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It was a city in the clouds, in short, Cloud City. As the name implies, this was a city built within the clouds. It was also the place where the Three Great Authorities would come to select geniuses. However, because Cloud City was located in the clouds, it was only accessible by a pegasus of Cloud City.

However, aside from the Divine Trials, Cloud City was not like the world outside. No one was allowed to enter the city most of the time.

At this moment, in a small villa below Cloud City, a noisy crowd turned silent upon seeing a group of people slowly approaching their location. After a long pause, they began to softly debate amongst one another.

"The only lady at the very front is Dongfang Changjin of the Dongfang family. It would seem that the group that has just arrived are the representatives of the Dongfang family."

"The Dongfang family? Long ago, only Dongfang Yu was the most prominent figure. I can still remember the year when I had participated alongside Dongfang Yu in the Trials. At that time, her innate skills shocked everyone and the Three Great Authorities competed amongst themselves to entice her but in the end, she had refused all three offers. Unfortunately, the heavens were jealous of heroic geniuses. After Dongfang Yu's death, it seemed that such a genius may never grace the halls of the Dongfang family ever again."

"Hehe, that's just the way it is, right? Previously, the Dongfang family had Dongfang Yu so they had always been ranked as number one in the Divine Trials. Ever since Dongfang Yu's death, the Dongfang family has turned into a lowly existence and no peerless genius has ever appeared in so many years."

That year, Dongfang Yu could be described as a genius who had shaken the world and was an unsurpassed legend! Once, she used her power as a newly-minted Martial Emperor to ward off a joint attack by two mid-level Martial Emperors on her own and defeated both of them without a hint of injury. Even the normally snobbish Immortal Realm was extremely shocked by her talent and offered to take her in as a subordinate. But that genius girl never liked being subjected to restrictions so no matter how great their offers were, she had rejected them.

Gu Ruoyun faintly curled the corners of her lips as her pure, beautiful face filled with a smile.

So, my mother, whom I've yet to meet, had been so outstanding, she thought. And I, as her daughter, am so proud of her! This time, even if it weren't for my brother, I will still walk the path that had once been traveled by my mother.

"These are your pegasus. After this, you may enter Cloud City."

After inspecting the identities of every representative in the Dongfang family, the soldiers of Cloud City opened the way. It was at that moment, however, when a cold laugh was heard from behind them.

"As the lowest existence, you have no right to be placed in the front. Dongfang Changjin, I'm sure you won't mind giving us those horses? You never know, I might even ask my Medicine Order disciples to spare you during the trials."

The Medicine Order?

Upon hearing the name of the faction, everyone subconsciously parted aside, giving the center of the road to the group.

If one considered the Dongfang family's accumulated power as the strongest, then, besides the Three Great Authorities, the Medicine Order would be considered as the privileged ones among those of the younger generation.

Especially Rongyue, the Master of the Medicine Order's apprentice. In just two months she had reached the rank of a mid-level Martial Emperor and was considered to be unmatched in her generation. Most importantly, her medicinal skills were absolutely perfect. It was rare that anyone could defeat her in this area.

"The Medicine Order?"

Gu Ruoyun's expression grew cold and her icy gaze swept towards the woman who had just spoken.

Qianbei Ye suddenly sensed a difference in Gu Ruoyun's demeanor and squeezed her hand, frowning at the members of Medicine Order. If my guess is right, it would seem that Xiao Yun has some form of enmity towards the members of Medicine Order, he mused.

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