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Chapter 81: I, too, now – 6

There were some rising hot topics after the big crisis of Japan, after the Dungeon Wave issue was successfully solved.

First were the clans. Due to the appearance of these groups that weren’t part of the armed forces of each country, the various governments clicked their tongues while the media rejoiced.

There were 3 of them that received the most attention, and they were the Lightning God Clan of Korea, Magia of Italy, and Metal Knights of England.
They weren’t necessarily the strongest, but they  were surely the ones who had the most successful debut. The ability users of each country wanted to join clans that had shown the most power, and the other clans got frustrated for nothing.

Now that Earth’s future was heading in an unpredictable direction, the most important thing was strength. Everyone thought, that a day will come where the strongest clans would be at the center of the world.

Secondly, was Vanguard. It was already famous enough, and the advertising that it would sell higher ranked weapons only to the clans that helped in Japan, worked well.

Many had said that the reason the standard items were sold at absurdly low prices was a foreshadow to this, and there were also many enraged people who asked why there was such an unfair condition even though they couldn’t go to Japan because they had to protect their country. Of course, Yu IlHan couldn’t care less.
Numerous media agencies reported about Vanguard, and customers for the standard items increased as a result. The items in Yu IlHan’s Cross Bag were being depleted quite quickly.

Amongst them were claims that they could not afford to let Vanguard stay affiliated to Korea. They claimed that it should instead be managed efficiently under big countries like the US or China.

Those were idiotic claims that made people wonder if those people had ice cream in their head instead of their brains, but this actually acquired quite a lot of sympathy from the people. People were afraid of Vanguard, and wanted to control it. Of course, Yu IlHan ignored them

The third was, of course, Susanoo.

“Wow. I really might become a god at this rate.”
[It was absurd power, so they couldn’t deny Susanoo’s divinity in order to protect their own pride.]

Starting from the SNS, to newspapers, to TVs, and other media, it was overflowing with stories about Susanoo.
The ones at the scene who had witnessed Yu IlHan’s actions personally blabbered that Susanoo really had descended to solve the crisis of Japan, while the newspapers and the news reported similar things.

Of course, many also thought that it was a human with exceptional capabilities. That wasn’t particularly a problem,however, the greedy people were. Mostly, it was the promising clans of Japan and a part of the Japanese government.

They nitpicked about how Susanoo wordlessly took the body of Yamata no Orochi, and claimed that the byproducts should have been fairly distributed, while also whined about how Ama no Murakumo no Tsurugi from the tail of Yamata no Orochi was theirs, and claimed ownership.
It seemed like they left their common sense and shame in the other worlds before returning to Earth.

There were two types of people that weren’t greedy for the Orochi’s body. One party being the people that were curious about Susanoo’s identity, and the other being ones who wanted possession of Susanoo himself regardless of his identity or Orochi or whatever.

The people connected the Dark Knight of LA, Sungdaein Bolt of Korea, and other incidents shrouded in secrecy until now with Susanoo. At the current moment, the group behind the theory of Susanoo being the Dark Knight of LA was the most powerful faction, and the ‘pride of America’ being the strongest was quite popular nowadays.

Each and every one of the countries wanted to know of Susanoo’s identity, and wanted to claim ownership over him. The clans were no different. It was clear that whoever acquires him will become the strongest.

There was only one problem. Susanoo was the strongest regardless of who or where he belonged to, and clans or countries were only hindrances for him.

“So stop reading.”

Erta obediently turned off the internet. Yu IlHan stood up from his seat with a sigh, and looked at his reflection on the mirror, and concluded that the fitting was perfect, although his appearance was not as good.

“Good, let’s allow them to enter.”

Yu IlHan put away everything in the office other than the table and chairs for himself and the guests.
The elevator stopped at the 14th floor, and some people rushed out. Amongst those were the clan masters of the Magia Clan, Lightning God Clan, and the Metal Knights Clan.

One week had passed since Yu IlHan had left the barrier of the Hourglass of Eternity. Today was the day that the sale of the higher ranked Vanguard weapons opened .


