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Chapter 1043: The Bandits' Punishment (1)

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"Nian Ye, why have you been captured as well?"

An older woman, who was dressed in short robes with a floral pattern, noticed Gu Ruoyun immediately as she entered the square and looked mildly shocked. She then cried out angrily, "These bandits simply have no humanity! They wouldn't even spare a maiden. Furthermore, she's only a passerby yet this time, she has been dragged down by the Wind Fall Village."

Gu Ruoyun smiled gently as she asked, "Auntie Hua, are these bandits very powerful?"

"Of course they are," sighed Auntie Hua. "Apparently, the Leader of these bandits is a Martial King! To us common folk, a Martial King is simply invincible! It looks that the Wind Fall Village is finished this time."

A Martial King?

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders.

There were numerous Martial Kings in the Northern Block Territory so they were not considered to be particularly outstanding. However, how could they have possibly been reduced to looting from villagers?

After all, generally speaking, cultivators were a very proud bunch. They have always viewed anyone attacking the common folk with disdain! Hence, even though common folk does exist on the mainland, they have always lived peaceful and untouched lives.

"Nian Ye, if you get the chance, just run. Don't worry about us. These bandies have never blinked whenever it comes to murder so no good can come from falling into their hands."

Under these circumstances, some of the simple villagers were still worried about Gu Ruoyun's safety. It made her feel rather touched.

"Don't worry, just leave this matter to me."

Gu Ruoyun smiled and turned her gaze towards the bandit at the foremost of the group.

"Leave it to you?" Auntie Hua was stunned and she could not understand the meaning behind Gu Ruoyun's words. "Nian Ye, I know that you're not an average person so perhaps you're a cultivator too. However, these bandits' powers aren't like anyone else's. If you rush towards them, you'll lose out!"

These villagers have never left Wind Fall Village all their life so they do not really understand the world outside. Therefore, when it comes to the insignificant Martial Kings who were not even worth mentioning, they were like gods in the villager's eyes.

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and carried a nonchalant smile on her face as if she had not heard Auntie Hua's exclamation.

When Auntie Hua noticed that Gu Ruoyun had paid no notice to her warning, she became anxious. "Nian Ye, I see that you're still very young and even if you do have pretty good talent, you must only be at the rank of a Martial General now. You're no match for those bandits."

The Black Mountain Cliff Bandits have always mentioned that their leader has great power and Martial Kings at their Leader's age were too few to count. Hence, to the villagers, regardless of how talented she was, Gu Ruoyun's young age could only mean that she must be a Martial General.

However, the guileless Auntie Hua was not aware that there was such a thing called bragging in this world!

"It looks like everyone is here now."

The head of the bandits stood up from his chair and swept his fearsome gaze across the villagers cowering beneath him. His face carried a cruel sneer as he said, "Today, I'm going to make an announcement! The Wind Fall Villagers shall contribute one woman to the Black Cliff Mountain Bandits every month. If you miss out on one month, I'll come down to the Wind Fall Village and kill two people!"


Hearing this, the men of Wind Fall Village exploded with rage.

"You want us to use our women in exchange for us to drag out an ignoble existence? We won't do this! This is a complete damage to our honor as men!"

"That's right! Brothers, we're not going to listen to these bandits anymore! We can deal with the fact that he's making us contribute a big half of our food every year but now he's making grand designs over our wives and daughter! A real man would never allow anyone to tarnish our wives! I'd rather die than allow anyone to abuse my family!"

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Chapter 1044: The Bandits' Punishment (2)

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The Leader of the bandits' expression gradually became frosty. A bandit next to him noticed the dissatisfaction on his face and hurriedly stepped out. "How dare you?" he reprimanded angrily. "It's a privilege that our Leader has taken a fancy to your wives and daughters. Countless people have been trying to curry favor from our Leader! You now have the opportunity yet you don't appreciate this boon? Could it be that you've forgotten that our Leader is a Martial King? Do you have any idea what Martial Kings are? There are only five in existence on the entire mainland!"

