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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
Chapter 38: Shiyun’s Jealousy (2)
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“It’s the truth!”

Ling Xi then told Ling Yi everything that had happened.

While listening, Ling Yi’s expression turned ugly: “That Gu Ruoyun, she has luck on her side. However, if she doesn’t die, my heart will never be at rest! This time, it’s Old Man Gu’s mistake and the Gu family’s loss to have let that woman leave the Gu family! It’s too bad that a girl like that wasn’t born in my Ling family and that she even became our enemy. Since that is the case, I can only kill her.”

Although Gu Ruoyun was weak right now, he had a feeling that if he let her live, she would someday grow to a point that would have left everyone else in the dust.

If she had been born as a daughter of the Ling family, he would have definitely raised her carefully, what a shame…

Thinking this, Ling Yi shook his head regretfully: “Xi’er, if we had not had this feud with her, I would have hoped that you would marry her. I might have thought that she was only a good-for-nothing initially. In the Heavenly Spirit formation, I could feel that she is not the good-for-nothing that we all believed she was. However, it is impossible to mend our relations with her now, so we can only send her to her death.”

“Grandfather, what should we do?” Ling Xi asked, a little stunned.

Just as Ling Yi was thinking about how to deal with Gu Ruoyun, a loud voice rang from outside: “Master, the eldest Miss of the Weapon Refining Sect requests a meeting.”

“Weapon Refining Sect’s eldest Miss?”

Ling Yi gaped in surprise; she definitely had some agenda in coming here, but he did not know what the Weapon Refining Sect’s eldest Miss would want from him at this time.

Honestly, if an average person heard that the Weapon Refining Sect was here for a visit, they would be extremely and pleasantly surprised. For example, someone like Old Man Gu. However, Ling Yi felt differently. He understood the limits of his ability. For someone as important as the Weapon Refining Sect’s eldest Miss coming to visit him, it was absolutely impossible for her not to have some sort of request for him.

However, he could not think of what use he could be to the Weapon Refining Sect.

“Invite her in quickly.”

Ling Yi hurriedly said after calming down.

He had just finished his words when a girl in a white dress floated in; her black tresses were like a waterfall, making her beautifully breathtaking.

“Lord Ling, Shiyun has come here uninvited, please do not be offended.”

Shiyun’s face held a soft smile, one like a comfortable light breeze. As the eldest Miss of the Weapon Refining Sect, she did not have a single hint of haughtiness in her, making people unable to resist getting close to her.

“For Miss Shiyun to say so, how could this old man dare to be offended?” Ling Yi quickly stood up to welcome her, “Does Miss Shiyun require anything of me today?”

“I would not presume to direct you, but I heard that young master Ling has a promised duel with the Gu family’s Gu Ruoyun. Is this true?” Shiyun smiled gently, as her pretty eyes swept towards Ling Xi who was standing to one side.

That gaze completely took away Ling Xi’s soul, as he stared directly at Shiyun’s body.

Seeing the unclouded lust in the other’s eyes, disgust rose in Shiyun’s heart. However, she showed none of it in her expression. Instead, she continued smiling softly: “I have a technique here that can instantly raise Ling Xi’s strength to the rank of martial warrior. I only hope that he will be able to defeat Gu Ruoyun when the time comes.”

As everyone knew, the Qi collection ranks were only beginners dipping their feet into the realm of cultivation, but they were not real cultivators. It was only after breaking through Qi collection level 8 and reaching the low level of martial warrior, that they could be considered real cultivators.

Therefore, after hearing Shiyun’s words, Ling Xi’s heart tightened suddenly. His gaze, directed towards Shiyun, changed from the earlier amazement to surprise.

If he could break through into the first level of martial warrior, he would definitely be able to make that bitch Gu Ruoyun kneel down and call him grandfather!

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