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Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 52: A Partner Only for Me – 5

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Only half of Yu IlHan’s work had finished. He didn’t even go through mana crafting on the extermination spike spear, didn’t make a harpoon set for hunting large scale monsters, and didn’t refine the troll’s blood he piled up in the Cross Bag using a special container!

[This villain! Workaholic! Middle-aged head of household! Baldie!](Lita)
[Lita, I don’t think he’s listening to you anymore.](Erta)

Leaving aside Lita, who had so many things she wanted to do with Yu IlHan upon returning, Yu IlHan continued working.

No, in fact, it was also because Yu IlHan came up with the conclusion to finish working first before thinking about what to do, since he didn’t know what to say to her, now that they met again so suddenly. Really, at this point, he could be considered an exceptional workaholic.

“That’s why I said I’ll do what you want.”

He immediately went into mana crafting. The most important thing was to draw out all of the power from the magic stone, fill them all in the spike spear, and make it blossom in the direction Yu IlHan wants.

Currently, the variable was that there was an unidentifiable will dwelling in the magic stone, but perhaps fortunately, Yu IlHan also possessed a similar fighting style to the past Reta Kar’iha.
The characteristics of the magic stone and Yu IlHan’s characteristics matched, and even the characteristics of their weapons matched, so there was no need to doubt the results of the mana crafting.

[Can’t IlHan not use mana? But why is he so proficient in mana crafting?](Lita)
[Since there was the Heaven’s quest.](Erta)

Even while the two angels were whispering to each other while looking at Yu IlHan working, the mana crafting process itself was progressing smoothly.
the magic stone’s aura which sparked everywhere like an adolescent, was a little annoying, but the near level 30 skill showed its might. It gathered all the sparked aura and concentrated it on the spear!

‘Like how you want, bring out all the abilities of the deathgod!’

The spike spear started emitting brilliant light. The ever-so-violent black aura dwelled in the spike spear perfectly, and emitted violent mana as if it had found what it should do.
All Yu IlHan needed to do was to help it dwell in the spear properly, and help the spear to digest its power completely.

The results came out soon. The black aura, which realized that Yu IlHan was helping him, proactively spread its power throughout the spear and blossomed it according to Yu IlHan’s lead.

To bring out all the power of the records that Reta Kar’iha possessed.
To make Yu IlHan, who now walked on a similar path as her, to shine brighter by accepting the traces of her!

The light soon disappeared. Yu IlHan stared holes at the spear until the change was completely finished, and only after all the process was done did he grab it.

[Dark Deathgod’s Dragon-exterminating Spike Spear was completed.]

[Rank – Legend]

[User Restrictions – the ones who possess the power of deathgod]
[Options –

Attack power, critical hit rate, and critical damage increases by 30% in a surprise attack All effectiveness of deathgod’s skills increase by 30% Critical hit rate and damage increases by 150% when fighting against dragonkin.

[Durability – 3,200/3,200]
[A spear reborn after a strong resentment and an undirected will of vengeance was sharply refined by a master smith. The blade of vengeance will forever wait for the moment it severs a dragon’s head.]


Yu IlHan doubted his two eyes.


[Did you say dragon?]
“No, this option wasn’t here originally.”

As he was so dumbfounded, Yu IlHan couldn’t even speak properly. Although he was pleasantly surprised with the newly attached alpha option when mana crafted, the critical hit damage option which would be the finisher, had changed into a strange, other option, which made him dumbfounded.

What? He had no memories at all of anything related to dragons after meeting with Reta Kar’iha, but why did a suspicious option of ‘dragon-exterminating’ or whatever suspicious option on a completed artifact!

[This… I think you pulled out the records a bit too much.](Lita)
[Dragon-exterminating, you say… It seems Reta Kar’iha’s world got done in by dragons.]

Lita and Erta, who checked the spear’s information by grabbing it, quickly came to a conclusion. As Yu IlHan’s head also worked fast, he could realize what they were saying quickly.

“You mean it became like this since the mana crafting was too successful?”

[Even so, dragonkin… It’s unknown how far into the future you’ll confront them.]

That was natural, weren’t they the race which ruined an entire world? No matter how much Yu IlHan’s power had exceeded his league, in the end, he was a 2nd class without the ability to use mana. To fight against dragons on equal footing, he would have to acquire his 3rd class at the very least.

Since the monstrous value of critical hit rate of 70% had changed like this, the shock Yu IlHan received was unspeakable.

[Don’t be too dejected. Dragonkins are in every world. There will come a time you would have to confront them, and this weapon will become a big strength to you!](Erta)

“No, Lita, Erta. You girls are not on point.”

Hearing Yu IlHan’s words, Lita and Erta both made a question mark. To the two foolish angels, who did not realize anything at all, Yu IlHan declared while uselessly posing himself.

“The fact that I acquired a weapon to confront dragonkin right now, is foreshadowing that I will have to confront them soon! The reason I despaired was because I, who is still weak, will have to fight against dragonkin soon!”

[There’s no way that’s true.](Lita)

Erta’s and Lita’s reactions were completely opposite, but Yu IlHan didn’t mind. It was because he was busy thinking what to do from now.

“First, should I attach dragon-specific options onto the harpoon set? But how do I even attach them!?”

