best of the best. His name was even included in the mainland's Wind and Cloud Register! Furthermore, he was the only Martial Supreme to have his name on that list! Hence, would Gu Ruoyun, as Grand Lord Hong Lian's adopted daughter, even need to curry favor with the Holy Doctor?

One was a high-level Martial Supreme, the other was merely at mid-level. The two simply could not be compared!

Even though the Holy Doctor was considered as the number one physician in the mainland!

"Xia Ming, you're certainly adept at shifting the blame!" Bai Zhongtian burst into laughter as he cast a disdainful look at Xia Ming's face, "That year, for the sake of helping Xia Chuxue forcibly take the item which old Master Xia had entrusted to Xia Ruoyun prior to his death, not only had you murdered Xia Ruoyun's mother, you had even destroyed the entire Mo family and then forced my disciple to become homeless. She wasn't even able to attend her own maternal grandfather and mother's funeral! Hence, she had been treated with scorn for six years while both Xia Chuxue and you have enjoyed flattery! Over the course of these six years, I've been investigating the Xia family for the sake of bringing justice to my disciple. You grew afraid so you used Supreme Jin in a plot to have me killed! Haha, I'm sure you never expected that I would appear right in front of you."

Bai Zhongtian was not afraid of Supreme Jin for if they were to fight, no one could be sure who would emerge as the victor. However, he does not wish to be entangled in a senseless fight! If he really wanted to go against Supreme Jin, both parties would suffer heavy losses and he would not be able to avenge his disciple at all.

That was the reason why he had been hiding from Supreme Jin all this time!

Chapter 851: Unmasking The Truth (1)

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The noisy main foyer instantly became quiet.

The guests looked at each other in dismay. Their eyes were filled with surprise, it was obvious that they were unsure if Bai Zhongtian had been speaking the truth.

"Hehe," Xia Ming chuckled with a sneer. His lips then curled into a scornful smile, "Bai Zhongtian, stop your venomous slander. You even dare to spew such baseless statements! Xia Ruoyun was my daughter born from my own flesh and blood. Why would I want to kill her? However, it's a good thing that the eyes of the world are clear. I believe that everyone here knows what kind of person I am! It was you who had colluded with this woman to harm my poor daughter. Now, you want to shift the blame onto someone else! Let me tell you that with the honored guests and Supreme Jin present today, you have no chance of getting away with your malicious scheme."

Bai Zhongtian shrugged his shoulders. He then turned towards Gu Ruoyun and asked with a grin, "Disciple, where is the wedding present that you've prepared for Xia Chuxue?"

Gu Ruoyun had never said a word since the beginning of this altercation. Instead, she had been observing Xia Ming's expression. Now, upon hearing Bai Zhongtian's voice, she smiled indifferently and with a flip of her hand, displayed a sparkling and translucent jade ornament in her palm.

"This is the congratulatory gift that I've prepared for the newlyweds Xia Chuxue and Lu Chen. I hope that you, the members of the Xia family, will like it."

When they heard this, the eyes of every guest turned to look at Gu Ruoyun's palm and a disdainful expression crept up on their faces.

"It's merely a jade ornament and the Xia family has plenty of these. Is it possible that the high and mighty disciple of the Holy Doctor is gifting them something so common?"

"Even though the workmanship on the jade ornament isn't too shabby, unfortunately, this gift is far too ordinary. I had been expecting some sort of grand present instead."

"It's also a good thing that the Master of the Xia family has a pretty good temper. He had managed to keep his composure in the face of such humiliation. If it were me, I would have flipped out long ago! Now, she's even using a jade ornament as a congratulatory gift. Isn't that just saying that the Xia family is now so poor that they can't even afford a jade ornament?"

Gu Ruoyun maintained a serene smile on her face despite hearing the whispers laced with mockery from the crowd. She then slowly transmitted a sliver of spiritual energy from the palm of her hand into the jade ornament right before the crowd's eyes.

A smug and fierce voice rang out from the jade ornament...

