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Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 76: I, too, now – 2

Having returned to Korea, Yu IlHan immediately took the taxi to go back to Seoul, and entered his house. (T/N: There are no airports in Seoul). He subconsciously looked for his mother, but remembering that he became independent, he made a smile. (T/N: He can finally take the taxi while being seen! (He can actively cancel his concealment now))

“I’ll wash and go to sleep.”

[I wanna sleep together too, since I think Spiera might be calling for me at any moment.] (Lita)

[Rest together. BUT, mini-sized.] (Erta)

‘Fighting for several days without rest’ sounds cool, but in reality, it stank, and was unbelievably dirty. Especially since Yu IlHan was grinding in dungeons for 3 weeks before that as well.

He took off all his ‘armor’, which were no different from rags, threw away his inner clothing, and washed up.

It would be a lie to say that he didn’t want to check the spoils of war, especially that of Orochi’s, but no matter how his physical body was in top condition with the help of level ups and transcendent regeneration, since his mental fatigue had reached the maximum, he dived onto his bed without saying anything.

“Wake me up tomorrow morning.”

[It’s morning now though…?] (Erta)


Bringing out the full powers of the Resting skill, Yu IlHan fell asleep in 1.5 seconds after he lied on the bed. He had gone into such deep sleep that even if the Orochi roared right next to his ear, he wouldn’t wake up.

[We didn’t even give him the rest of the quest rewards though.] (Erta)

[I will be sleeping here with IlHan, so go reap some quest rewards. Oh yeah, bring him some skills if possible, ones that can help him.] (Lita)

[Can I really leave you two here alone?] (Erta)

Erta looked at Lita in disbelief, but Lita did not say anything and instead waved her hands. In the end, Erta had no choice but to leave it to Lita’s conscience.

Of course, the conscience-less angel, Lita, stuck next to the sleeping Yu IlHan AFTER she had reverted to human size as soon as she saw Erta leaving, but she didn’t seem to have any other motives as she kept looking at the side of his face.

[His sleeping face looks so cute too.] (Lita)

Looking back, it did seem like his face did get quite neater as he levelled up continuously. She did feel a little disappointment since the face she had seen for a thousand years was disappearing, but what mattered to her was not his face but his existence itself, so she could shake away that disappointment soon.

[It would be good if we lived like this forever, right……?]

Muttering quietly, Lita pulled Yu IlHan’s arm and hugged it. If Yu IlHan heard it, he would have shouted “No! That’s a flag for separating in the next scene!” but since he was sleeping, he couldn’t retort.

She slowly closed her eyes. And like Yu IlHan did, she fell deep asleep.

Meanwhile, Erta was caught by the other angels as soon as she had arrived.

[Where’s Lita? Why isn’t she here with you?]

[Tell me about that human. The one that killed the 4th class mutant was your partner, right?]

[Introduce him to me too!]

[Shouldn’t we lure him into being an angel? Wouldn’t he become a higher existence very soon? We need to give him the bait right now!]

Since angels were nagging her from everywhere, her mind was in a mess. This incident had been that shocking.

4th class monsters only appeared in worlds that had experienced the 2nd Great Cataclysm at least, and for humans to defend against such beings smoothly, the 3rd Great Cataclysm would be needed to be experienced.
However, in a world that had only gone through a mere 1st Great Cataclysm, someone had blocked a 4th class with such little casualties, and a mutant one at that too!

[There’s something more important than that. The Overflow, did you find out who caused it?] (Erta)

When Erta asked one of the angels, that angel shook his head in defeat.

[There were quite a few angels in that place, but none had caught traces of them.]

[From how they used Traps of Destruction, it’s definitely a traitor’s doing. I checked and they don’t even know when the Traps were leaked out. Idiots!]

[Only Feyta, who couldn’t see through it despite being right next to it, is having a big time getting crushed.]

Oh my god, walking on the spot again? Even though the number of angels dispatched had been increased precisely to prevent these kind of situations? (T/N: I think it’s obvious that increasing numbers is exactly why such a thing had happened)

This was why they deserved to be insulted as ‘useless’ by Yu IlHan – thinking up to that point, Erta sighed.


Just as Erta set foot into the Heaven City with the other angels, someone appeared in front of her. Lifting her head, Erta could confirm a brave angel with a spear of pure white on her back, Spiera.

[Spiera-nim. Lita is currently resting. She will probably come back up on her own later.] (Erta)

[Tell her, that there is no more special training.] (Spiera)

[Did her advancement get cancelled?] (Erta)

[No, it was approved.] (Spiera)

When Erta widened her eyes, Spiera replied with a bitter smile.

[The Wall of Chaos is opening. It’s as if it had waited for the moment for the forces of Heaven to be focused on Earth. There is no more time to leisurely do special training.] (Spiera)

Wall of Chaos, this was the front lines of the battlefield between the angels and evil higher existences that tried to devour all records of all worlds unlike the angels who guarded and managed countless worlds.

Normally, they could not pass the wall made with Heaven’s power, but sometimes, there were times when the strength of the walls became unbelievably weak.
These were moments that they were desperately waiting for, and also the moment when the angels go into battle with their life on the line as the true Army of Heaven.

