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Was this the might of a Martial Honor?

The people who stood at the summit of the mainland were truly strong and not people whom they can oppose.

Even Moyu, who's now a Martial King, felt small in this situation. If she were to stand below the two cultivators, even the strong force which was emitted from their fight would cause her serious injury.

However, at this moment, Gu Ruoyun did not think that seeing this fight between the two Martial Honors would put so much pressure on the other members of the Devil Sect. To the extent that once they had all returned home, every one of them would enter cultivation, working energetically for their improvement.

However, this was only a scene that the rest of them had seen. The fight between the two was clear from Gu Ruoyun's point of view. Every movement seemed to be shot in slow motion, gradually slowing down. Every punch and attack was embedded clearly in her mind's eye.

Gu Ruoyun crossed her legs, sat down and slowly closed her eyes. She repeated their every move in her head over and over again. Now, her spirit began to feel relaxed and power, like an electric current, started to flow through her mind before charging out from the top of her head towards the void.

Both men, who were still preoccupied in the middle of their battle, suddenly stopped. They looked down and stared in astonishment at the young girl who was in the midst of her breakthrough.

"This... Breakthrough? To a mid-level Martial King? I'm going to.... This girl had only watched our fight. Judging by her level of ability, she shouldn't have been about to see our movements at all. But she's just had a breakthrough? My tiny heart can't take such a shock."

Just how much talent does she have, he wondered, that she would be able to gain a sudden flash of insight and have a breakthrough just by observing their fight.

Furthermore... The Honorable Sir Tian Qi wrinkled his eyebrows in amazement.

This little girl has an extremely vast spiritual ocean? Even though her bottlenecks were non-existent due to the size of her spiritual ocean, how was she able to breakthrough to Martial King at such a young age?

A genius, this little girl was certainly a genius!

As he was looking at this, the Honorable Sir Tian Qi had completely forgotten about his fight with the Honorable Poison Master. His eyes sparkled as he watched Gu Ruoyun and thought, if I can convince this little girl to join the Spirit Sect, our younger disciples will far exceed the other two organizations in the future.

"Hmph!" The Honorable Poison Master coldly scoffed. He shot a frosty glare at Honorable Sir Tian Qi. Then, his gaze fell upon Gu Ruoyun and his eyes darted back and forth. He slowly opened his mouth to speak, "Little girl, would you be willing to become my disciple?"

His voice was just as creepy as before but it was far more gentle when compared with his manner of speech to Honorable Sir Tian Qi.

Honorable Sir Tian Qi was enraged with his move, it's bad enough that this fellow had been chasing him around and was trying to kill him, he's even now trying to snatch this little girl away from him. That man simply has no principles!

No. I had my eye on this little girl, no one else is allowed to take her from me.

"Little girl, this guy looks f*cking wretched, you can tell that he's not a good person with one look. Follow me instead for I'm a righteous and kind man."


Honorable Poison Master snorted in ridicule, "Righteous and kind? Yes, you're righteous all right, not only do you enjoy going to brothels to peep on girls as they bathe, you even enjoy lifting the skirts of young girls. I've never seen such a righteous and kind person."


Honorable Sir Tian Qi thought furiously, now this fellow dares to expose me! He's obviously trying to snatch my disciple away from me!

"Really? But there was one time when I was hunting you down and I happened to see a group of people chasing you, trying to beat you up. Then I overheard that you had lifted the skirt of the Lady of the house and ended up being pursued by their servants."

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