"So what if I've done all those things? It was that rebellious daughter, Xia Ruoyun, who had failed to recognize what was good for her! She disobeyed her father and bullied her stepsister! She even had the audacity to snatch away the treasure which was supposed to have been her stepsister's birthright, an absolutely seditious act! The Ancient Divine Pagoda was supposed to belong to Xue'er. Meteors had fallen from the sky and the sky lost its color on the day Xue'er was born, symbolizing that she is the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda! However, Xia Ruoyun, who was also born on the same day, carried disaster in her bones and would bring misfortune to the Xia family!"

"Unfortunately, I was unable to retrieve the Ancient Divine Pagoda from that damned sl*t before she died! She was just as wicked as her own mother! If it was not for the fact that her mother was a member of the Mo family, I would never have married her! What a joke, I love Xue'er's mother alone. Only a kind woman like her is worthy of me!"

"Gu Ruoyun, do you think that people would believe you once you've spread the word? Right now, in everyone's eyes, I, Xia Ming, am a true nobleman who places love and loyalty above all! No one would believe that I would ever do such a thing!"


At this moment, the atmosphere in the main foyer had grown very quiet. Thus, that familiar voice echoed clearly in everyone's ear.

Even Xia Ming himself was in shock. His face almost immediately turned so pale that he looked like he does not have a single drop of blood left in his body.

Chapter 852: Unmasking The Truth (2)

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"Gu Ruoyun, it goes without saying that you've made sufficient preparations before coming here." Xia Ming quickly recovered and laughed icily as he said, "However, I think you should ask the person that you've hired to imitate my voice to show himself. Haha, what an absolute joke! Do you think that just because you've produced that device, you could prove that I've killed my own daughter? I, Xia Ming, have never confessed to such a thing. You can forget about framing me!"

Xia Ming certainly does not believe that there could possibly be anything on this earth which could record voices. He reckoned that someone had imitated his voice from behind the scenes. Even though these were indeed his own words, as long as he does not admit to it, would these people be willing to believe him or this woman?

The crowd immediately began to dive into a debate. Just then, a cold and stern voice slowly spoke.

"If this Supreme One is not mistaken, that jade ornament is the mythical Auspicious Divine Jade! It is ranked as one of the best amongst the divine weapons. It does not have any abilities in battle but it has a rather mystical attribute. It can use spiritual energy to seal a person's conversation within the jade. After that, one only needs to transmit one's spiritual energy into the jade to replay the recorded voice."

This meant that this particular conversation was indeed a recording of something Xia Ming had once said, preserved in the Auspicious Divine Jade.

Xia Chuxue's expression changed greatly in one split second. She stared in sorrow and disappointment at Supreme Jin's increasingly cold and severe features.

She could not believe that Supreme Jin, who had been friends with the Xia family for so many years, would desert the Xia family at a time like this and help this woman.

However, at this moment, Xia Chuxue had completely forgotten that Supereme Jin had protected the Xia family only for Xia Ruoyun's sake! After realizing that the Xia family was behind Xia Ruoyun's murder, why would he continue to help his own enemy?

"What does Supreme Jin mean? Didn't Xia Ming say that someone was imitating his voice from behind the scenes? Why would Supreme Jin, who has always helped the Xia family, accuse Xia Ming now?"

"Hehe, could it be that you've forgotten? Supreme Jin doesn't have much of a relationship with the Xia family. All these years, he has been helping the Xia family simply because of his friendship with Xia Ruoyun, whom he would have risked his life and limb for. Besides, according to Supreme Jin, it seems that Xia Ming has indeed confessed and his confession had been secretly recorded. That means that he's the true culprit behind Xia Ruoyun's murder."

"Xia Ming himself had said so earlier on that a tiger, though cruel, will never devour its cubs. This slap in the face will leave a large swelling on his face soon! I've never expected that the Master of the Xia family would turn out to be such a hypocrite. Clearly, I've misjudged him!"

Xia Ming staggered back as his features completely drained of color.

If someone else had made this statement, he would still have some room to make a retort. However, against with Supreme Jin's statement, these people would never believe Xia Ming no matter what he said!

