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Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 45: I Also Do 2nd Job Advancement – 8


Its size was smaller than the trolls that Yu IlHan had hunted. Its height was around 2.5m? Moreover, its strangely thin body looked weak to the point that it might get blown away with a breath.
However, its real strength was nothing like that.

Its body hidden under the black hood had an enormous power capable of easily making even the Highland Troll Boss kneel, and the pitch black scythe that it was swinging around flew at Yu IlHan as if to cut apart his neck.
If the first strike was aimed at Yu IlHan, even he would be hard pressed to see through it. Of course, as it couldn’t see him, it had attacked Erta.

[It’s a mutation that hasn’t been recorded yet, and one that appeared after evolving by monsters eating each other! It’s fortunate that it’s not fully grown, but its behavior patterns are still unpredictable so be careful!]
“Got it.”

Yu IlHan answered extremely shortly and moved his body. Jokes disappeared from him. Meaning that the situation was not that leisurely.

The strongest weapon he had, the pile bunker, had already been destroyed, and the strongest weapon after that was only the Deathgod’s Black Spear.
His armor had a special ability, but now that the possibility of a surprise attack have all but disappeared, he had no other advantages than its sturdy defensvie power. Although not a short time had passed since Earth went through the Great Cataclysm, this was the greatest crisis that he had met so far.


That damn record! Someone might even think that it was the only word it knew. With its shout, Yu IlHan didn’t think to block the oncoming scythe and avoided.
As he had already seen the results of its terrifying attack, he knew very well. Yu IlHan could not win against it in strength. That didn’t change even if he activated Superhuman Strength.

However, if someone asked that Yu IlHan cannot defeat it, he would laugh a that person. What Yu IlHan had trained for a millenim was his martial arts techniques, not his skills, levels, or strength.
This moment would become the moment where his true ability would be revealed instead.

{You’re quick. Give me that too!}

Yu IlHan didn’t hurry in attacking it. If it was a situation where he overwhelmed the other, then the best attack would be to suppress it in strength, but confronting a strong, sturdy, and moreover, unpredictable opponent, he had to see through his opponent first.

“Come at me. That’s it, come on.”

Yu Ilhan taunted it and moved his body again. Its body, and the area of its movement, the radius of its attacks, the power behind it, the probability of change – he looked through all of them.
Its scythe was swung around several times as if to reflect its madness, but it couldn’t catch Yu Ilhan. Yu IlHan did his best to see thorugh it with his eyes wide open.

At that moment, Erta shouted in shock.

[Yu IlHan, it’s magic!]

How good would it be if it kept continuing as a physical fight? However, reality wasn’t that easy. Its fighting power included magic, which was still unknown to Yu IlHan!

[From below!]

While shouting, Yu IlHan kicked off the ground. However, those movements weren’t exaggerated, and of the kind where he could take it back at any time.
As he had expectd, immediately after he moved away from that place, a spike emitting a black aura shot up from the ground and branched through the air. At the same time, the main body of the monster also assaulted Yu IlHan.

“It’s good that its attack pattern is obvious.”

It is fortunate that its weapon mastery was very low compared to my estimations – thinking wholheartedly, Yu IlHan stepped on the ground lightly. It was to avoid the deathgod’s scythe.
Thanks o that, a black spike touched his armor, but fortunately, the high defensive power of the armor completely blocked the attack.


The monster crazily roared while swinging the scythe all over the place. All of those attacks became blades of wind and assaulted Yu IlHan!
Every time the weapon was swung, Yu IlHan movd his body according to the trajectory that he had seen and ran forward. If he didn’t, he would have to allow an attack from the spikes behind him!

“Eat this first!”

Immediately after its scythe was swung diagonally to the right, Yu IlHan struck out his spear while running into it. To observe anymore, its attack was too sharp. so there was a need for him to limit its movements by attacking it.

There was a near 100 levels of difference between Yu IlHan and the deathgod. His spear strike, which originally should not have damaged it in the slightest, called for a miracle with his amazing techniques and the perfect weapon.
It reached and wounded the monster’s physical body which was hidden behind the black hood pefectly by ripping through it!

[Critical Hit!]

“It’s a crit, but it’s only this much?”

Clicking his tongue, he moved his body. However, he did reach a small achievement, since the blades of wind stopped after it was attacked and stunned for a litle.
Yu IlHan instantly moved backwards and reorganized himself. He swung the spear to shake off the black traces that clung at the end of his spear, and prepared to attack while sorting out his breath.

{Weak, you’re weak. You’re weak but strong. Give me your record!}
“I knew you’d say that.”

Spikes shot up from the ground, and its scythe didn’t end with just a swing but gave rise to blade like winds. Yu IlHan felt like he was playing a nightmare shooting game, which he had once played, but for real.

At those times, a tiny mistake led to his plane exploding, and now, if he misstepped, his body would be ripped apart.

“Take this attack!”

Concentrating to the extreme, like when he made the steel spear, Yu IlHan moved his body. He safely passed through the baptism of attacks, and attacked the deathgod once again, and after confirming that there was a damage, he would retreat backwards.
He would ignore a few of the spikes that attacked his amor, avoided the blades of wind and the scythe itself somehow, and attacked.

A critical hit would allow him another chance to attack it due to its weakness being exposed, but if it didn’t he would retreat without regrets. All of his movements were repeated as if set up with the deathgod beforehand.

