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The scheduled place was the previous tea house. Kang MiRae met him again with her mask off, and as such, Yu IlHan could see the change in her expression as she was reading the stats of the staff.

“Mr. Yu IlHan?”

“Just what…… No.”

Kang MiRae couldn’t let go of the staff in her hands so she kept touching it and eventually placed it on the table and looked at him. His face was hidden from the nose to the forehead, but his eyes could be seen.

“Was this really made after I gave you the request?”

“Yes, they sure did. All of them……A little, too much.”

With a sigh, Kang MiRae wrapped her head with her hands.

“You have a connection with a smith that can make such artifacts? He’s much better than my imagination. I’m really…… pathetic.”

Kang MiRae bit her lips very slightly.

Along with appreciation that Yu IlHan had got her an artifact that was more than perfect, a mix of jealousy, inferiority, curiosity and an unknown feeling was making the Empress’ expression collapse emptily, despite the fact that no other fact was able to do that in quite a long time.

“It’s not my ability but the smith’s, so there’s nothing great about me.”
“The fact that you have a connection with an artifact craftsmen that has an ability make an artifact of this level is already amazing. You can even request that person an artifact for an another person as well. You really are…… really.”

Kang MiRae closed her eyes. She tried her best to calm down her frustrated heart, and she seemed to succeed as as she open her eyes after calming down her heart. Her eyes were emitting violent light.

“First, I think I should fix something that you might be misunderstanding.”

“How much do you think this weapon is worth?”
“Around 20…… 40 billion?”

Yu IlHan was about to say 20 billion but as Kang MiRae’s brows twitched, so he instantly puffed up the price by two times, but Kang MiRae shook her head with a face that looked like an icy mask.

“In the last 10 years, people of Earth experienced numerous things themselves in other worlds, and some of them managed to acquire amazing artifacts using tremendous luck. However, I can declare that none of those can surpass this staff. How? Do you think the capabilities of the people of Earth are too low?”

“There shouldn’t be none. There should be several tens of them, even.”

Several tens across that many worlds. There was no way such things would come in the hand of a person of Earth. Kang MiRae was saying that.

“How is a value of an item decided? Using supply and demand right? Then I’ll ask again. What should be the price of this staff?”


The Empress lightly smiled. Then she pushed the staff towards Yu IlHan’s side. She did this without hesitation.

“As such, I cannot buy this. It seems I was a little too greedy.”

She could be more shrewd – Yu IlHan thought.
Yu IlHan was no idiot. He knew that his skills were exceptional, and knows that this artifact has a tremendous ability. No matter how well Kang MiRae lived, she wouldn’t have any money to buy anything of this level.

However, the reason he was trying to sell this to Kang MiRae was to increase her battle power. Money was only secondary. She could have just closed her eyes this once and accepted, but she truly was strict.

She was strict with herself as much as she was with other people. She was an steel like girl who would not accept dishonesty. Disregarding the matters between man and women, he couldn’t help but have a good impression of her.

“How about 100 billion?”

“I’m saying that I will give it to you for that price.”
“I refuse.”

Kang MiRae’s expression turned a little ugly. Yu IlHan realized that he had made a mistake seeing her uncomfortable expression, but he had to say what he had to.

“You’ve talked about my ability a moment ago.”

“If the fact that I have connections with an amazing smith is my ability, then shouldn’t the fact that you, miss Kang MiRae, can buy this weapon cheaply from my hands, your ability?”

“Miss Kang MiRae had enough magical power to inflict a fatal strike to the shadow leopard even when you had a low level. The reason I thought to take a request from you was also because I thought that you had the qualifications to use a better weapon. As such, shouldn’t it be that you’ve acquired this weapon with your ability?”

Yu IlHan’s following words made Kang MiRae’s expression loosen a little. Her inferiority lessened a little after she knew that Yu IlHan was also conscious of her.
However, she turned to her prim expression and asked Yu IlHan.

“I think you’re twisting things a little. Are you thinking of something else? Do you have anything that’s forcing you to sell this weapon to me?”

That didn’t work…
Yu IlHan licked his lips. Now that it had come to this, there was no choice but to reveal his real intentions a little.

“I want miss Kang MiRae to become stronger faster.”

“The people of Earth are too weak right now. I’m worried that the world may end at this rate.”

Kang MiRae became speechless. She really wanted to retort at his exaggeratedly arrogant words, but thinking back to his unbelievable power that he showed while fighting the shadow leopard, she had no choice but to accept it.

“You do know that the status of Earth right now isn’t that good, right? It’s already annoying that everything’s changing so quickly, but now, external factors are interfering as well. The only ones I can trust in are the people of Earth, but they’re too weak too. However, I think that miss Kang MiRae would become sufficiently strong with a suitable weapon. That’s why I contacted you.”

Kang MiRae let out a weird breath. Yu IlHan thought she was practicing some weird breathing techniques, but it was his misunderstanding – the next moment, Kang MiRae let out a laugh.”

“Pu, Pufufufu.”

“Pufufffufufufufu!”(T/N: It sounds weird in Korean as well)

It seems she was not alright at all. Just as he was thinking if this woman had gone crazy and that he needed to run away, leaving her behind, Kang MiRae stopped laughing.
Then, she placed her hands on the staff and pulled it towards her.

“Okay, I will buy it for 100 billion. I will snap my useless pride, and obediently accept your good will.”

“However, remember this.”

Kang MiRae took the staff and lighting sparked in her eyes. Her face became red and Yu IlHan barely realized that she was getting angry.

“I will definitely become stronger than you. Definitely, stronger, than, you. Much, much stronger, so that you cannot say something like that to me again. At that time, you will have to catch up desperately. Do you get that?”
“Yeah, well. It doesn’t really matter.”

