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"Yun'er, that man has great power. However, I believe that regardless of how powerful he becomes, he will never raise his sword against you," Dongfang Shaoze smiled warmly, "With him by your side, I will feel at ease regardless of what you wanted to do."


A trace of warmth enveloped Gu Ruoyun's heart, "No matter how long my journey is in the future, you, Dongfang Shaoze, shall always be my closest family in the world. And the Dongfang family shall also become my support."

Dongfang Shaoze went momentarily blank. What did Yuner mean by this? He thought. Could it be that she has acknowledged the Dongfang family?

The surprise had been so sudden that Dongfang Shaoze could not regain his senses...

"Uncle, I hear that it will be maternal grandmother's birthday next month. You can start making preparations for her party. I will certainly escort her down the mountain within a month."

Gu Ruoyun winked and raised her lips in a smile, "But this month, I will accompany maternal grandmother in the mountains. We'll only reappear on her birthday."

Hearing this, Dongfang Shaoze finally regained his senses, "Yun'er, you're willing to come back to the Dongfang family?"

"That's right," Gu Ruoyun nodded, "The old fart said that he will announce my true identity on maternal grandmother's birthday."


Dongfang Shaoze's heart leaped in joy, "Then I'll go to start the preparations, one month is just enough time for me to get everything ready. But Yun'er, I'm afraid that some people will cause trouble for you when the time comes, especially Dongfang Yan's father. But don't you worry, as long as I'm around, I won't let them bully you."

"Mmm. Then I'm going to go now. I'll see you in a month."

Then, Gu Ruoyun waved goodbye to Dongfang Shaoze and headed to the rear courtyard.

After Gu Ruoyun's departure, Dongfang Shaoze hurriedly made preparations, sending out invitations for Lan Yuge's birthday party to many families. Hence, the entire Dongfang City was shaken up.

Everyone had known that ever since the death of Dongfang Yu, the number one cultivator of Dongfang City, Lan Yuge had closed herself off in the back mountains and had refused to leave ever since then. Now she was going to make an appearance again? How could this news not cause a sensation?

In order to curry favor with the Dongfang Family, many spared no expense in searching for the most valuable gifts. They intended to stand out during the birthday celebration and receive the Dongfang family's attention.

Amongst these powerful forces, only the Lin Family had put in the most effort. This wasn't for any other reason but because not too long ago, Master Dongfang had mysteriously canceled his decision in having Dongfang Shaoze to take the Lady of the Lin Family as his wife — without warning. The Lin Family immediately assumed that they had somehow caused Master Dongfang some form of dissatisfaction so they took a lot of trouble in making their preparations.

But how could they possibly have known that the reason why Master Dongfang had made such a decision at that time was that Dongfang Shaoze was no longer a child? He only paid attention to his cultivation and showed no intentions of having children. This had caused his father to unconsciously become anxious.

After that, the Lady of the Lin Family had approached Dongfang Shaoze on purpose and he entertained her out of courtesy. Who would have guessed that Master Dongfang would coincidentally stumble upon the scene and assume that his son was experiencing the first awakening of love? So he had vaguely brought it up during a conversation with the Master of the Lin Family.

However, ever since hearing Gu Ruoyun's words, he deliberately approached Dongfang Shaoze about the matter only to find out that he had completely misread the situation. His son had no interest whatsoever in the Lady of the Lin Family.

Since then, Master Dongfang's attitude towards the Lin Family suddenly grew cold, so much so that the Lin Family simply could not comprehend what they could have done to offend him...

Meanwhile, on the back mountains, a young girl sat with her legs crossed as faint, green-colored spiritual energy enveloped her entire body. This energy was slowly being absorbed by her pores. As it seeped into the spiritual ocean in her body, it also began slowly draining some of the impurities through her pores. This process was repeated over and over again.

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