The most hateful thing of all was the damned girl, Gu Ruoyun, who had completely drilled him into place! Despite having a cunning mind throughout his lifetime, he has actually fallen into the palm of that little girl's hands!


Suddenly, Xia Ming laughed maniacally. His laughter contained a hint of misery, "That's right, it's true. I killed Xia Ruoyun!"


The crowd had not expected Xia Ming to admit to it in such a straightforward manner. The confession pretty much served as an explosion that put everyone in a daze as they stared at him foolishly.

"Father!" Xia Chuxue's expression changed greatly. Why is father confessing so quickly? I can pretty much forget about obtaining Supreme Jin's heart as a result of this!

However, Xia Ming does not seem to hear Xia Chuxue's voice. He closed his eyes sorrowfully then slowly opened them again.

Chapter 853: Unmasking The Truth (3)

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"And so what? Do I not feel agony after killing my own daughter? I had no other choice!" Xia Ming looked extremely wretched as if his heart was truly breaking over Xia Ruoyun's death. "All these years, I've never forgotten her and have always lived in great agony every moment of the day! Do you know the truth behind what actually happened? That year, that rebellious daughter had joined forces with the Mo family and tried to kill Xue'er and her mother!"

"What did Xue'er ever do? Simply because of the Oracle's prophecy that she was the true Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda, Xia Ruoyun had ganged up with the Mo family and raised her hand against Xue'er and her mother all for the sake of obtaining the Ancient Divine Pagoda. Even my own father had ended up dying by their hand! What's wrong with me trying to exact vengeance for my own father? Where is my sin in trying to protect my own daughter? If a rebellious daughter like her was allowed to walk this earth, how many would continue to die by her hand?"

Xia Ming looked bitter as his face displayed great sorrow.

"Yes, it's true that I had said those things mentioned by the jade ornament but I had been goaded into it as well! Every time I think of how Xia Ruoyun and the Mo family had murdered my father, how she wouldn't even spare the kind and gentle Xue'er and her mother... My heart would fill with rage! That's why I had said those cruel things, it was because I was so angry!"

"Father, say no more." Xia Chuxue threw herself in front of Xia Ming. Her eyes filled with tears as she shook her head, "We've already discussed this previously, leave some dignity for Older Sister since she's already dead. It's time to forget about all this, don't let the world curse at her anymore. She's still my sister after all. How can I bear to leave her with such an evil reputation? Besides, during that year, I had mentioned that if older sister truly wishes to kill me, let her kill me. If my death could bring her conscience back, I would die with no regrets."

Gu Ruoyun curled the corner of her lips, smiling as she watched the father and daughter echo one another.

If she was not that evil woman that they were slandering, perhaps she would have been blinded by their act as well.

Similarly, Supreme Jin continued to observe the two with an icy look in his eyes. His expression was devoid of any emotion as he cooly watched the father and daughter who were embracing each other and bawling.


Xia Chuxue had slowly turned around and approached Supreme Jin. She then knelt down, raising her tear-stained face towards him as she spoke remorsefully, "Big Brother Jin, I'm sorry that I've lied to you all these years. The true culprits behind my sister's death were the Xia family! The reason why I did not tell you the truth was because my sister was too good of an actress and had always deceived you with a mask. I could not bear for you to find out about this so if you really want to avenge my sister, kill me instead. It's only right for me to meet my sister in hell and apologize to her."

Once she finished speaking, she closed her eyes. Her pale, white face looked calm and unafraid of death.

Xia Chuxue still felt very confident when it comes to Supreme Jin. This man would never have the heart to hurt her after interacting with her for so many years! Besides, everyone now knows that it was Xia Ruoyun who was in the wrong. Supreme Jin would never raise his hand to hurt a person without clarifying the truth.

However, Xia Chuxue had obviously viewed herself too highly.

Supreme Jin slowly raised his hand and aimed it straight at Xia Chuxue's head.

The slap was so swift and fierce that one could feel a gust of wind building up along with it. Xia Chuxue could feel it even with her eyes closed.


Lu Chen's expression changed greatly as he appeared in front of Xia Chuxue in a flash, quickly pulling her into his embrace.