[Wha, why are you going along with Yu IlHan’s foolish jokes!?]

The one who prepares for the situation, the one who understands the situation, and the one who was not able to interpret the situation was in the same place.

Yu IlHan pulled out all the ribs of the highland troll boss and made a set of 24 harpoons. Whatever Yu IlHan was thinking, his work had some kind of charm which grabbed attention, and both Erta and Lita would be mesmerized by those scenes at those moments.

Next, with the 2nd class magic stones, which almost ran out because of making the spike spear, he started mana crafting on the harpoon set.

The leather rope that was made by the troll boss’ skin had good durability to the point that even if Reta Kar’iha appeared again, she would not be able to cut it. As such, he didn’t see the need to make it tougher. So, the thing Yu IlHan focused on was how long the pillar would hold out when nailed into the ground, and how effectively the harpoon will bind the enemies when it pierces them.

“And dragonkin at that too!”

[Yu IlHan, I will transfer the image of a dragonkin into your brain directly. Think up of their image properly, and imagine that the harpoons you throw will bind them effectively!]

Becoming an angel’s partner helped him out in situations like these. Although it was only to the point of being able to replay the dragon’s image in his head, Yu IlHan, who confronted countless life forms in learning dismantling, could quickly point out their characteristics successfully.
What was left was to make the harpoons to kill them properly!

[LIke I said, I’m not quite accepting the situation!](Lita)

Regardless of whether Lita accepted it or not, Yu IlHan and Erta’s cooperative work progressed smoothly. When the situation became like that Lita also thought ‘Did IlHan have the power to foresee?’ and watched them. In fact, it was because she hated to be teased by Erta and Yu IlHan if she got angry with them for nothing.

[Tenacious Dragonhunter’s Harpoon Set]

[Attack Power – 2,800]

[Durability – 3,500/3,500]
[A set of harpoons optimized for binding dragons. If this is in the hands of a proper dragonhunter, it will bring out enormous power.]

Despite not having met any dragons whatsoever, the power of the harpoons that Yu IlHan made were absurd. If someone else saw it, that person would misrecognize it as a master-weapon made by a blacksmith who fought with dragonkin at the front lines.
Even though Yu IlHan had mana crafted with the image that Erta sent him, too!

“Then now it’s troll’s blood.”
[Yes, do it quickly. Finish it quickly.](Lita)

Now, Lita was almost begging. However, even while laughing at her cuteness, Yu IlHan didn’t stop.

That was boiling the troll’s blood to get rid of the impurities, and adding spices to make it more delicious. Unlike the previous work, this was closer to cooking rather than metalworking, and he didn’t stop until he boiled all the troll’s blood. Yu IlHan put a truly enormous amount of effort into this. It was as if he was doing alchemy and not cooking.

“Let’s call this bloodrink.”

[You have a good naming sense!]
“Fuu, Lita understands me.”

At that moment, sparks erupted between Lita and Erta. This was the moment where two angels met as rivals with Yu IlHan in between. Although, the direction they were going in, was slightly weird.

Of course, the thousand-year virgin Yu IlHan didn’t mind that and kept boiling the blood. Yu IlHan didn’t plan to use this just as a potion. He had a grander plan. At that point, both Lita and Erta would be shocked.

He differentiated the troll boss’ blood from the rest! He put that in another container. Normal potion and high potion, this was like the difference between normal coffee and an espresso.

When he finished everything, morning was dawning. Looking at the rising sun, he stretched his two arms. When else would he be so proud!

“Fuu, I’m tired.”

[Yu IlHan needs rest. Lita, although I understand that you’re delighted to meet him again, how about we give him some time?](Erta)

Sparks erupted again. the under-the-surface war between angels were becoming serious while Yu IlHan was unaware of it.
However, the next moment, Yu IlHan smiled and shook his head.

“No, I’m alright. Let’s play, Lita. And you too, Erta.”
[Me too, you say?]

Lita, who spent countless years longer than her, with Yu IlHan was there. Erta, who naturally expected to be cast out, ended up being slightly touched after hearing Yu IlHan’s words.

[I don’t think we need her.]
“Lita, it’s not good to fight.”

Yu IlHan said words of scolding, which was rare. As he didn’t expect any interest from another person, Yu IlHan didn’t give them any either. As such, the fact that he scolded someone was very rare, and Lita received a big shock.

[I, I’m sorry. I was bad.]
“I’m not saying that you’re bad. I’m just saying that you mustn’t fight amongst yourselves.”

That should have been perfect, but Yu IlHan made a useless remark with a refreshing smile.

“The angel’s support skill would grow faster if I play with the two of you!”


Those words were as if they came out of a boy who just entered elementary school, but they were also words that saw through the essence of angel’s partner subclass.
Yes. Yu IlHan had become used to his subclass completely opposite to what Lita was intending to, but exceptionally well!

Author’s notes

Some people predicted very sharply. Lita appeared again so this novel would become R-18, and such… HAHAHA, Yu IlHan is being protected by Erta, I mean his virginity is! Another foreshadow. Although it isn’t now, he might go hunt them sometime? What is the use of bloodrink? If you have good deduction, then you might guess it right
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