Yu IlHan always told them that they were useless, but he shouldn’t be able to speak like that anymore once he knew what the angels were really doing in order to protect the many worlds.

Of course, that didn’t make the angels not responsible for what had happened to Earth.

[Will Lita be needed in battle?] (Erta)
[She is capable. If she didn’t strongly request herself, we wouldn’t have sent her to Earth.] (Spiera)

Thinking back to Lita’s 3000 aerial combo against the traitor, Erta subconsciously nodded her head. At that moment Spiera’s words continued.

[I have heard about what happened on Earth. However, unfortunately, Army of Heaven will not have the room to mind about a single world for quite a while. We will have to leave it to the humans.] (Spiera)

Erta’s mind became faint. Not mind? Even though Earth became to be in such a mess? She hurriedly replied.

[It’s not that I don’t understand since the situation is like this, but the situation on Earth is very serious. If Yu IlHan wasn’t present during this incident, then Earth would have been doomed just like that. We have already committed a lot of crimes against Earth!] (Erta)

[However, since there was that human, Yu IlHan, the Earth was safe, was it not?] (Spiera)

Erta couldn’t believe what Spiera was saying.

Was she trying to push all the management of a world that the Heaven’s Army was in charge of, to a single human? With the reason being ‘capable’?

The difference in leagues between Spiera and Erta was very wide. Despite that, Erta became thoroughly enraged. Spiera looked and laughed.

[Is that it? Erta, do you also love that person? Quite the funny matter.] (Spiera)

[I only worry for my contractor.] (Erta)

[I don’t care what you name that emotion you harbor. What’s more important is that you harbor feelings to a lower existence that you have only met for 3 months.] (Spiera)

[Were you one that discriminated lower existences?] (Erta)

[I only differentiate them.] (Spiera) (T/N: I’m quite sure a similar conversation happened in Guilty Crown, Season 2)

Erta shut her mouth. Inwardly, she wanted to stab that rotten bitch’s stomach with a spear, but if she said that out loud, it was clear that she would get beaten up.

[Our duty is to fairly manage and protect all worlds. However, slaying predators from the Wall of Chaos is another one of our duties, and if we get pushed back on the front lines, then an according number of worlds will lose their light. Unless our bodies suddenly multiply by two, we need to choose a more correct choice.] (Spiera)

[I……I, also know.] (Erta)

[Fuu.] (Spiera)

Erta’s expression wasn’t that of understanding at all, so Spiera decided to explain the higher up’s decision in an easier manner. There was still a lot of time since the Wall of Chaos hadn’t opened completely yet, and Erta was also a contractor to the most important person on Earth.

Having chased away all the other angels that were eavesdropping, Spiera led Erta into one of the resting places of Heaven -one that many human imagine heaven to be: A boring and empty place where little birds chirped on top of lands made of clouds.

[I did panic since higher existences along with traitors were in this, but they also cannot do anything directly. All they can do is to connect gates to other worlds that take Earth to be a target of conquer, or cause Overflows…… They are, in the end, things that happen between lower existences, no?] (Spiera)

[They definitely are, but this is a crisis that’s two whole stages higher than Earth’s current levels.] (Erta)

[However, since it’s between lower existences, we cannot directly interfere. The only thing we can do is prevention, but is that happening properly?] (Spiera)

Even Erta couldn’t be free from those responsibilities. She was Yu IlHan’s contractor, but she was also, an angel.

[Even higher angels aren’t responding properly. Is this all simply because the angels dispatched to Earth are all useless? No, this is impossible unless our enemies have analyzed us meticulously, have procured enough traitors, and have calculated the future.] (Spiera)

[So, that’s why, you’re saying that we should wash our hands off this matter? Do you think that it will be all over once we sacrifice Earth?] (Erta)

[What is definite is that we will be playing into their hands even if we recklessly dispatch more angels.] (Spiera)

‘They’. As Heaven had a lot of enemies, they couldn’t find out exactly who was behind this. It might be the Destruction Demon Army, who are gritting their teeth right on the other side of the Wall of Chaos, or the Army of Brilliant Light, who have colored their wings with an ash grey color.

[That’s why we need to use another method. Not just simply defending Earth, but to protect all worlds including Earth.] (Spiera)

[By throwing it all onto the people of Earth, that is.] (Erta)

Erta retorted, but Spiera surprisingly nodded her head.

[Higher existences should do what they can do with their own power, and lower existences should do things within their own capabilities. At least, the higher ups think that this is more efficient, at the same time, being the method that can minimize damage. As such.] (Spiera)

[As such?] (Erta)

[We are planning to give as much support and reward as possible within the range of what our Heaven’s Army can do, to the ones that are proactively moving around to protect Earth. From what I know, there is an overwhelming first place on Earth.] (Spiera)

Speaking up to that point, Spiera pulled Erta towards her.

[We will open the treasury of Heaven. There’s something that just fits him.] (Spiera)

[Although I cannot acknowledge you and the higher ups’ decision, but I will gladly receive what I can.] (Erta)

[Why are you thanking me? It isn’t for you but for the one called Yu IlHan.] (Spiera)

Erta lost her words, and Spiera giggled. And then, softening her brows very slightly, she told Erta as if to advise her.

