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EER Chapter 39


 ­ I Also Do 2nd Job Advancement – 2

“This dungeon.”


While ripping a fully grilled troll hind leg meat to eat, Yu IlHan spoke.


“Why can I only see trolls?”


[It’s possible that this dungeon is wider than you imagine.]


As Erta said, the dungeon was really astonishingly wide. Although it was a jackpot to find a monster every ten minutes in the Metal Heart Dungeon, Troll Dungeon was not inferior to that.


Even so, as this was no cave but a highland, if Yu IlHan arduously ran around, he could hunt many trolls in a short period of time; but to do so, the disadvantage was that he would get more active, resulting in faster exhaustion and thirst.


At first, Yu IlHan thought that he should finish this early, but now that it came to this, he now thought that something bad may happen if he kept going on like that, and which led to him currently taking a break.


He had removed the heart and the blood of the trolls and was grilling them to eat them.


The original purpose of dismantling(i.e. butchering) laid in eating the meat after taking out the bones and the hide! Yu IlHan could finally initiate the real objective of dismantling.


“Ah, delicious.”


[To think you will satisfy your hunger with troll meat……]


“You want some?”


[No, thank you.]


“It’s delicious though……”


Regardless of the fact that troll meat had poison or extreme poison, it was really delicious once he ate it.


Of course, although there was the help of some salt and pepper that he had brought, the meat didn’t lose out to any other meat that he had tasted until now.


How should that taste be described? It was a little tougher than beef and had an unknown taste despite being sticky.


As he was grilling on the scene, he could not get rid of all the blood, but even so, the troll’s blood was adding to the eccentric taste.


“I’ll grill the arm too.”


[You’re going to eat a whole one at this rate.]


Leveling up will result in muscles being developed. Naturally, calories spent in activities would rise accordingly. Even mages who do not move around their bodies much would naturally eat twice their normal amount if they become high level, not to mention close combat classes.


As such, how would it be for Yu IlHan, who had developed his physical body before the Akashic Record had even come into contact with Earth? Although the time he could endure without eating was long, befitting of someone who trained tenaciously, if he started eating, it was normal for him to easily eat four to five times more than an average person.


When he was about done eating the grilled arm and leg of the troll, a joyful message came up on his retina.


[Extreme Poison Resistance Skill has become Lv2]


“Ooh, extreme poison resistance levels up fast too.”


[That means that the things you’re eating now are that horrible! It’s poison!]


Of course, Yu IlHan ignored Erta’s shouts. Didn’t he have no problem since his extreme poison resistance was holding out well?


“I should have learned to cook beforehand if I knew other skills would grow like this. Lita always cooked me food.”


[I take it that you will learn to start now.]


Correct. Whether he liked it or not, in the future, there would be a lot of matters where Yu IlHan has to fight monsters.


There will be a lot of cases where he would be stuck inside dungeons for a while, like now, and there would be a lot of cases where he has to spend the night in a cave without a single restaurant.


For such occasions, cooking skill was a must! He now refused to eat cheese flavored jerkies and beef jerkies.


“Shouldn’t I be able to earn the cooking skill if I grill and mess around with all the things in my inventory?”


[You’re looking down on skills.]


Exactly two days after that, Yu IlHan acquired the cooking skill.


[You have learned Cooking Skill. You can cook with a more variety of ingredients, using a variety of methods.]


“See, I got one.”


[Khk, I forgot the fact that cooking with monsters would give you more proficiency points……! Moreover, the points when eating it too!]


Erta made an expression as if she was about to go insane from the frustration, but Yu IlHan was only delighted that he had acquired a new skill.


Now that he had realized that the excited expectations he had of dungeons were for nothing, he needed new stimulations.


Not only the cooking skill, his original objective was progressing smoothly as well. Until now, not only had he already finished acquiring 500L of troll blood, he also gathered almost 200 of sleeping monster’s hearts. If he acquired 300 more, the resting skill would evolve.


Moreover, as his level was 48 right now, he would become level 50 at the time he would finish gathering all the hearts. In other words, he had expectations that he might be able to do his 2nd job advancement.


“Anyway, they sure don’t appear.”


Yu IlHan looked around him while ripping off the grilled troll shank meat. However, other than protruding rocks or dust, he could see nothing on the ground.


In a situation where it was deep into the night, a man was grilling meat with fire in the middle of the highland. The situation here was no different from him shouting ‘please attack me’.


However, even though he had lit the fire several times and grilled some meat, there was not a single monster which assaulted him.


“Let’s say trolls don’t since they’re lazy, but even so, isn’t it manners to suddenly pop out from the ground if I’m blatantly acting in the open like an idiot like this?”


[So you are aware that you’re doing idiotic things……?]


Erta, who never imagined that he was attracting monsters, asked back with a ‘that’s absurd’ face.


[I thought you were acting as you liked.]


“Just what do you take me to be?”


[An idiot who aged in reverse.](E/N: Savage roast)


While thinking that aging one thousand years in reverse was a feat in itself, Yu IlHan explained.


“Trolls are sleeping anywhere they want but other monsters aren’t like that, right? Even so, that doesn’t mean there are no other monsters than trolls in this dungeon.”


[That’s true. Seeing that the level restriction of the dungeon is low, that’s definite.]


“But no matter how I think about it, my passive concealment is maintained right now. Is that why they aren’t attacking me? Or so I thought.”


[Is that so.]


“So, I’m grilling meat here like this because I’m curious of their identities.”


After hearing something that was not reasonable at all, Erta asked shortly after pondering for a moment.


[That’s just an excuse, right?]