The hit landed on Lu Chen's back and caused him to spit out a mouthful of blood. His handsome face has completely drained of color. At that moment, all he could feel was an intense pain in the internal organs of his body as if they were all being crushed by the sheer force of that one hit.

Chapter 854: Unmasking The Truth (4)

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Is this the true power of a Martial Supreme?

Even after I had put up all of my defenses, his attack was still able to pass through them straightaway and destroy my protected body?

It was a good thing that Xia Chuxue was not in jeopardy!

As the true owner of the Ancient Divine Pagoda, Xia Chuxue will one day inspire awe throughout the corners of the world. When that time comes, I could have the wind and rain if I wished and the grudge I have from this one slap today will be returned to him at a later time, a thousand or ten thousand times more!

That's right! Lu Chen had decided to save Xia Chuxue not because he loves her but for the sake of his position in the future.

"Big Brother Jin, you... You would want to kill me?"

Xia Chuxue lifted her pale face and stared in disappointment at the cold and stern-looking man. Just a while ago, she had clearly felt this man's murderous intent and that one slap was just as merciless!

If Lu Chen had not rushed over, her head would have been split open on the spot and she would have died tragically!

However, Xia Chuxue could not understand it. Xia Ruoyun was only a deceased friend and she had been interacting with Supreme Jin for over six years now. Why does he still continue to treat her so cruelly even after finding out that it was Xia Ruoyun who had started all of this?

"Do you want to kill her, Supreme Jin?" Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders as she gazing smilingly at Xia Chuxue, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience but no one else except me can have this woman's life!"

Supreme Jin, who was about to attack again, frowned when he heard Gu Ruoyun's declaration. He then put his hand away but his icy stare remained devoid of warmth as he glared frostily at Xia Chuxue before him.

Xia Chuxue's heart trembled. She no longer wanted to look at Supreme Jin's cold and indifferent gaze as she slowly rose to her feet and walked towards Gu Ruoyun.

"I thought it was strange from the beginning that you would want to get close to my bodyguard. Now I understand, you're doing all of this not just for Xia Ruoyun. You talk of avenging her all the time but in truth, it was also because I am the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda! As the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda, I am destined to live an extraordinary life so that's why you've come to kill me!" Xia Chuxue laughed icily before she continued, "You've toyed with my poor bodyguard who is now dangling in the palm of your hand. You're just like Xia Ruoyun who would scheme endlessly and be vicious and savage! If you really have any conscience at all, you shouldn't do this. I, Xia Chuxue, have never done anything to you. Why do you insist on provoking me? Previously, I've been too kind so I had allowed myself to be humiliated by you repeatedly. Now, I will not allow myself to give in to bullies like you!"

This time, Bai Zhongtian did not wait for Gu Ruoyun to speak. He sneered at her and jeered tauntingly, "You won't give in to our bullying? Then you should have powers as well! Could it be that you're unaware you've become a good-for-nothing now?"


Tsk tsk.  Bai Zhongtian's gaze filled with ridicule when he heard that word. If Xia Chuxue was considered to be a kind woman, then this world would not have any wicked people at all.

"Good-for-nothing? Xue'er, what is he talking about? You're a good-for-nothing?" Lu Chen's expression changed drastically, "How did you become a good-for-nothing?"

Instantly, all eyes fell upon Xia Chuxue.

Xia Chuxue laughed icily, "That's right, my powers are now regressing but so what? I am the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda. Once I have the Ancient Divine Pagoda, I can restore my powers!"

Lu Chen heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this. Just then, Bai Zhongtian's mocking laugh filled the air once again.

"Haha, the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda? Xia Chuxue, are you certain that you're the Master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda? Where is this Ancient Divine Pagoda, can you let us have a look at it?"

Bai Zhongtian was filled with glee. Xia Chuxue had long been aware that this was all a lie concocted by the Oracle and Qiu Na yet she could still make such a declaration like a solemn vow.

It seems that I've truly underestimated the members of the Xia family.

"By the way, dearest disciple, doesn't your jade ornament contain another conversation? Won't you play it for us to hear?"


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