“A young man too.”
“He must be a deputy. Would the real person show up?”

Most of the people seemed to be thinking similar things. There’s no way the owner is here in person, he should be a deputy. Their puffing imagination seemed like it would blow into an empire at this rate.
Yu IlHan laughed and spoke in English.

“Please come in. I don’t want to have to explain multiple times, so I will only start speaking after all 27 of you have entered.”

An overwhelming aura could be felt flowing unconsciously from Yu IlHan, and the clan masters realised that the deputy was not a simple character while they obediently entered. Fortunately, the space was wide so there were enough seats for everyone.

“How are the levels of the equipment and the prices?”
“After everyone’s here.”

Yu IlHan repeated his words with a smile when the clan master of the Phoenix Clan of France asked. The Phoenix Clan master vaguely smiled and swore in French in a small voice.

(T/N: The bold bits are said in French, (but written in Korean))

“How rude. Even though you’re just a deputy, you really are bossy.”
“Well, I’m sorry that I’m rude.”

Hearing that, Yu IlHan replied in French and flicked a pen from the table. The pen flew at an absurd speed and broke one of the legs of the chair that the Phoenix Clan master was sitting on.

“What are you doing!”

He wasn’t a clan master for nothing and stood up before the chair fell down, but the important thing wasn’t that. Yu IlHan spoke with a smile.

“I will not trade with you. Please get lost.” (T/N: Yes, ‘get lost’ and not ‘leave’.)

“I’m the owner of this place. Won’t you get lost already?”

“I said I’m the owner of this place.”

Yu IlHan said it again. Now, in English, and everyone at that place understood the meaning.

The clan master of the Phoenix clan immediately tried to cause a ruckus, but the other clan masters all stood up and dragged him into the elevator. They were quite wise, befitting of their positions as clan masters of famous clans,

“Now that makes 26 in total.”

Yu IlHan just muttered that, and the other people did not say anything more. There was no one in this place who was adventurous to the point that they wanted to know how many languages Yu IlHan could speak whilst putting the fates of their clans on the line.

Some time passed and all the clan masters gathered. Yu IlHan let loose a light sigh and started speaking.

“I’m Yu IlHan, the president of Vanguard.”

“Why would I lie?”

“Industrial secret.”

The clan masters seemed to have a lot of things they wanted to know from Yu IlHan, but he only repeated the words ‘industrial secret’. After a while, the clan leader of the Magic Dragon clan of Japan. Takagaki Asuha, asked this.

“Will Vanguard continue to operate only in Korea?”

“Without being any affiliations?”

“That’s very dangerous. Don’t you think that the clans who couldn’t buy weapons would come with hostile intentions?”
“Vanguard is protected by a special magic, so you need not worry.”

She seemed to hesitate a little before speaking while pointing at Yu IlHan.

“However, your face is now exposed. Don’t you worry for your own safety?”
“It’s alright. I wouldn’t have started this without the confidence to protect my neck.”

Yu IlHan’s words made her sigh. Then, she smiled and spoke.

“If your will is as such, then it can’t be helped. If you feel any danger, then please come to the Magic Dragon Clan any time. We from the Magic Dragon Clan will give you our full support and protection.”

“We’re of the same opinion but, it’s unfortunate, if you had agreed to give us a branch store in Germany, then we would have been able to lend your our power.”

When one declared such, the rest all became awkward not to say it. Even Michael Smithson, clan master of Metal Knights also declared their intent of providing protection with a crumpled expression. Yu IlHan had earned the goodwill of many powerful clans just by selling items.

Well, this sort of reaction was to be expected since it would double their fighting power instantly, but how would they react if they had known that the one in front of them was the individual that defeated the Orochi, which, couldn’t be defeated even with all of their combined effort…
At least, Michael Smithson would rampage around. Yu IlHan imagined that scene and laughed a little.

“The following are the items that will be sold to the clans here. First, 10 sets of higher ranked equipments. The word ‘set’ referring to a set of a weapon+armor, or weapon+accessory.”
“Accessory! That means?”