The bandit held out five fingers as he exclaimed complacently, "My Leader is one of the five most powerful cultivators. As for those at the rank of Martial King and above, hehe, let me tell you this - they've been extinct for hundreds of years! I can see that you're indeed a group of country bumpkins who've never seen the world yet you dare to act so arrogantly towards someone of my Leader's station. Do you know how to write the word 'death'?"

Gu Ruoyun crossed her arms over her chest as she stared smilingly at the bandit who was bragging vigourously.

There are only five Martial Kings on the mainland? The Leader of these bandits is actually one of the most powerful cultivators? Besides, cultivators at the rank of Martial King and above haven't emerged for over a few hundred years?

How has he managed to survive for so long with all this bragging? Why haven't the powerful cultivators of the mainland come to destroy him yet?

Nevertheless, Gu Ruoyun knows very well that even if the powerful cultivators had heard about his bragging, they would probably consider him as a bouncing little clown and would be too lazy to care about him. On the other hand, he only had the ability to bully a few villagers who have never seen the world.

"The Leader of the bandits is that powerful." Auntie Hua clearly believed in these words and sighed. "Nian Ye," she urged, "Don't be hasty. You won't be of any match to him, he's one of the most powerful cultivators on the mainland. We'll try to beg him for mercy later so that he'll let you leave. Besides, you're not a villager of the Wind Fall Village so you'll be fine if you leave."

"I've said to leave this matter to me." Gu Ruoyun chuckled softly. Her clear and cold gaze remained fixed upon the bandits who were acting like bouncing little clowns. The smile on her face has grown even more pronounced as she challenged, "You say that the most powerful cultivators on the mainland are Martial Kings? And that Martial Emperors and the rest no longer exists?"

Her voice was clear and bright as it resounded through the silent crowd, instantly drawing everyone's attention.

"Of course." The bandit glared at Gu Ruoyun and continued to brag, "I'm telling you this, our Leader isn't just one of the most powerful cultivators on the mainland, he's the youngest Martial King too! The other Martial Kings are nearing the cemetery now and only our Leader was the only one who has managed to reach this rank in his middle age! Our Leader is the most talented person on the mainland. He's the only one, there's no other! Perhaps he would even breakthrough to become the first Martial Emperor the world has seen in a few hundred years. Think about it, how powerful is a Martial Emperor? Shouldn't you feel honored to have the privilege to give your women to such a powerful man?"

Gu Ruoyun raised her brows and responded with a smile that did not reach her eyes, "How was I not aware that the most powerful person on the mainland has become a Martial King? However, those Martial Emperors, Martial Honors and Martial Supremes... Where have they gone?"

Auntie Hua hurriedly tugged Gu Ruoyun's sleeve when she saw that Gu Ruoyun was provoking the Leader of the bandits. She was attempting to signal her against speaking any further so that she would avoid angering these merciless beings. If that were to happen, she could forget about leaving the village.

"Nian Ye."

The little maiden was a little worried as well. Her freckled faced carried a sense of anxiety.

"You'd better stop talking. These people are very scary, they'll hurt you."

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Chapter 1045: The Bandits' Punishment (3)

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The little maiden has taken a liking towards Gu Ruoyun. Furthermore, the latter had promised to teach her medicine so the little maiden certainly does not wish for anything to happen to her.

Gu Ruoyun gently patted the little maiden's arm but did not console her. She then turned with a half smile in her eyes towards the Leader of the bandits. No one had sensed the accumulation of murderous intent in her eyes.

"Hmph!" The Leader of the bandits scoffed icily. His entire face hardened fiercely as he said, "What would a bumpkin like you know about today's world? Martial Kings are now at the top of the food chain in our world. Those ranks that you've just mentioned are in the past now. Do you think that after reading a few books, you can understand how the few cultivators on the mainland are ranked outside of the village? What a joke! If it hadn't been for the fact that I do not want to live my life being fawned over, I would never have come to place like this! My reputation on this mainland is something that none of you could ever imagine! I only need to show myself before the eyes of the world and those who wish to be my apprentices would cling onto me and refuse to let go! Many on this mainland are cracking their heads to find ways to become my disciple! It's just that I've yet to be impressed by anyone so I haven't accepted anyone as my disciple."

