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Chapter 1007: The Trembling Holy Beast (7)

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After departing from the Beast King's lair, they still had to travel for a few more days before reaching the outskirts of Nemesis Forest. However, do not make assumptions simply because both sides had started off in a hostile state, they even felt a great urge to rip each other to shreds. The humans have killed numerous spiritual beasts as well.

However, after having interacted with each other along the way, a deep friendship had been established between the humans and the spiritual beasts.


The spiritual beasts let out a deep roar, and charged towards the direction where they had come from. Except, they glanced reluctantly over at the humans behind them before they left.

In contrast with the Beast King's hypocrisy, they truly felt reluctant to part with them!

Gu Lan's face was filled with tears. She turned towards a fiery red lion and waved her hands, gesturing farewell, crying too hard that she looked so pitiful. "Little lion, I'll come back and visit you again. However, when that time comes, don't end up attacking me after forgetting about me."


Ye Ying stroked Gu Lan's head, smiled and said, "Lan'er, don't worry. I'll take you back to Nemesis Forest when we have a chance in the future. After this experience, it should be much easier to get out in the future. Of course, this was also because of Miss Gu, lending her light."


Gu Lan threw herself into Ye Ying's arms and burst into tears.

The reason why humans and the spiritual beasts have always existed as enemies were because they were unable to befriend one another. However, once they shed their vigilance, they could become very good friends.

Just as Gu Lan began to cover her head and bawl, the flaming lion glanced at her, then lowered its head, communicating incoherently with a spiritual beast next to it, then ran wildly towards Gu Lan.

"Lan'er, don't cry. The flaming lion is back."

Ye Ying lifted his head and saw the flaming lion rushing towards Gu Lan. He went into a mild daze and hurriedly pacified Gu Lan.

As if sensing the boiling heat coming from behind her, Gu Lan turned around in disbelief. When she saw that the flaming lion had indeed returned, tears streamed down her face once again.

"Flaming lion, you're not going to leave?"

The flaming lion nodded his head, licked Gu Lan's hand and replied in a hoarse voice, "I've asked my friend to inform the king that I'll stay here. I think the king will agree."

As he spoke, he looked at Gu Ruoyun.

Even though he could not understand what had happened between this woman and the king, he did understand that the king would not stop him from staying by their side.

"But, we've killed so many of your friends, don't you mind?" Gu Lan still felt a little worried.

Even though they got along very well with the spiritual beasts along the way, and were even reluctant to part with them, the World Destruction Mercenaries had killed off many spiritual beasts after all. It might not be that easy for the flaming lion to tag along with her.

The flaming lion shook his head, puffed out a mouthful of his scorching breath, and replied in his hoarse voice, "The weak are prey to the strong. This has always been the way of survival in this world. We may all be subordinates of the king, but we exist struggling hand-to-hand as well. Besides, we were the ones who attacked you first, I do not blame you."


Gu Lan sobbed profusely and threw herself towards the flaming lion's body.

The boiling temperature on the flaming lion's body changed into a gentle caress when Gu Lan pounced on him. It did not burn the young woman's tender and lovely body at all.

"It's getting dark soon. Let's keep going."

Gu Ruoyun observed Gu Lan, who was crying tears of joy, and a thought blossomed from within her heart.

I'm not the only one who is able to form a contract between human and spiritual beast! As long as the spiritual beast is willing to serve, a contract can be made.


Shouldn't I be searching for a powerful spiritual beast, to act as Yu'er's escort and protector? In case any carelessness should appear on my en, and end up causing him harm.

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Chapter 1008: The Trembling Holy Beast (8)

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"Miss Gu, may I ask you a question?"

Ye Ying turned his attention away from Gu Lan and on to Gu Ruoyun. This was a question that he had been wanting to ask over the past few days, but could not.

"Go ahead," Gu Ruoyun raised her brow and replied in a succinct manner.

"I'd like to know... Are you Gu Ruoyun, the genius woman whose name has spread far and wide since the Medicine Sect's general meeting?"

In the beginning, perhaps Ye Ying would not have considered this.

However, ever since the Beast King had changed his demeanor, he's felt the need to ask her the question on a few occasions!

After all, he simply couldn't figure it out. Aside from that abnormality, who else would have the power to drive a holy beast into fear?

If it were actually her, it would explain all of the freakish events that had unfolded before them!

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Instantly, the entire forest fell silent.

All eyes turned towards Gu Ruoyun, waiting for her answer.


The entire forest was so quiet that you could only hear the sound of a soft breeze.

Just as anticipation had begun to build up the crowd's hearts, the woman chuckled lightly. Her laughter echoed throughout the forest.

"That's right. I am!"


It was like a huge bolt of lightning had slammed fiercely into everyone's hearts. Some were so shocked that they were unable to speak. Their eyes fixed squarely upon her austere and dusty face.

"So it really is you."

Ye Ying laughed bitterly. "Who else would possess such great power, aside from you? You are not only a legendary pill master but a peerless genius in cultivation!"

It's fine if someone were only a powerful genius, but she was a legendary pill master!

She's already been having such rapid breakthroughs, where would she find the time to research pill refinement?

