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Chapter 1105: The Strong Assemble In The Medicine Manor (1)

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"Our old ancestor really had good foresight. With Great Elder making the decisions, I can already picture the Lan family's glorious future."

The Great Elder's face did not change at all when faced with their admiration-filled voices. After all, at his age, he has experienced a lot of people sucking up to him. He was now completely immune to it, not like some youngsters who would grow proud and arrogant from a bit of praise.

"Alright, let's adjourn. I need to prepare for what's to come next."

The Great Elder slowly rose to his feet, placed his hands behind his back and walked out of the meeting hall's door.

He did not give anyone the opportunity to speak before he disappeared from their gaze...

The Medicine Manor.

The Beast King surveyed the entire Medicine Manor curiously. However, when he saw the demonic man who had come out to greet them from the Medicine Manor, a wave of wariness rose from within. The Beast King understandably put that man into his danger list.

This man is very powerful, he looks to be almost on par with Lord Qianbei Ye. However, Gu Ruoyun is Lord Qianbei Ye's woman. This man has tagged along by her side so he obviously has treacherous intentions!

No, Lord Qianbei Ye is rushing here now. Before he arrives, I must uphold the Mistress' safety and not give this man any opportunity!

Zixie seems to sense the Beast King's stare as his purple eyes glared back at him coldly.

Simply with that one glance, the Beast King could feel a chill running down his back. He could not help but shiver and pulled his head back.

"Where did this little tiger come from?"

On this mainland right now, perhaps Zixie was the only one who would dare to call the Tiger King 1 of Nemesis Forest, whose very name would terrify everyone, a little tiger. 

However, when the Beast King sensed the sharp demonic air from Zixie's body, he did not say another word and could only shrink his head even lower.

So be it. It's my fault for being weak. I'll let Lord Qianbei Ye handle this love rival!

There's no need for me to entice bitterness upon myself.

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders before turning Zixie and smiling gently. "He had tagged along on his own."

Zixie raised his brows but did not say anything more. A cold light appeared in his purple eyes as he turned towards the Beast King and gave him a warning look before quickly turning away.

"Since you've returned, go have a look at the formation I've created over the past few days." Zixie's handsome features displayed a gentle smile when he turned towards Gu Ruoyun. "You won't have to worry about the members of First City causing trouble for you. Even those who have reached the Martial Saint rank can't enter this place!"

At that point, he paused for a moment before he continued to speak, "I've also created an extra path in the formation. Once it's night time, the path in the formation will open. No stranger can enter Medicine Manor but for the sake of convenience, that formation will close on its own once dawn arrives."

Even though Gu Ruoyun was not limited by the formation, there are others in the Medicine Manor as well. Hence, this was why Zixie had made it so that the second path in the formation would close on its own at daybreak! Nevertheless, the formation which prevents Martial Saints from entering the area would always remain shut.

Gu Ruoyun smiled.  This guy is as cautious as always.

"Zixie, thank you. I can be at ease with you around."

"Little girl, is there any need for words of thanks between us? If you really want to thank me, you can promise me your body," smiled Zixie as he spoke ambiguously. "Besides, a demibeast human's talents are far more powerful than a regular human. If we unite, our children will most certainly become the most outstanding people on the entire mainland."

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Chapter 1106: The Strong Assemble In The Medicine Manor (2)

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Gu Ruoyun's face instantly turned black. Clearly, she should not openly express her gratitude to him. Otherwise, this fellow would tease her as he always did...

Alarm bells began to ring in the Beast King's mind. His heart was now greatly anticipating Qianbei Ye's quick arrival. Otherwise, his woman would be snatched away by some other man.

"Let's go, Zixie, we shall have a look at your formation."

Gu Ruoyun yawned as she headed towards the Medicine Manor, ignoring the Beast King who was tagging along behind them.

After Gu Ruoyun left, Zixie shot a look at the Beast King who had shrunk his head back. Zixie then followed the flash of green robes into the courtyard...

During this period of time, the Medicine Manor was thronged by many visitors.

Many have journeyed to the front gate of the Medicine Manor early in the morning for the sake of meeting the Medicine Manor's Master. Unfortunately, Wei Yiyi and the others did not give anyone the chance to do so. Hence, no matter diligent they were, they were all turned away in the end.

There were some forces that decided to secretly sneak into the Medicine Manor at night after being denied entry many times. They had thought that if they were lucky enough, they might be able to steal one or two pills even if they did not manage to meet Gu Ruoyun.

However, the thing which everyone found to be extremely strange was that the Medicine Manor, which does not look all that big in the first place, was like a maze. They could not even find the exit at all, much less locate a single person.

Of course, these people were not aware that once nighttime arrived, the Medicine Manor's formation would activate and anyone who enters the Medicine Manor would fall into the formation. Even if a member of the Medicine Manor were to walk past them, they would not be able to see them at all.

The crowd was unfortunately not aware of this. Hence, they would walk from night to dawn and still remain stuck in the Medicine Manor's courtyard...