Gu Ruoyun could not help but admire this Bandit Leader for his ability to play pretend up to this degree. This was a form of technique too!

"What? Are you too shocked to reply?" the Bandit Leader scoffed complacently at the sight of the flabbergasted Gu Ruoyun who was at a loss for words.

To him, anyone who has heard of his high prestige would be so shocked that they would pee in their pants. They would then worship him like a deity. This was how he had managed to trick his little henchmen.

Of course, the reason why he had been made Bandit Leader was largely due to his powers as a Martial King.

"No," Gu Ruoyun said as she shook her head. "I was merely admiring your imagination and your eloquence in talking non-stop."

How could the Bandit Leader fail to hear the disdain in her words? His expression changed instantly and he glared at her fiercely. "Little girl, are you refusing to comply with my words? Alright then! Step forward. I'll give you a taste of a Martial King's powers!"

Gu Ruoyun curled her lips into a small smile and was just about to step forward when a hand reached out from behind her and held her in a tight grip.

"Nian Ye." Qin Hao's honest and good-natured face showed a sense of anxiety, even the tone of his voice has changed. "Don't go over there! He really does have great power. You're no match for him."

Gu Ruoyun patted Qin Hao's hand and smiled gently. The resolution in her clear and cold eyes was solid and unyielding like a rock. "The Wind Fall City has taken care of me for such a long time," she replied in a deep voice. "This time, it's my turn to repay you for your kindness."

After saying her piece, she pushed Qin Hao's large, coarse hand away with one swift move. She then turned to face the Bandit Leader.

"Nian Ye..."

Qin Hao was shocked as he stared dazedly at Gu Ruoyun who was approaching the Bandit Leader. However, his gaze soon slowly filled with determination.

Nian Ye is a guest of the Wind Fall Village. No matter what, I cannot let any harm befall my guest!

At that moment, he only has one thing on his mind. The hands which he had once used to wrestle a wild beast slowly clenched unconsciously. His masculine features gradually filled with resolve.

"I'm here."

Gu Ruoyun looked at the Bandit Leader and smiled. "So, can you now give me a taste of a Martial King's power? Honestly speaking, I haven't felt the extent of a Martial King's power for a long time now."

She was telling the truth when she said that.

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Chapter 1046: The Bandits' Punishment (4)

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Ever since Gu Ruoyun had left the West Spirit Mainland, she has constantly faced powerful cultivators! Even her weakest opponents had been Martial Emperors at the least! Hence, she has really not experienced the power of a Martial King for a long time.

However, when the Bandit Leader heard these words, he thought that Gu Ruoyun had been flattering him.

He decided that he would lessen her agony later on because of her flattery.

"Hmph, since you're so eager to know the power of a Martial King, let me grant your wish!" sneered the Bandit Leader. He then reappeared in front of Gu Ruoyun in a flash.

His eyes were like extremely sharp knives. The sinister look on his fierce features was a rather terrifying sight.

"Leader, give this damned girl the taste of a Martial King's power!"

"That's right! She actually had the audacity to question our Leader's power! How is this any different from digging your own grave?"

The bandits cried out when they saw that their Leader was about to make his move.

After all, they had never seen their Leader attack anyone else despite having followed him for a very long time! Everyone in this vicinity would immediately tremble with fear at the very mention of their Leader's name! Only this little girl would act so recklessly and dare to challenge their Leader!

"That's it."

Auntie Hua could not help but close her eyes and sigh softly.

"Xiao Yu, if you see a chance, run away immediately." Qin Hao clenched his fist tightly as he spoke with determination, "Run as far as you can and don't come back to Wind Fall Village."

The little maiden seems to understand what Qin Hao was trying to say and she held her small body tightly. She then tugged Qin Hao's robe pitifully as she tearfully replied, "Brother, our parents are gone. You're the only family I have left, I don't want to become an orphan, I..."

"Xiao Yu, I don't want to live under these bandits' tyranny for the rest of my life so I will draw my weapons like mother and father did. Besides, Nian Ye is innocent. She's only an injured person that I've brought back to the village. If I had not brought her here, she would not have been dragged down along with us."

