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Just as Dongfang Yan was staring haughtily at the two, a voice as gentle as a jade could be heard from afar.

Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun felt a sense of excitement and turned to find the source of the voice.

An embroidered robe fluttered under the light breeze.

The man's features were like a painting, gentle and calm. A warm light shone from his handsome face and his eyes held a small smile. This man was as beautiful as a picture. If there was a phrase to describe him, it would be: a nobleman is like a precious gem, none would be his equal.

"Little girl, you've arrived?"

The man paused in his steps as he reached Gu Ruoyun. The usual formal elegance faded from his smile as it seemed to have gained a layer of genuine feeling. Even his voice seems to hold a hint of flattery, "You, little girl, had left for so long without even providing me with any updates. You've certainly given me a good wait. Seeing as you've arrived, follow me into the city."


Gu Ruoyun smiled, this man had always made her feel very warm inside. Perhaps it was because they were related by blood.

However, upon seeing Gu Ruoyun's soft smile, Qianbei Ye frowned. A faint hint of jealousy stirred within his heart.

"Wait a minute."

Seeing that Gu Ruoyun was about to leave with Dongfang Shaoze, Dongfang Yan waved the whip in her hands and drove her horse in front of the group, blocking their way. Her sharp eyes shot towards the green-robed young girl behind Dongfang Shaoze, her face grew stern as she said, "Young Master, you cannot take those two away!"

The smile on Dongfang Shaoze's face slowly disappeared and a sense of coolness began to fill his gaze. His voice remained kind and courteous but everyone could now hear a twinge of anger in it.

"Dongfang Yan, I can guess at what had just happened a while ago. But now I have no time to concern myself with you. I will send for you to settle this matter once I've sent Yun'er to the Dongfang Family home."

This Dongfang Yan, just because her father was an elder of the family, had always disregarded the law and natural morality. She looked down on everyone and was far too old-fashioned, he thought. She has never been able to make sense of reason. If it weren't because of the many contributions by her father to the Dongfang Family, the position of the general would never have been passed to her.

"Young Master, the identities of these two are unclear. I suspect that they are spies. Allow me to inspect their identities before permitting their entrance into the city. Please do not cause trouble for this subordinate."

"Oh?" Dongfang Shaoze cocked an eyebrow and smiled. His smile was icy, "You think that my friends have unknown identities?"

"This subordinate is only following the rules, I will not show favoritism."

Dongfang Yan raised her head, and spoke rigidly, "As long as they obediently allow me to search them, I will allow them to enter Dongfang City. Young Master, if you choose to show favoritism and circumvent the law, how can you explain this to the masses?"

"I'm the Young Master of the Dongfang Family. I can still make this one small decision."

A cold light flashed across Dongfang Shaoze's eyes. It would seem that there's a need to consolidate the powers in the family. Otherwise, some people may begin to think that the Dongfang Family belonged to them.

"Young Master, if these two were to enter Dongfang City and something goes wrong, who will be responsible for it?"

Dongfang Yan was not giving in as she stared expressionlessly at Dongfang Shaoze.

"Fine," Dongfang Shaoze glanced at her indifferently, his tone somber, "If their arrival should bring any danger to the Dongfang Family, then I will be held personally responsible for this incident. Dongfang Yan, are you satisfied now?"

Dongfang Yan stared blankly. She never expected for the Young Master to take responsibility for everything. So for a long while, she was unable to reply and by the time she had regained her senses, Dongfang Shaoze and the rest have already entered the city and soon disappeared before her very eyes...

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