In truth, he only wanted to grill the meat whether he would get found out or not by the monsters. As he knew that they would be weaker than trolls at least, he had no reason to be afraid either.


[I also thought that was strange.]


“Did you find something out?”


[Although it’s just a hypothesis. In fact, it’s the first time I’ve met someone like you.]


“Don’t make my shoulders dance and quickly explain.”


[Isn’t it that the effect of the concealment is hiding everything, including the fire and the smell of the meat?]




Yu IlHan resented himself for thinking even for a moment that it may be true. He tried his best to counterargue against Erta.


“But that’s distorting a physical phenomenon, no?”



He now couldn’t counterargue against her anymore. Yu IlHan was becoming more and more aware of the horrifying ability that he was born with.


3 more days passed since then. The possessor of concealment that could hide even the smell of meat, Yu IlHan, was now confronting the 500th troll in front of him.


It was running around proactively until a few moments ago, but 5 seconds before, it stopped before at 4 seconds, it lay down and fell asleep at 2. As expected of a veteran resting skill practitioner!


However, that veteran experience would lead it to its death.


Yu IlHan looked back to his difficult past while pointing his spear at it.


“A lot of things happened before I reached this point……”


[You’ve grilled a lot of trolls.]


“Although the continuous sufferings have made me exhausted.”


[You must have wanted to eat something else after eating all those trolls.]


“My desire for growth lead me here.”


[But you couldn’t stop because the extreme poison resistance skill and the cooking skill kept leveling up.]


Erta read his heart so correctly that he was shivering.


“Ah, really.”


[Just kill it quickly.]


Even while grumbling, he obediently followed Erta’s words and struck out his spear. As he had experience in killing 499 trolls, his spear flew agilely through the air like a viper, to pierce the softest part of the troll’s thick neck.


The moment the troll’s life was over without being able to wake up, something out of expectations had happened.


[You have earned 572,395 experience.]

[With the achievements and records you have acquired until now, your available path is revealed. Please select a class. A test befitting that will be granted.]

[2. Battle Expert]

[4. Berserker]




Although he was vaguely expecting it, to think that it would really happen. Yu IlHan became dumbfounded and read down the text while pulling out the heart from the troll.


Now, he had acquired all the evolution materials for the resting skill, but rather than that, the 2nd class had become something more important than something like an evolution confirmed skill.


[Is that so. To think that there would be so many branches even after setting your path in the 1st class. It wouldn’t be like you to miss out anything.]


“Well, I’m quite sorry.”


[You haven’t been to another world, so it is fair for me to help you in acquiring a class. Let’s have a look.]


Many possibilities meant exceptional ability. However, if one could not choose the longest and the most sturdy path, then one would be left behind by someone who walked on a single path.


While looking through all 4 of the classes, Erta thought about which class would fit Yu IlHan.


[First, Battle Expert and Berserker are both classes that I know well. Battle Experts are warriors who use all their body to attack, much less using all weapons, and berserkers are warriors who do not leave the battlefield unless he himself or the enemy dies.]


“Summing it up, both are perverts, you mean?”


[They are that strong. They are also classes that are hard to acquire. I even saw someone who acquired Berserker as their 3rd class. However, if you acquire it as a 2nd class, that means you can acquire a higher class than him.]


It seemed that Battle Expert came from Yu IlHan’s ability in wielding all weapons freely, and Berserker from Yu IlHan pulling the roots out of the monsters several times.


As both jobs didn’t seem to be affected much by mana, there would be no problem choosing either one.


[Blurred Lancer Expert is the next stage of your current job. Of course, as a unique job, it would only serve to enhance the current characteristics of the job.]


“Rookie Reaper then?”


[I don’t know.]


Erta smiled bitterly.


[It’s the first time I’ve seen it. It’s obviously a unique job.]


“Although I did expect it, it really is like that, eh……”


[Unique jobs are stronger compared to normal classes. You should know since you have grown as a blurred lancer. However, there are also disadvantages. It’s the fact that you do not know what that class does until you select it. ……You also know this well, right?]


“Of course I do.”


Blurry spearman Yu IlHan nodded while gritting his teeth.


“I’m prepared to flip everything over if the skills of Rookie Reaper is something like a newbie harvester.”


[Yes. There are such dangers.]


Erta nodded seriously. However, even after having said all that, Yu IlHan spoke while smiling.

“However, I will choose the Rookie Reaper.”


[I knew you would say that.]


Truly shittily, Yu IlHan liked the things he did not experience, too much. A small risk, he would take it gladly!


Rather than the obvious jobs like the Battle Expert, the Berserker, or the Blurred Lancer Expert, the Rookie Reaper was stimulating him more.


In fact, Erta also wasn’t that opposed to his such decision.


Classes, in the end, only appear according to the trajectory that one had stepped on until now. As there was nothing that was not worthy of shock from the things that Yu IlHan did until he was level 50, the job called Rookie Reaper would definitely not be a landmine. Wasn’t Blurred Lancer an exceptional job even though the name was a little… off?


[Good. Do as you will. Bet, regardless of losing, right?]




Yu IlHan closed his eyes and strongly thought of the Rookie Reaper. The next moment, the choices other than Rookie Reaper disappeared in an instant, and green text started appearing on his retina.


[Rookie Reaper is a process to become a death god(E/N: oh shit son) to grant death to all things fairly, at the same time, being the only path in the world that was granted to only you, who has decided to wield death whilst still alive. You have to prove your qualifications as the sole(Yu IlHan) person by fulfilling the tasks.] (T/N: ‘sole’ here is written as ‘Yu IlHan’)

[Kill 3rd class monster in a single strike in a surprise attack 0/1]


This was the moment when the worst job advancement quest in the world had appeared.

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