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In that instance, a white light enveloped the cat. Its body started to enlarge like a balloon being filled up with air. The cat grew bigger and bigger. Soon, a large and majestic white tiger appeared before the eyes of the crowd. 

"A Martial Emperor spiritual beast!"


Bai Xiangtian quickly rose to his feet as he fixed his eyes on Yunyao. He gritted his teeth, "She actually has a Martial Emperor ranked spiritual beast!"


A spiritual beast at the rank of a Martial Emperor?

His words stunned the entire crowd, especially the ones who had been laughing at her just a while ago. Their faces drained of color as their smiles froze in place. They were so astonished that they were completely speechless. 

"A Martial Emperor spiritual beast? How... How is this possible? That weak, spiritual pet with zero fighting skills was actually a Martial Emperor? And its true form is a gigantic white tiger!"

The crowd could not help but gasp. The originally smug Medicine Order disciples began to slowly retreat and their eyes were filled with fear. 

If it were only Gu Ruoyun alone, it would be an easy job. Yet now a Martial Emperor spiritual beast has appeared. This might not be so easy after all.

"Yunyao," Gu Ruoyun yawned, and said absent-mindedly, "Take care of these people for me."

"Yes, Master."

Yunyao replied. She then slowly and gracefully made her way towards the Medicine Order swines. 

Every step she made was like a stone striking into the hearts of the group with a dull, depressing thud.

Rongyue's heart was already filled to the brim with jealousy. She simply could not understand why such an outstanding man like the silver-haired man would only display such gentleness in front of this woman. 

And now, this outstanding spiritual beast would pledge her loyalty to this woman and call her its master!

Rongyue quickly suppressed her dissatisfaction at the thought of this. She turned her gaze towards Yunyao who was slowly approaching her, "As a spiritual beast of the tiger race, and one at the rank of a Martial Emperor, why would you want to listen to the orders of a person like her? How about this, if you pledge your loyalty to the Medicine Order and serve me, we will give you a seat of honor. We will never force you to do anything you do not wish to do and will provide you with the best services. We will never deny you anything that your heart desires."

Yunyao paused in her steps and asked with a smile that did not reach her eyes, "Really? If I pledge my loyalty to you, the Medicine Order will give me anything I wish?"

"Of course."

Rongyue's heart leaped in joy and she quickly nodded, "I will give you anything you wish."

Hearing this, the audience could not help but shake their heads. 

Based on the situation at hand, Gu Ruoyun's spiritual beast will soon belong to the Medicine Order. 

After all, there was nothing that the Medicine Order cannot obtain. This spiritual beast must have considered that as well. 

Besides, the Medicine Order's proposition was far too attractive. 

A seat of honor was something that it truly needs, instead of a position as a mere footsoldier. 

"That's good." Yunyao smiled. She then spoke in an eerie voice in the face of Rongyue's complacent expression, "I want all the lives of the Medicine Order, will you give that to me?"

Rongyue's expression fell and her eyes now held a hint of gloom, "I'm sure you know what proposition is best for you! If you become a member of the Medicine Order, I can ensure that your power will grow stronger in a much shorter period of time. That's much, much better than following her around. If you miss out on this opportunity, it may never come again!"

Yunyao raised her claws elegantly as her shining, gleaming and beautiful eyes turned towards Rongyue's arrogant face. She curled the corners of her lips into a slight smile and said, "Do you think so highly of yourself? That you are a peerless genius? Unfortunately, in my eyes... In the eyes of I, Yunyao, any genius, no matter how great, pales in comparison with my Master. None can be compared to her. Even if you were to offer me the position of the Order Master of the Medicine Order, it will be inferior to becoming her saddled mount!"

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