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When the dust had settled, Gu Ruoyun turned towards Master Dongfang and raised an eyebrow as she said, "I've helped you to solve the matter. Now, as for reorganizing the family, I'll let you personally handle that on your own. I won't stick my foot in that. Xiao Ye, return Elder Linli to him."

Master Dongfang's expression was filled with dignity and his voice was filled with virtue, "Servant, for Elder Linli's high-level violations, he shall be stripped of his title as an elder from this day forward. Take him to the torture chamber and await my orders!"

It's best to take advantage of this opportunity and review the Dongfang family's traditions.

Immediately after he spoke, the doors burst open and a group of armored guards charged in to restrain the struggling Elder Linli.

"Haha, you will regret this, you will all definitely regret your actions today!"

Before being taken away, Elder Linli let out a terrifying laugh, making everyone's hairs stand on end.

But no one would plead mercy for him and some of them were powerless to defend themselves so how would they have the headspace to bother about him?

"Xiao Ye, let's go."

Gu Ruoyun yawned, her eyes fell on the man next to her and she smiled as she spoke.

Then, she turned and walked out.

Outside the meeting hall, under the azure skies, the man paused in his steps. His red eyes fixed their gaze upon the young girl in front of him with a peculiar light flashing from within his stare.

"Xiao Ye?"

Gu Ruoyun was momentarily stunned and turned around to face the man, "What's wrong?"

"Just now, you had told them that I belong to you," Qianbei Ye looked extremely shy and his eyes were staring at Gu Ruoyun in anticipation, "Is that true?"

"Mmm?" Gu Ruoyun raised her eyebrow slightly and smiled, "What do you think?"

Then, she said nothing more and quickly rushed towards the courtyard.

Behind her, the man stared dazedly after the young girl's disappearing figure and was unable to regain his senses for a very long time.

So does this mean that she admits that I belong to her? He thought.

The surprise was too sudden and too quick. So much so that he remained foolishly glued to the spot as he stared in astonishment after Gu Ruoyun's shadow.

Soon after, it was the Dongfang City's turn. They were all scared stiff.

First, two powerful cultivators of the Dongfang family broke through to the Martial Emperor level. Within the next few days, a strong aura encircled the skies around the Dongfang family's home as countless people, one after another, broke through to the rank of Martial Emperor. No one could understand what was going on or how so many cultivators could achieve their breakthroughs in one shot...

In this mind-blowing situation, the time to leave for the Divine Trials has arrived.

At the present moment, a group of youths had gathered in the Dongfang family's courtyard. These were the pride of the Dongfang family and some of the very best geniuses in Dongfang City. But at this moment, these normally arrogant and haughty young geniuses were staring in awe at a young girl in front of them.

The girl was not very advanced in age and looked to be about eighteen to nineteen years old. She wore green robes and had a calm air about her as she stood loftily amongst the crowd.

"Little girl, besides having you as the leader of this team, I will ask Dongfang Changjin to follow you as well."

Master Dongfang coughed and his stern gaze swept across the disciples before him, "Ladies and gentlemen, Gu Ruoyun will be the leader of this group in the Trials. You must all listen to her commands and are not allowed to oppose her."

"Yes, Master!"

The disciples replied in unison and their high spirited voices rang throughout the courtyard.

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