Little by litle, but surely, he could see damage accumulating on the deathgod. Its hood became increasingly tattered, and its wounded physical body was spilling out black auras.
Unbelievably, Yu IlHan was seeing through all its attack patterns and trajectory.


Erta subconsciously muttered before covering her own mouth. It was because she was afraid that she might disturb Yu IlHan’s concentration.

Accumulating skills and using them well in real life were completely different. Aren’t university entrance exams the same? Some may bring out achievements more than usual, while some would earn a pathetic result due to nervousness.

Yu IlHan was neither. He solved exactly what he learned, and got what he exactly knew. The frustration of his own ability being underevaluated was unimaginable for him. To whom could he speak his frustration if he was improperly judged? He was a loner too!

As such, he would make it so that he wouldn’t have to speak about it at all. To not be stubborn saying that he couldn’t bring out all his ability due to nervousness, to be acknowledged with his real ability.
The current situation wasn’t at all different. He would die if he could not bring out all the techniques that he had accumulated, so Yu IlHan was moving around with his best.

No one would listen to his excuses, so as to not give excuses to anyone.

{Kuaaaa, painful. Body is burning. How are you weak but strong? Give me your record. Make me understand. I want to know. I want records. Records, RECORDSRECORDSRECORDSRECORDS!}

When the number of wounds increased on its body, its accuracy of swings of its scythe became lower, but instead, the speed and its destructive powe increased. The blades of wind didn’t disappear, and attacked him twice by coming back on the same path once reaching a certain distance, and the spikes from he ground became thicker and its number increased.

No matter how perfectly Yu IlHan had sen though the monster, he couldn’t block all its attacks. Slashes increased on his armor, and even his hlmet and the mask inside had scratches. If his protective equipments all break off, then he would really not be able to endure for long.
It really was a teeth-clateringly powerful strength. Yu IlHan could feel the power of mana fully, which he couldn’t with Kang HaJin.

“Fuck, I will definitely wield mana!”

He couldn’t be defeated like this. He had to give out a single attack that could change the situation even if he had to undertake danger!
Yu IlHan kicked off the ground, ignored the spikes, avoided the blades of wind, parried the scythe attacks, and pierced his spear right on top of its face.

[Critical Hit!]

At that moment, a huge spike shot out from inside its hood. This was never included in its pattern until now, so this attack wasn’t something he had predicted.
Moreover, its target was Erta on top of Yu IlHan’s head!

Frightened, Yu IlHan moved his body. In that process, his arm was caught by the spike, and he armor at that part ripped apart like paper.

“It hurts so much!”

“I am!”

I am used to pain. It’s alright since I’m used to it! – Yu IlHan muttered as if to hypnotize himself and retreated.

From his wound, bright red blood dripped out and colored the highland red. What was more serious that his wounded part was becoming increasingly black.

[Not even extreme poison resistance can block…… No, curse. Its attack has a frightening power of a curse dwelling in i!]

[Of course. Rather than that, Yu IlHan, I think me being not here should help you more.]
“……Will you be alright?”

For some reason, the monster was reacting moe to Erta rather than Yu IlHan. (T/N: Duh, Erta is Lv 300+). Erta definitely realized that its targe of attack was Erta herself.
And if Yu IlHan got wounded while protecting her again, then Erta wouldn’t be able to endure that.

However, Yu IlHan was instead, worried for her departing from him. Since, for some reason, she could not even bring out her already restricted angel power.

The special characteristcs of this dungeon was attacking her. She didn’t know what it was, and how to avoid it. That unreasonable violence was assaulting her.

[I’m a higher existence. You need not worry.]

Seeing though Yu IlHan’s worry, Erta spoke courageously before departing. At that moment, the deathgod’s scythe aimed at her, but both Erta and Yu IlHan had predicted that.
At the same time she dodged that, Yu IlHan’s spear strike struck its shoulder. It was a frightening attack that pulled aggro away from her.

[Critical Hit!]

“You should know if it dies right? Go take a stroll.”
[Yu IlHan, don’t die.]

Leaving those words, Erta flew away like an arrow. Yu IlHan also realized after seeing that she was flying to a certain destination without hesitation. It wasn’t that she had only gone away just to relieve Yu IlHan’s burden on the battefield.

After sending her off, Yu IlHan faced the deathgod. As the fact that the feeling on his cursed arm disappearing made him nervous, Yu IlHan strangely did not feel any fear.

How? He asked himself and realized. It was a truly simple reason.

“Yes, there is a foreshadow that hasn’t occurred yet!”

He was joking around – meaning it was still doable.

Yu IlHan blew away all the pain and worry with a smile, and confronted the deathgod which became more insane after Erta left.

Then he threw his body towards the storm of mana, in which, death was dwelling.

Author’s notes

Right now, ???: “The exit disapeaaarrred!?”

Translator’s notes

Regular chapter… you might have seen, but there are 2 in the queue right now… but I have no more in stock… you gotta wait for tomorrow…. Wait… I’m meeting Kobatochandaisuki and Ensj in real life tomorrow… you gotta have to wait more I guess…

I still wonder what that unocurred foreshadow/flag is…

The answer is NO. ‘deathgod’ is just a name of a job. (Think shinigami). The deathgod in this context has no relation to an actual god whatsoever. The reason I translate it as ‘deathgod’ and not ‘reaper’ (They’re the same thing) is because author uses both the korean version of a reaper (literally translated to ‘deathgod’) and reaper, written in English.

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