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Once he finished speaking, the man cut off their connection.

The Immortal Master wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and heaved a sigh of relief, "It seems that I must absolutely capture the Gu siblings. Otherwise, if I provoke this Lord, my life would be forfeit. However, the Gu siblings are cunning so I can only attack them during the Demon War."

A cold light flashed across his eyes and the Immortal Master regained his usual haughty and cold demeanor. He then left the room.

The War of Gods and Demons was an event which recurs every ten years.

It was said that the demons occupy a small area on the mainland with an impassable cliff. Not even Martial Emperors could fly across it! As such, under normal circumstances, the demons would also be unable to leave the area.

However, every ten years, a movement would occur once at that section.

Because of that movement, the cliff which prevented them from crossing the land would disappear and they would be connected to the world outside. Each time that happens, the demons would attack the citizens of the mainland in an attempt to take over.

One should not underestimate the demons just because their numbers seem small. In actual fact, the demon's reproduction rate was extremely shocking. However, if a demon wishes to increase their powers, they would need to feed on their own kind! Hence, those who manage to survive under these natural laws of elimination were the best of the best!

At this moment, on a mountain peak not too far away from the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, countless tents had been set up overnight. From a distance, one could see a densely packed clump.

"Little girl, you've arrived?"

The Honorable Sir Tianqi recognized Gu Ruoyun who had been approaching them from a distance away. His eyes shone as he hurriedly stepped forward, "Ah, right. Where are the forces you command? I've heard the sensation that you've caused! Tsk, tsk. I don't know how you've managed to make so many Martial Honors submit to you."

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

Just then, she clearly noticed a sneaky figure amongst the team from the Spirit Sect and her eyes flashed with a cold light.

The Honorable Sir Lingshang clearly felt her gaze and trembled. He quickly hid in the crowd and disappeared from view. 

Previously, he had tipped the Immortal Realm off on Gu Ruoyun's movements in an attempt to secretly get rid of her. At that time, he had run into something at the last minute and was unable to follow the members of the Immortal Realm to the front. When he had finished with whatever he had on hand and rushed over, all he saw was a ground littered with dead bodies.

Of course, Gu Ruoyun was not amongst the dead! They were all the bodies of the disciples of the Immortal Realm with his own disciple amongst them as well.

Instantly, the Honorable Sir Lingshang was dazed with shock. There were many strong cultivators in the Immortal Realm so how could it be possible that they had been unable to defeat one woman? Nevertheless, the reality of it all has proven this point! When he heard of what had happened at Lan Yuge's birthday celebration, he was completely dumbfounded.

He could never have imagined that Gu Ruoyun would have such powerful forces under her command.

Regardless of the shock, the Honorable Sir Lingshang's hatred towards Gu Ruoyun had not diminished. On the contrary, it deepened.

His hatred had grown for no other reason than the fact that this woman had killed his disciple!

Kun Nan was his favorite disciple and regardless of whether he had committed a hundred crimes, he should never have been punished with death! This cruel woman had given him such a horrifying end!

So, whenever the chance comes, I must kill this woman and destroy any chance of a proper burial for her corpse!

A malicious light flitted across his eyes as the Honorable Sir Lingshang clenched his fist. He took a deep breath in order to contain himself from the urge to cause trouble for Gu Ruoyun.

His disciple had ended up dead due to his brashness, he would not make the same mistake. 

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