Qin Hao lowered his eyelids and spoke resolutely, "However, I'm still worried about you. If a fight breaks out, run and don't turn back! Do you understand me?"

The little maiden fell silent for a moment but nodded in the end.

"Don't you die on me, Big Brother. You must live on for my sake. Otherwise, I will truly become an orphan."


Qin Hao stroked the little maiden's head as his grey eyes filled with love and reluctance.

"Big Brother promises you that I'll make it out alive and look for you after this."

Qin Hao then lifted his head after saying his piece. His eyes shot keenly towards the Bandit Leader in front of Gu Ruoyun as he spoke in a hoarse and low voice, "You bandits, isn't it enough that you've hurt my family? Now, not only do you want to force Wind Fall Village to give your wives and daughters to you, you'd even bully a lady like Nian Ye! This time, the villagers of Wind Fall Village will no longer live under your threat! Fellow villagers and elders! If you no longer wish to live under this tyranny, let us draw our weapons and fight back! Otherwise, we will die by the hands of these bandits one day."

"Qin Hao is right, we can't tolerate this any longer! Brothers, let us draw our weapons and protect our wives and daughters."

There were a few people in the square who did not have their hands bound. Since those people had never retaliated or tried to escape, the bandits had felt that it would be unnecessary to tie them up!

Hence, once Qin Hao had spoken, the men in the group whose hands were unbound immediately rose to their feet. They then took out the small knives which they had been carrying and cut the ropes from the hands of their fellow villagers.

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Chapter 1047: The Bandits' Punishment (5)

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This time, the bandits had miscalculated.

They thought that these people would never dare to retaliate under the tyranny of a Martial King so they had not searched their captive's body. However, how could villagers who lived at Wind Fall Village go around without bringing along a sharp weapon every day?

Only the Bandit Leader seems to be unworried about the villager's final struggle. He scoffed arrogantly as he declared disdainfully, "You're just a bunch of ignorant villagers. Even people like you would dare to oppose me? You're all looking for your own deaths! However, I have no time to bother about you now! I'll play with you once I've given this woman a taste of this lesson!"

The Martial King Bandit Leader saw no need to place any importance on these common folk.

He could crush them with just one finger!

Gu Ruoyun felt moved as she watched Qin Hao and the other villager's actions. She did not say anything as her clear and cold gaze landed upon the Bandit Leader once again.

"I'm waiting, or should we say that you can't harness your Martial King powers?"

"You're digging your own grave!"

The Bandit Leader's expression changed and a warm yellow hue enveloped his fist as he slammed it fiercely towards Gu Ruoyun's chest.


His strike landed on Gu Ruoyun's body without any warning but...

The Bandit Leader's eyes, which had been initially complacent, filled with astonishment as he stared at the woman whose body had remained as unmoved as a stone.

How can this be?

I had gathered all of my might in that attack yet she had not moved at all?

The entire square was now completely silent.

The riled-up villagers stopped their ruckus as they stared unblinkingly at the drastic change on the Bandit Leader's face before they looked at... The indifferent girl in green robes.

Gu Ruoyun looked at the fist which had landed on her chest before turning her gaze towards the Bandit King once again. She then exclaimed with a small smile, "Is this everything you've got? I think... That's not just it."

The Bandit Leader's expression turned ashen. He could feel the disdainful stares surrounding him and even his henchmen were eyeing him with suspicion.

How could the Bandit Leader, who has been a tyrant for so many years, possibly bear this?

"I was only using my average capacity earlier on. I certainly haven't displayed the full force of my Martial King powers. This time, I won't throw the game. You can go to hell!"


The Bandit Leader yanked out his machete fiercely before slashing its sharp blade at Gu Ruoyun's shoulder. The murderous intent in his eyes has thickened. Form his point of view, this knife would completely slice the woman's body in half.

Qin Hao and the others had just regained their senses when they saw Gu Ruoyun under the machete's gleam. The look in their eyes immediately changed greatly.

Some of them shut their eyes, unable to bring themselves to endure this. They did not wish to watch the delicate and pretty girl crumple into a pool of blood.


Suddenly, a sharp and clear sound rang out.