The clan master of the Magia clan, Carina Malatesta, covered her mouth with one of her hands as her eyes flashed. Yu IlHan lightly smiled and nodded.

“The crafter affiliated to Vanguard has a mana crafting level of over 30.”

Yu IlHan could now paint his own face in gold(T/N: i.e. boast) as much as he wanted without being embarrassed. If Na YuNa was here she would have burst out laughing, but it was fortunate that she wasn’t here.

“Oh my, my accessories are rare.”

“I did imagine that his blacksmithing level would be high after seeing the standard weapons. However, his mana crafting is too?”

It was quite an interesting piece of news. The clan masters talked amongst themselves in exclamation. As their feelings of surprise towards Vanguard increased, their pity for the Phoenix Clan master also increased.

“If that’s the first, is there a second?”

“We will buy them.”
“Us too.”

If the clan had many members, then they needed to buy the standard equipment as well. Equipments of Vanguard weren’t easily procured. Not because of the price, but because of the lacking supply.

In the end, other than the Lightning God Clan and the Magic Dragon Clan and a few other clans who were working towards a small scale, elite force, the rest all decided to buy the standard sets. Additionally, Yu IlHan took out a list of the items he had and decided to show them the level of the equipments of higher rank.

“The higher ranked weapons are all unique ranked.”

“26 clans and each 10 sets each… that means 520 unique ranked artifacts?”

Unique ranked artifacts were only owned by one, or perhaps two indivuduals from the main forces of the clan. Of course, the abilities would differ a lot even within the unique rank, but they were better than rare ranked ones!

The clan masters all tapped their feet in excitement. Thinking that the situation was interesting, Yu IlHan called out a whip on one of his hand, and a necklace in the other.

“These are examples of higher ranked weapons. There will be slight differences, but they are mostly of this level. Please check in order.”
“Well then.”

Takagaki Asuha of the Magic Dragon Clan approached first and grabbed the whip. Yu IlHan knew that she would show interest after seeing the whip rolled around her waist and passed it to her.

[Soul-sticking Spike Leather Whip]

[Attack Power – 3,200]
[Options –

A fixed probability of causing disorder in the enemy when hitting 40% increase in critical hit rate]

[Durability – 2,300/2,300]

“Oh my god.”

There was no need to ask what she thought of the whip. She was embracing and even rubbing her cheeks against it.

“I will take this!”

“Oh, right.”

The other clan masters weren’t that much different. The ones that used magic had glisters in their eyes after seeing the accessory which had a magical support option in it, while the ones who fought in close quarters had their expectations heightened after seeing the high attack power of the whip.

Kang MiRae wasn’t so surprised since she had already acquired a legend ranked artifact, but after seeing the accessory Yu IlHan had taken out, she bit her lips while thinking ‘Ah, there was this too!’. Her inner mind was clear for all to see.

“The performance can be seen clearly.”

“That’s the problem here.”

First, the biggest problem that surfaced after they realized that the performance of the weapons surpassed their expectations, was the price.
The standard equipments were comparatively cheap, but would it remain as such for the higher ranked ones? With a mix of worry and anticipation, they all waited for Yu IlHan’s mouth to open.

26 pairs of eyes were all fixated on Yu IlHan. This was quite an unfamiliar experience for the ‘Pancosmic Loner’ Yu IlHan, but he somehow succeeded in voicing out the price he had in his mind.

“Each of the higher ranked weapons will be sold at a fixed price of 5 million dollars.”

“Only that?”

Someone said ‘only’. 5 million dollars were approximately 5 billion won. It was enough money to change someone’s fate, but it didn’t matter to the people gathered here.

“They are among the best artifacts even within the unique rank, but they are only 5 million dollars each?”

“Just who made Vanguard, an envoy of God who’s planning to save the Earth?”

The clan masters all became silent. Yu IlHan just smiled and said this:

“Well, then. You may leave if you do not wish to go through with the trade.”

Of course, no one stood up from their seat.

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