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In the guestroom, Ye Nuo plopped his cheeks onto his hands in boredom. His big, bright eyes shone like stars in the night sky. Suddenly, his vision froze in place as he stared in astonishment at the girl who was entering the room. 

She was dressed in green robes and her hair cascaded down her shoulders like a rippling waterfall. The young girl did not have a face that could bring down a country but she had a kind of ethereal beauty which was pure and moves the heart. 

Her eyes were clear and cool like the glow from the light of the moon. 

Ye Nuo was in a daze. He never thought that, after cleaning herself up, this woman... Would actually look this good.

Infract, she was much better looking than most of the women he had met.

"Ugly ha..."

His habit had turned into instinct. Ye Nuo was about to call her names again but forced himself to swallow his words. His cherubic features flushed red with embarrassment and his expression was completely unnatural. 

"Woman, after cleaning yourself up... you look almost human."

Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow at Ye Nuo but did not reply him. Suddenly, someone kicked the door open with a loud bang. 

"So, these are the two beggars that the Second Lady had brought in. Our elder has issued an order to have the both of you thrown out!"

The guards barged into the room and stared disdainfully down at Gu Ruoyun and Ye Nuo with mockery. 

What kind of a place do these people think this is?! Do they think that anyone can come and go as they please? What a joke! The Murong family holds great prestige and not just anyone can enter our home.


Ye Nuo's little face darkened and emitted a strong air of nobility. He frowned and stared at the guards before him before asking with arrogance, "Who're you calling a beggar? Have you ever seen a beggar quite as dashing as me?"

Gu Ruoyun lightly raised her eyebrows as she thought, Even though this Ye Nuo is nearly the same age as Bai Chuan, their personalities are vastly apart. 

Bai Chuan was very mature for his age. This kid, however, seems to have been spoiled rotten from a young age, causing him to hold such a childish personality. 

Nevertheless, based on the aura emitting from Ye Nuo's body, one could clearly see that he didn't come from just any powerful organization. 

"You little b*stard, we're talking about you. You're nothing but a beggar! Does our Murong family home look like a place that you can sully at will? What are you waiting for? Get out at once! If you're really short on cash, there's a whorehouse not too far off from here. You can go there and earn some money. Don't think you can just come in here and ask for money freely. You are such a wretched creature."

Ye Nuo widened his eyes upon hearing the insults from the guard's mouth. He pointed right at his nose and asked, "You're asking me to sell myself to a whorehouse?"

"That's right. You're young but you're not bad looking at all. If you go there, you'd be able to fetch quite a pretty penny. There are a lot of adults in Black Rock City who fancy a soft, tender little boy like you. Especially once they drip candle wax on that delicate skin of yours, I'm sure it'll look really good on you, hahaha!" The guard threw his head back and laughed as he spoke with a voice dripping with disdain. 

Ye Nuo's face burned red with rage. He, who was raised in an environment filled with splendor, has never had to deal with such insult. 

"I'd look really good? You wuss!"


He aimed his foot fiercely at the lower half of the guard's body as he gnashed his teeth in anger, "You f*cking dared to insult me? If I don't beat you to death today, my name isn't Ye Nuo!"

Everyone was stunned. Obviously, they didn't think that Ye Nuo would act upon his words. No one was even prepared for this. 

However, in that moment, no one thought that a ten-year-old boy like Ye Nuo could have moved with such speed and attacked the guard who had insulted him. 

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