In the Lan family's meeting hall, the Great Elder had a sunken look on his face. His expression was extremely ugly to behold as he said, "I had sent a group to the Medicine Manor to investigate them so that we can prepare for our fight in the future! However, I never thought that the Lan family members would end up becoming lost upon entering the Medicine Manor! They had only managed to find their way out at dawn!"

"They got lost?" An elder exclaimed in shock. "How can this be? The Medicine Manor is not that big so how could they possibly have gotten lost? There must be some other reason!"

The Great Elder took a deep breath and his elderly expression looked ashen as he said, "Gu Ruoyun doesn't seem to be all that simple. She must have guessed that the Lan family would make a move against her so she has already put up her defenses! If my guess is right, the reason why the Lan family scouts had gotten lost was because she had done something to the Medicine Manor."

"Great Elder, what should we do?"


The Great Elder's expression grew increasingly ugly as he gritted his teeth and spat out his answer.

"The only thing we can do is wait now! Gu Ruoyun had announced not too long ago that she would be holding a banquet in half a month's time. Perhaps we would only be able to meet her when that time comes!" The Great Elder's eyes then darkened. "That would be our only chance to make our move against her!"

The group of elders looked at each other. After a long time, one of them finally spoke up, "Great Elder, since that's the case, we shall do as you say! Half a month is not too far off, she won't be alive for very much longer now!"

"It's decided!" The Great Elder laughed icily as a dark light flashed across his eyes. "Besides, I've just heard some news, Grand Lord Hong Lian has been sighted in the Northern Block Territory! Furthermore, he's headed towards the Main City! If Grand Lord Hong Lian arrives, Gu Ruoyun would undoubtedly die! Unfortunately, I can't contact Grand Lord Hong Lian. Otherwise, I could discuss the ways to deal with Gu Ruoyun with him!"

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Chapter 1107: The Strong Assemble In The Medicine Manor (3)

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At that time, the Great Elder never thought that while the Grand Lord Hong Lian was indeed on his way to Main City, his arrival in Main City would bring about a doomsday for the Lan family...

It was evening and the lights were lit.

The entire street in front of the Medicine Manor was now bustling with excitement. Countless grand carriages have stopped in the road, causing an extremely narrow squeeze until not even a single person could walk through it.

At the same time, the number of powerful cultivators who were descending from the sky was no small matter either as they congregated in front of the Medicine Manor's gate.

Everyone in Main City could not help but gasp at the sight of the powerful cultivators who have arrived in Main City.

All the Martial Supremes have assembled here!

In this world now, who else has the power to command such a rallying force aside from the Medicine Manor's Master?

The citizens who had not received the Medicine Manor's invitation could not help but feel a sense of envy as their eyes stared unblinkingly at the powerful cultivators who were entering the Medicine Manor.

When the cultivators entered the Medicine Manor's hall, they were greeted by a scene straight out of a painting.

Dressed in green robes, the woman stood tall yet approachable like a bamboo tree. She was extremely luminous and elegant, looking very immaculate. Her features were exquisite while the clear and cold space between her brows carried a sharp aura, causing everyone who walked through the hall to feel stifled. It felt almost like the temperature in their surroundings had dropped by several degrees.

Next to the woman in green was a little lolita of around five to six years old. She blinked her large eyes as she stared inquisitively at her surroundings. There was a grin across her tender, pink cheeks and she looked absolutely innocent.

However, the strangest thing was that the little lolita was not only dressed in red robes, even her eyes and brows were a striking shade of red. The red color was like a blossoming blood flower that carries a sense of icy cruelty, making those around her feel suffocated.


Didn't the Medicine Manor's Master invite us to participate in a banquet?

Where is this banquet?

The crowd returned to their senses and immediately thought of this question - why had the Medicine Manor invited them over but not made any preparations?

"Almost half of the invitees have arrived." Gu Ruoyun smiled faintly. Her eyes were very clear and cold as she spoke, "However, there are still a few who haven't arrived! Once everyone is here, I will make an announcement!"

After that, Gu Ruoyun did not do anything more and did not even ask the guests who have arrived from far away to take a seat.

Everyone could not help but look at one another when they felt her indifference. Their hearts thumped, unsure of why Gu Ruoyun had summoned them here.

However, even though everyone had the same thought, no one dared to say a thing.

"Haha, Gu girl, are we late?"

A clear and bright laughter suddenly sounded from outside the door.

A small hint of a smile appeared on Gu Ruoyun's face when she heard that laugh. "Old Man Jiang," she said, "You're finally here. I've been waiting for you for a long time."

"Hehe, Old Man Jiang and I had been delayed so we had arrived late. As a token of our apology, Old Man Jiang and I will hold a dinner party for you, alright?"

The person who had spoken was Old Man Gu who had arrived at the same time as Old Man Jiang. Unlike Old Man Jiang's entertaining, clear, and bright voice, his voice was calm and gentle.


Gu Ruoyun smiled gently. "Once I'm finished with my business, I will naturally accept your invitation. Please have a seat now. Wei Yiyi, pour some tea for both of them."

Old Man Jiang and Old Man Gu paid no attention to formalities as they laughed loudly and went their seats. 

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