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Hong Feifei laughed so hard at the sight of this that she cried. Her face showed clear ridicule and her voice was full of mockery, "Am I mistaken? Someone actually chose to draw a contract with this low-level Fire Cloud Beast? How good is the fighting strength of this demon beast? Any beast could slaughter it instantly."

In the mainland, Martial Warriors can form contracts with spiritual beasts. However, spiritual beasts were generally proud and arrogant so they were very difficult to tame. Even so, not many people would be willing to accept a low-ranked spiritual beast like the Fire Cloud Beast.

It's far too weak to be used in battle!

Xia Linyu's gaze also displayed suspicion. He understood his sister's personality and she would never form contracts with spiritual beasts on a whim.

Unless this spiritual beast was particularly exceptional?

"Yu'er, this is my new friend," Gu Ruoyun ignored the stares of the crowd and turned towards the suspicious-looking Xia Linyu. "As for its name... Since this creature is red in color, its name shall be Yan."


The little beast nearly took a tumble onto the ground. It glared angrily at Gu Ruoyun. This woman is actually giving me a name so carelessly? And it doesn't even sound powerful either!

Furthermore, these humans actually believe that I'm a Fire Cloud Beast?

How could they compare such a low-ranked thing with someone like me?

"Young Master Xia."

Gu Ruoyun raised her head and looked at Xia Zixi. Her beautiful face carried a calm smile, "You can trust me, you should all return to Heaven City. The Divine Beast is no longer in Heaven Mountain. Moving forward in such a dangerous place... The consequences will be dire."

Because this Divine Beast had caused a sensation and has already formed a contract with her. Therefore the thing that the group wanted to search for was no longer in Heaven mountain.

However, Gu Ruoyun still wished to explore the mountain. Besides the Divine Beast, Heaven Mountain also contained vast treasures...

Xia Zixi went momentarily blank and stared seriously at the girl's serious expression. After a long pause, he gently nodded his head, "Very well, we'll return to Heaven City."

His one decision meant that the journey was a waste of time. Hence, Hong Yun began chiming in with contempt.

"I've told you, Young Master! This woman harbors ill intentions. She wants us to leave and claim the Divine Beast for herself! We had witnessed the Divine Beast's descent from the heavens. How could it have disappeared into thin air? Everyone, don't be deceived by this wench!"

Hong Yun shot a fierce glare at Gu Ruoyun. His face was filled with anger, as if Gu Ruoyun was a vile, sinister thing that held bad intentions.

And he was a righteous scholar who had exposed her scheme.

"Danger lurks in every corner of Heaven Mountain, even a Martial Emperor could enter and never be seen again. If you're so intent on dying, Elder Hong Yun, please go ahead." Gu Ruoyun smiled coldly and spoke without courtesy.

"Don't listen to her, there are many Martial Kings amongst us, was it really possible that we'll never return from Heaven Mountain?"

Whatever it was, Hong Yun was confident that Gu Ruoyun was doing everything on purpose.

Actually, if she were not worried for Yu'er's safety, she would never have allowed Xia Zixi to leave along with the Xia Family. Even with Zixie, he alone would not be able to protect everyone if the group came face-to-face with a powerful cultivator.

Furthermore, there were countless traps in Heaven Mountain. The bigger the group, the easier it would be for them to fall into a trap.

After a bit of thought, Xia Zixi calmly gave his response, "Those who are willing to leave, can follow the Xia Family and return with us. As compensation, each family will be allowed to send one disciple to the Xia Family home for a chance to cultivate in secret for one month."


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