It sounded like a sharp weapon clashing against steel. Some of the ones who could not bear to watch opened their eyes once again.

The woman's small smile looked absolutely engaging under the gentle breeze.

A large, sharp knife was propped up against her slender shoulder but her expression has remained unchanged. A shallow smile had accumulated in her clear gaze.

"What? Is that the full extent of your power?"

Gu Ruoyun's clear and cold voice brought the Bandit Leader back to his senses. Panic began to cloud over the initial ferocity in his eyes. The strong terror in his heart made him raise his machete and slash it fiercely towards Gu Ruoyun once again.

"You can go to hell!"

This woman must die!

Otherwise, I will live in terror for the rest of my life!

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Chapter 1048: The Bandits' Punishment (6)

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Dang, dang!

The Bandit Leader's machete slashed at her over and over again yet it could only make a sharp and clear noise like it was striking against steel.

Even his opponent's robes had remained untouched!

"No! That's impossible!"

The Bandit Leader was on the verge of a breakdown. He stumbled back and the machete in his hand fell to the ground. He then bellowed maniacally, "You're a monster, you must be a monster! How could a human remain unscathed from a knife wound? I don't believe it, I can't believe it!"

At that moment, forget about the bandits, even the villagers of Wind Fall Village were in shock.

What is her flesh made of? Why is it that not even knives or swords can harm her? No wonder she had so much confidence, it's actually because her body is special...

In the villagers' eyes, Gu Ruoyun's body must have something special. Otherwise, it would not be possible for her to remain unscathed from being slashed by a blade.

"Do you want to know why?"

Gu Ruoyun smiled as she walked towards the Bandit Leader. Her smile filled the Bandit Leader's eyes, causing his gaze to waver.

"You... Who are you? Why are you impervious to swords and spears?"

"No one in this world is actually impervious to swords and spears. As for the reason why you cannot hurt me, the answer is very simple..."


A powerful energy came whirling out from Gu Ruoyun's body. It covered the sky and earth before slamming towards the Bandit Leader's head.

The immense pressure caused the Bandit Leader to feel as if a large rock was pressing against his body. The sheer force of it nearly caused him to throw up a mouthful of blood. This power was far too familiar to him! Only those at the rank of a Martial Emperor and above would possess such a powerful force!

Why would a cultivator at the rank above a Martial Emperor make an appearance in this godforsaken mountain village?


I do not believe that I'd have such horrible luck!

However, after witnessing the scene before me, I have to believe it!

Gu Ruoyun curled her lips and turned towards the horrified Bandit Leader with a smile that did not reach her eyes. "Because the difference between your powers and mine isn't just by one or two levels, you couldn't even penetrate my defenses. Do you still think you can hurt me?"

The Bandit Leader began to tremble as his eyes filled with panic. He opened his mouth to speak but was unable to make a sound.

"The most powerful cultivators on the mainland now are only at the Martial King rank?" Gu Ruoyun laughed icily before she continued to speak, "Why is it that in the world outside the village where I come from, we've never heard of having Martial Kings calling the shots? On the East Peak Mainland, Martial Kings are considered to be at the bottom of the barrel. There are even a substantial number of Martial Supremes! However, it's unfortunate that I've met many Martial Supremes yet you, who holds the existence of the lowest of the low, are here bragging about your invincibility?"

"Of course, no matter how much you brag, that's entirely your business. However, this time, you've made that mistake to me."

Gu Ruoyun slowly raised her hand. The Bandit Leader could only stare in terror at her as a powerful force the scale of Mount Tai came slamming down above his head with a crash.

This time, the Bandit Leader did not even have the time to beg for mercy. As soon as the Mount Tai-level force slammed onto him, he was immediately flatted into a... Meat patty!

The crowd was in shock.

This was especially true for the villagers of Wind Fall Village. They never imagined that this fair, pretty, and ever smiling maiden would possess such great power!

They had not even managed to see her attack before the Martial King Bandit Leader's life was sent into the Yellow Springs?

Auntie Hua laughed bitterly. "Nian Ye, you've concealed yourself very deeply. We were nearly shocked to death. It's a good thing you did not fall into any danger."

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