Yet she had also managed to become a pill master alongside her rapid cultivation speed!

Ye Ying seriously wanted to know how she managed to achieve this! He, on the other hand, had put all of his time into cultivation and still could not be compared to this woman. 

Indeed, it was infuriating when people compete with each other!

"You're a pill master?" Gu Lan finally returned to her senses. Her large vivid eyes stared delightedly at Gu Ruoyun. She smiled sweetly. "Leader, we've really uncovered a treasure this time! I never thought that we'd actually run into the real Gu Ruoyun, and not one of those imposters."

Previously, the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries' Leader had boasted in front of them, saying that Gu Ruoyun had joined their Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries and would help him in refining pills! In the end, the imposter swindled their food and drinks for an entire month and disappeared. 

From then on, anyone who so much as mention Gu Ruoyun's name would be dreadfully beaten up by his men!

However, that guy would never have guessed, that the World Destruction Mercenaries would have been so lucky as to have been given the opportunity to interact with the real Gu Ruoyun for so many days!

"Miss Gu, you're on your way to the main city. So you'll pass by our Green Maple City along the way. In the next few days, Green Maple City will be organizing a large auction, and many people from far and wide will be in attendance. I wonder if you'd be interested, Miss Gu?"

Ye Ying smiled as he asked in a magnetic voice.


Gu Ruoyun gently stroked her chin and fell silent.

I've made the journey to Northern Block Territory for the sake of Medicinal Herbs. I wonder if I'd find what I need in that auction?


Gu Ruoyun nodded. "Then I'll stay in Green Maple City for a few days. I'll leave after the auction."

"Miss Gu, you've helped us so much. Once the auction has ended, we'll escort you to the main city."

Ye Ying laughed as he replied. Obviously, he was in a pretty good mood.

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Chapter 1009: Gu Lan's Identity (1)

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Green Maple City.

Due to its close proximity with Nemesis Forest, wild spiritual beasts would come out at any time to attack the humans as it was situated in the central area of Northern Block Territory! The entire city looked backward and archaic at first glance, and could not be compared to those extravagant cities.

However, if you assumed that Green Maple City did not have much power, simply because of its archaic appearance, you would be very wrong.

Numerous cultivators lived in Green Maple City. Not for any other reason, but because the most famous black market in Northern Block Territory was located in Green Maple City. If you planned on going to the black market, you would need to utilize your observation skills. If you were lucky enough, perhaps you'd find a treasure.

If you happened to be unlucky, you might even end up being swindled to the point of losing your family's fortune.

At this time, outside Green Maple City, a sturdy figure slowly paused in his steps. His flax colored robes gently fluttered against the wind. A smile hung on the man's lips, and the scar on the corner of his eyes made his dashing features all the more fascinating.

"Miss Gu, this is Green Maple City. If you don't mind, you can follow us back to the mercenaries' territory. What do you think?"

Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly. "Then I shall have to trouble you."


Ye Ying burst into laughter. You could hear the joy in his laughter.

"I never thought that I, Ye Ying, would be able to return alive. Now, it's time for those scumbags from Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries to pay the price!"

Every time he remembered the things they had done to them, Ye Ying would gnash his teeth in anger! If they had not managed to escape in time, they would have fallen prey into the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries' plot.

Except, even so, they were still forced to escape into Nemesis Forest. If they had not run into Gu Ruoyun, they would have most likely ended up losing their lives in the forest.

"Miss Gu, allow me to explain the landscape of Green Maple City." Ye Ying smiled as he stared at the familiar streets ahead. A sharp light flashed in his eyes. "Green Maple City is divided between our World Destruction Mercenaries and the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries! One in the east, and the other in the west. Of course, we have always wanted to swallow each other but to no avail! This has been an internal grief in our Green Maple City, but who would have thought that the scumbags from Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries would've allied themselves with an external power and ambushed our World Destruction Mercenaries in the middle of the road! We ended up heavily outnumbered, and were forced to flee for our lives!"

Following Ye Ying's explanation, the World Destruction Mercenaries began to emit the hatred from within their hearts, rubbing their fists and hands as they felt a great urge to have it all out with their enemies.

"Leader, seeing as we've returned, then let's make those scumbags pay, right now!"

"That's right! If we do not avenge ourselves, we're not fit to be considered as humans!"

Ye Ying raised his hand, and stopped the World Destruction Mercenaries from their rash actions. An icy chill enveloped his handsome features. His eyes were like the blade of a knife, cold and frigid.

"We will most definitely have our revenge, but this is not the time."

Actually, the reason why Ye Ying had decided to explain the landscape of Green Maple City to Gu Ruoyun was not because he wanted her help. Instead, he wanted to explain how he ended up in Nemesis Forest in the first place.

As for revenge...

He would never let the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries get away with it. Except, Gu Ruoyun has arrived in Green Maple City as their guest. How could they affect her mood with other matters?

They could make the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries pay after she left. It still wouldn't be too late anyway.

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and did not say very much. She was not too interested in the matters between Ye Ying's camp and the Heavenly Wolf Mercenaries. Right now, her concern remained in gathering the medicinal herbs for the Fleshbone Regeneration Pill.

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