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In an instant, all eyes had turned to the arena. They could not help but laugh once they saw that small, childish figure.

"Tsk tsk, looks like the Dongfang family is ready to throw in the towel... Sending a young boy into the arena... How is this different from bowing out and giving way to the competition?"

"Perhaps this is the suspenseful battle that we've never had for so many years, and it'll be the most laughable I've ever witnessed so far! Could it be that the Dongfang family has run out of fighters?"

The chattering gossips of the crowd had no effect whatsoever on Bai Chuan. He merely furrowed his brow with profound maturity and observed his enemy in complete seriousness. His small face held a kind of somber maturity far beyond his years. 

"Don't worry, little man. When the time comes, I'll be a little gentler on you. Even I can't bear to harm such a cute little guy like you."

Zhao Lin rubbed his fist and stared smilingly with pearly-white teeth at the bright-eyed young boy.

Honestly, amongst the team members of the Peaceful Heaven Order, he was considered to be at the bottom of the rank. He was still a low-level Martial King! He had expected to lose this round but instead, the opposition had sent a small child who was not even a Martial King as a representative. 

Now, wasn't this a special gift to him?

"Uncle." Bai Chuan blinked as his soft and tender face lit up with a smile, "I'm only here to have fun. So please be a little gentler, I'm a bit afraid of enduring the pain."

Initially, Zhao Lin was rather surprised at the sight of the child's display of maturity — having kept his silence in the face of such a great slew of humiliation. However, upon hearing Bai Chuan's request, he could not help but laugh. 

A child will always be a child, they will never lose their naivety!

This child is probably a disciple from a direct descendant of the Dongfang family, so he's utilizing this opportunity to have some fun, thought Zhao Lin. However, I will make this little guy understand that this is not his personal playground. 

"Haha, don't worry little guy. I won't hurt you at all!"

Zhao Lin burst out laughing before charging towards Bai Chuan without even drawing his weapon.

The tiny figure stayed very still in the arena and did not move a single muscle. It almost seemed as if he was petrified with fear as he stared with wide eyes at the large man charging towards him.

"Alright, the competition is over."

Bai Xiangtian sneered and shook his head, "The losing team this round will be the Dongfang family again."

He could already see the little kid being picked up by Zhao Lin and thrown out of the arena. A match like this between two opponents with such a vast difference in rank, there wasn't a lot of suspense. 

The Honorable Sir Tianqi stayed silent. He wrinkled his brows and was unsure of what to think as he stared at the arena with troubled eyes. 

"Is the Dongfang family really going to lose? No! Knowing that girl, she would never risk the lives of anyone close to her unless she was absolutely sure. I don't believe that this little boy would lose so easily."

Just as Zhao Lin was about to grab Bai Chuan's arm, the young boy's small body moved aside. His opponent ended up grabbing the corner of his sleeve instead, ripping it off entirely and exposing his fair, dewy-white skin. 

"Uncle, if you want to fight, then fight. Why must you tear off my clothes?"

Bai Chuan stumbled a few steps back and covered his arm with tears glistening in his eyes. The hurt look on his face was as if someone had ravaged him. He bit his pretty pink lips and said, "Could it be that you have that sort of addiction? You like children?"

Zhao Lin's face turned white then green. Based on his estimation in range, he should have been able to catch Bai Chuan with total accuracy.

Yet this child was actually able to dodge my attack? He thought. No! It's surely a coincidence. This must definitely be a coincidence!

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