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Xueyi began to feel calmer upon hearing her reassuring words. As long as they had that person's promise, they need not fear the consequences. 

There weren't many people left standing in the arena. The Dongfang Family team stood together in a circle and stared alertly at the Medicine Order disciples who were advancing towards them.

Wei Yiyi's expression had remained the same from the very beginning but no one knew of the earth-shattering emotions she was feeling within her.

It has been over ten years. 

During these past ten years, how many times had she dreamt of this scenario and thought about how impossible it was that she would have the chance to duel with the disciples of the Medicine Order at the Trials.

She will not let her Master down, no matter what!

"All of you, stand down. Let me handle them."

Wei Yiyi took a deep breath and a thick murderous intent appeared on her charming face. 

The crowd went into a daze. Forget about the disciples of the Medicine Order, even the Dongfang Family disciples did not know what Wei Yiyi was up to! After all, she was up against five Martial Kings. Even though she was a Martial King as well, she was heavily outnumbered. How could she possibly be a match for them?

"Lady Wei, isn't it a bit far-fetched for you to face them alone?"

Qingyun frowned as she asked. 

"This is a grudge between me and the Medicine Order!" Wei Yiyi raised her head and her eyes filled with an unusual determination, "I will not lose to the Medicine Order here! This is my fight with them and it has nothing to do with any of you. All of you, watch from the sides."

Realizing that the disciples of the Dongfang Family were about to speak further, Wei Yiyi no longer gave them the opportunity to speak and charged immediately towards the group of five.

"You're overestimating your abilities!"

The disciples of the Medicine Order sneered, "Do you still think that you are the senior aunt Yiyi of days gone by? Now, you are no different from us and still, you want to face all five of us alone. You'll be the first to die!"


His cold blade flashed as he brandished it at Wei Yiyi. 

Wei Yiyi's expression grew serious at the sight of the lightning-fast blade coming towards her.

"That woman was only a Martial King and she thinks that she can defeat all five of them on her own?" Bai Xiangtian deepened the crease in his brow and shook his head, "The Dongfang Family has certainly gotten more and more useless, producing such an egotistical disciple."

Unless this woman holds a treasure equivalent to a spiritual weapon, she wouldn't stand a chance against the odds! He thought. Furthermore, the disciples of the Medicine Order are no weaklings!

"Lady Gu, this..." Dongfang Changjin looked doubtfully at Gu Ruoyun.

She had faith in her but one Martial King against five... No matter how you look at it, it was simply outrageous.

If the Dongfang Family was eliminated from the competition, they won't get a second chance. 

Gu Ruoyun did not reply and only stared silently at the shock of red robes in the arena with an unreadable expression on her beautiful face. 

No one knew how Wei Yiyi had managed to endure the past ten years. If it were not for her thirst for revenge that pushed her forward, she would not have progressed to this day. She would support Wei Yiyi's decision in whatever she does.

"The Medicine Order?"

Wei Yiyi's robes fluttered against the violent winds as a disdainful smile hung on her beautiful and seductive face. She swept an intimidating gaze across each and every face of the disciples of the Medicine Order.

"Are you really fit to be the disciples of the Medicine Order? The Medicine Order under that woman's control... I don't think that there's much to shout about! Today, I, Wei Yiyi, shall clean up the organization in my previous Master's place!"

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