[Be careful of your emotions. The predators and the fallen angels were all once those that emitted bright light. Their corruption all stemmed from their emotions. Especially love, it’s dangerous. It’s sudden, strong, and undeniably charming.] (Spiera)

[……I will keep that in mind.] (Erta)

Erta grumbled. Then, she followed Spiera’s back, one that proceeded without a shred of hesitation.

When Yu IlHan woke up, the sun was nigh. He checked to see if he had slept for more than 24 hours, but he had only slept for 5. Even though he hadn’t slept for nearly a month, his mental fatigue, not to mention physical one, had all been cured!

“This is making me crazy. I can’t even sleep now.”

[That’s because your recovery is powerful. It’s not a bad thing.] (Lita)

Lita, still lying down while hugging Yu IlHan’s arm, replied with a smile. Yu IlHan finally realized that Lita was stuck against him, and was surprised, but with the reason that ‘he didn’t want to show ripples to his big sister-like existence’, he shook her off as if nothing had happened.

“I’m hungry so let’s eat.”

[You can do other things too, though.] (Lita)

It would be good if she assaulted him without saying anything, but if Lita had that kind of courage, Yu IlHan wouldn’t have been able to protect his virginity for a thousand years.

However, the moment Lita got up while sighing, Erta appeared in mid air. Lita shrunk back due to her sudden appearance, but Erta called her with a helpless voice.

[Lita.]( Erta)

[I didn’t do anything.!] (Lita)

[You should have.] (Erta)

[Huh?] (Lita)

While Yu IlHan was tilting his head in confusion due to the conversation between the two angels, Erta declared with a sigh.

[The Wall of Chaos is opening. You are called for the battle between us and the predators this time. Rejoice, you will advance without a test. You will receive a new name I guess.] (Erta)

[What about you?] (Lita)

[I need to protect Yu IlHan’s sides.] (Erta)

Lita’s eyes glistened with frightening light. Erta shivered after seeing Lita’s expression, which was that of murder.

[I, it’s the higher ups’ decision. I was against it.] (Erta)

[I know. So I will go kill them.] (Lita)
[Hold it. It won’t end with a joke!] (Erta)

Yu IlHan didn’t know exactly how the situation was playing out here, but he did understand that Lita would have to leave his side once more. Well, since Yu IlHan could now use mana, there should be no need to be close to the two angels any more but…… he made a bitter smile.

“Will I not be able to see you for a long time?”

[No, that kind of battle, I will finish it off quick and come back.] (Lita)

Lita completely erased her murderous intent before hugging Yu IlHan’s head and declaring confidently. Yu IlHan also lightly patted her back.

“Yes. I will be waiting for you so come back quickly.”

[Yeah.] (Lita)

Lita seemed to take a step back after the hug before kissing Yu IlHan’s cheek lightly. Then, she looked towards Erta.

[If you make any progress while I’m not here… you get it, right?] (Lita)

[You’re scaring me. Really, you’re scary!] (Erta)

After lightly threatening Erta, Lita disappeared after a sigh. Only after she had disappeared did Erta sigh in relief and approached Yu Ilhan.

The thousand year virgin Yu IlHan, who would never realized that Lita and Erta had affections for him, and one that people had for the opposite sex, tilted his head and asked Erta.

“What progress? Are you dating someone on the ground or something?”

[It’s just some code between us angels so don’t mind it. Rather than that, here are your rewards.] (Erta)

How could he predict that this was something romantic but not understand that it was about himself? Even while retorting, Erta sighed.

Meanwhile, after seeing Erta blatantly changing topics, Yu IlHan decided to see through those secret codes later, and extended his hand.

The moment Erta softly touched his hand, green text appeared in Yu IlHan’s vision.

[Heaven’s Quest 005, Dungeon Wave, Complete!]

[You have acquired the skill, Higher Curse Resistance.]

“This is…”

The rewards weren’t simple. Not to mention the absurd amount of status points, higher curse resistance? He felt unsettled since he felt like he could ‘safely’ ‘suffer’ in the future.

[This isn’t the end.] (Erta)

“There are more?”

As Yu IlHan had already enhanced the capabilities of his Cross Bag as a part of the reward, he was suspicious as to why they were being so generous. This was something he could think of since he himself did not know how amazing of a feat he had accomplished.

[It’s this.] (Erta)

Erta opened up her hand. On top of it was a small hourglass, and the sand inside it was solidified and didn’t move. Yu IlHan replied with a soft smile.

“You picking a fight?”

[Check the information.] (Erta)

With a sigh, he grabbed the hourglass. At that moment, the following message appeared in Yu IlHan’s eyes.

[Hourglass of Eternity.]

[Options – Once a month, the user can deploy a barrier on the surrounding space and freeze time. Time will not flow outside even if it does on the inside. It can be used for a maximum of 2 months in the wielder’s standard. Those not permitted by the owner cannot enter the barrier.]

[Durability – Infinite.]

This was the appearance of the artifact that would make him the true loner.

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