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The end of the cold blade of a sword touched Shi Yun's back, followed by bone-piercing murderous intent to drive it into the woman's body.


A fist landed violently on Wu Yue's chest, sending Wu Yue's body flying out of the way like a kite with a broken string. Fresh blood dripped continuously from her mouth and her white robes enhanced her pale pallor 

"Junior Sister, are you alright?"

Leng Yanfeng glared coldly at Wu Yue then looked back at Shi Yun and spoke gently, "Junior Sister, I'm sorry I've arrived a little late. Don't worry, I will protect you no matter what. I will never let you die even if I have to sacrifice my life."

Ever since that young woman in white had pulled him out from a deep ravine all those years ago, his very life belonged to her. This will never change, not in this lifetime.

"Wu Yue!!!!"

In the plaza, Wei Yiyi turned into a gust of wind and rushed into the arena. She helped Wu Yue to her feet as anxiety and worry displayed clearly on her charming face, "Wu Yue, are you alright?"

"Cough, cough!"

Wu Yue coughed and spat out a mouthful of blood. She replied weakly, "I only wanted to... Kill Shi Yun with my own hands, I hate her... I hate her for inflicting such misery upon my very being, Senior Aunt, I... Am so full of hate!"

Even after so many years, she could never let go of this hatred she's feeling. Many times, in the middle of the night, she would still have nightmares of the inhumane torture she has had to suffer.

If it wasn't for my Master who happened to pass by and save me, she thought, I'm afraid I would have long been dead!

"Wu Yue, don't you worry. Shi Yun will die! She will not have an easy death!"

Wei Yiyi gritted her teeth and replied hatefully, then felt a pang of ache in her heart at the sight of Wu Yue's frail state. She quickly pulled out a few silver needles and pierced them into her body, stopping her from spitting out blood. 

"Shi Yun," Gu Ruoyun glanced at Wu Yue then looked at Shi Yun and asked, "Do you know who she is?"

Shi Yun bit her lip and turned away, refusing to even look at Gu Ruoyun.

"I don't know."

"You don't know?" Gu Ruoyun smiled intimidatingly, "Have you really forgotten that you still had an identical older twin sister? Back then, you were incapable in cultivation but your older sister was at the cusp of her start as a talented cultivator. Later on, you accidentally discovered a book containing secrets on absorbing the mental capacity of others in order to cultivate and your powers received a sudden boost in strength. However, you did not like having a person who looked exactly like you to exist in the world you live in. So you had her locked up, destroyed her looks, and frequently tortured her cruelly. To the world outside, you told everyone that your identical twin sister was dead."

Shi Yun's already pale face turned even paler upon hearing Gu Ruoyun's words yet she still objected, "What nonsense! I don't have an identical older twin sister. You're framing me!"

"That's right, not many people knew that you had an identical older twin. Once that incident had happened to her, all words regarding this matter had been sealed off." Gu Ruoyun laughed coldly, "Now, I'll let you have a look at the face that is completely identical to your own."

Just as she spoke, she shot Wei Yiyi a meaningful look. 

Wei Yiyi nodded and slowly removed the white silk from Wu Yue's face with her fair hands.

Her disfigured face was revealed immediately before the eyes of the entire crowd. 

Even so, everyone could not help but gasp at the sight of that face. 

"That face, it's definitely identical! It's absolutely a carbon copy of Shi Yun!"

"Even though shapeshifting spells can be used to change a person's looks, it cannot possibly make an exact copy of another face. This is something that cannot be achieved through shapshifting spells. Unless you were to carve out the face of the person you want to impersonate but Shi Yun's looks still seem alright, so nothing like this could possibly have happened."

In contrast to the shockwave coursing through the crowd, Leng Yanfeng was completely motionless from the moment he had laid eyes on that face... 

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