It seems this was a declaration of a lifetime for Kang MiRae, but Yu IlHan could even say ‘hooray’ with all his might, not just welcoming it. How comfortable would it be if Earth became safe without the need for Yu IlHan to do anything as Kang MiRae became strong?”

In the first place, the things Yu IlHan pursued was different to the one that Kang MIRae was pursuing. One was boiling and one was cold.
Perhaps, that was why Yu IlHan had become a stimulant for Kang MIRae. Yu IlHan didn’t know of this fact, but he just smiled brightly as the transaction was successful.

Then, he took out a robe from his Cross Bag and spoke to her.

“Then would you like to have a look at the robe too? Fortunately, this stopped at unique.”
“……”(T/N: LOL)

Kang MiRae became stiff with her declaration posture and eventually, she extended her hand to check the information on the robe that Yu IlHan had taken out. Then, she said in an ant-like voice.

“I’m sorry, but can I call for a friend? I don’t have enough money.”
“Go ahead.”

Yu IlHan nodded in understanding. He wouldn’t have said that if he knew who the friend was that she was calling, but unless he knew everything, there was no helping it.

And the one that appeared in less than 10 minutes was none other than Na YuNa.


“I said don’t call me like a friend.”

Yu IlHan retorted at Na YuNa while frowning after seeing her waving her hands with a bright smile. He did know that there was a friendly relationship between Na YuNa and Kang MiRae, but to think that the friend she called to borrow money from was her!
While Yu IlHan had become depressed, Kang MiRae mercilessly pulled Na YuNa from getting into contact with Yu IlHan and made her sit next to herself.

“Don’t act like a child, Na YuNa.”

“I became to know him somehow.”

“I became to know him somehow.”

When Kang MiRae repeated herself while making lightning on one of her hands, Na YuNa shut her mouth while laughing. Kang MiRae quickly explained her situation, and Na YuNa immediately checked on the abilities of the staff and the robe.
Then, she shouted at him while emitting stars from her eyes.

“Please make mine too!”

“Uuu, okay. That quest is hard though.”

Na YuNa obediently nodded her head and went into thought while biting her fingers like a kid. Then she said this.

“Wouldn’t it do as a deposit to give him 150 billion and a building?”

“There’s one that grandpa is saving up in gangnam reinforced area, but he would probably give it to me if I give him a kiss.”
“Ah, that’s definitely…”

Seeing the mentally distant conversation between Kang MiRae and Na YuNa, Yu IlHan just decided to stop thinking.

It was easy for him to think that they were different people to him. Returnees and a dropout. Quite clear, right? The fact that they were born with the biggest diamond spoons in their mouths, had a perfect outer appearance, and even had exceptional capabilities, made Yu IlHan frustrated, but he kept it down.

“You said you’ll make mine and HaJin-oppa’s too, right? Then I need to give you more.”

“It seems you are really well off. I thought my house was the best in Korea.”

The transaction ended on a clean note.
With a few calls from the two women in their twenties, a bank account with 150 billion won was made, and it was decided that he would gradually receive the building. He thought that this was the end, but Kang MiRae made a finisher while hugging the staff.

“Don’t worry about tax. We’ll take care of it.”
“……Is that so.”

Left hook, right hook, straight, and a perfect finish. It was more frustrating that she did all this unintentionally. Even Erta, who was watching, momentarily pulled on Yu IlHan’s hair strongly.

However, Yu IlHan just.
Thought that he should smile.

After the transaction was successful, Yu IlHan left and the big room only had Kang MiRae and Na YuNa left. Kang MIRae was still hugging the staff, and Na YuNa was looking in the direction that Yu IlHan had left.

Just then, Na YuNa suddenly asked.

“Do you like IlHan? Is it finally your first love?”
“No way.”

Kang MiRae immediately denied it.

“That person is my rival. I will definitely surpass him in the future.”

“……You’re interested in that person?”


Kang MIRae nodded with a calm expression. Na YuNa started blowing on her hot coffee to drink with an innocent face, but Kang MiRae didn’t know what she was thinking.
Na YuNa was like this from the past. Nobody knew what was inside her heart.

‘But that person’s no good, YuNa.’

Kang MiRae thought,

She didn’t really lie to Na YuNa. Liking Yu IlHan? She believed that there was no affection between them since they just fought together twice and met with each other for business matters.

However, Yu IlHan had more talent than anyone else she had met until now. Despite the fact that he had sufficient, no, overflowing ability, he proceeded without stopping, did not get full of himself, and most importantly, his firmness and leisure could be seen from his actions.

Confidence that didn’t go overboard, ability befitting that confidence, and even charm. Only that was a man worthy of Kang MiRae’s conquer.

‘He’s a man fit for me. Perhaps, he’s bigger than what I can have.’

Kang MiRae wanted to acquire Yu IlHan. She couldn’t help but want to have him when she looked at him.
The first desire for possession for a person. People said blood cannot be faked, and it seemed that she was similar to Kang HaJin in regards to this.

However, she did not believe in love. Excluding the family-like relationship with Kang HaJin and Na YuNa, she thought that all other relationships between humans were that of trading.

As such, to acquire Yu IlHan, she needed to put herself on the line. Only then would it become a fair trade. If she thought that she was insufficient, then she would try to acquire him after bringing up her own value. Growing like how he wants, no, even more than that, so that he would accept her while nodding his head.
Never, could she let Na YuNa steal him.

Of course, she would never know that her greatest enemy was not a mere Na YuNa.

Author’s notes

2. Of course, this weapon is not about superiority complex stuff, so I didn’t give him a building for nothing.
3. I think you might be saying this in the comments in this chapter, so I’m saying this before hand, but… It’s not harem!!(T/N: This statement is retracted in the next chapter)

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